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:" and Margaret
:" Baroness Nairne " redirects here ; see also Margaret Mercer Elphinstone.
:" Margaret and I have always tried to take fantasy literature in new directions.
:" Some years ago, I was working on a fantasy series called Death Gate with Margaret Weis.

:" and slave
They opened trading posts and engaged in the " trade :"a term which, under the Ancien Régime, means any type of trade ( wheat, pepper ivory …), and not necessarily, or only the slave trade, although this " infamous traffic ", as it was called at the end of the 18th century, was indeed at the heart of a new economic order, controlled by powerful companies in privilege.
:" As the great day drew nearer, there was more singing in the slave quarters than usual.
:" The second thought streaming from the death ( slave )- ship and the curving river is the thought of the older South, the sincere and passionate belief that somewhere between men and cattle, God created a tertium quid, and called it a Negro — a clownish, simple creature, at times even lovable within its limitations, but straitly foreordained to walk within the Veil.
:" It happened that a slave girl belonging to Heke, Kotiro by name, was living at Kororareka with a butcher named Lord.
This split involves: ( 1 ) the " slave / master " relationship: characterized by exploitation, appropriation, and dehumanization ; and ( 2 ) the " self in exile :" the aversive recoiling from the exploitative relationship that the self goes into exile.
:" Back in 1800, he was among the signers of a petition to the U. S. Congress calling for the abolition of the slave trade and the modification of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1793.
:" It is the pride of Britain that a slave cannot exist on her soil.
:" Willing cooperation with the slave labor utilization of the Third Reich was a matter of corporate policy that permeated the whole Farben organization ... For this reason, criminal responsibility goes beyond the actual immediate participants at Auschwitz.

:" and had
:" To this day Harold is not quite sure what made him suddenly pour out the whole story to a little man to whom he had only spoken a few minutes before.
:" I had called in at my friend Poirot's rooms to find him sadly overworked.
:" Because he had besieged them, the Amathusians cut off Onesilos ’ head and brought it to Amathous, where they hung it above the gates.
Aristotle knew of this tradition when he began his Metaphysics, and had already drawn his own conclusion, which he presented under the guise of asking what being is :" And indeed the question which was raised of old is raised now and always, and is always the subject of doubt, viz., what being is, is just the question, what is substance?
:" Meanwhile it happened that Swedish ambassadors had come to the Emperor Louis the Pious, and, amongst other matters which they had been ordered to bring to the attention of the emperor, they informed him that there were many belonging to their nation who desired to embrace the Christian religion, and that their king so far favoured this suggestion that lie would permit God's priests to reside there, provided that they might be deemed worthy of such a favour and that the emperor would send them suitable preachers.
:" Ansgar then undertook the mission committed to him by the emperor, who desired that he should go to the Swedes and discover whether this people was prepared to accept the faith as their messengers had declared.
:" Ansgar accomplished the journey on which he had set out, and after spending nearly twenty days in a ship, he arrived at Birka --" ( Chapter XXVI )
:" Clemens never had any quarrel with the theory of Christian Science or mental healing, or with any of the empiric practices.
:" If I had stated ... the possibility of the introduction or origination of fresh species being a natural, in contradistinction to a miraculous process, I should have raised a host of prejudices against me, which are unfortunately opposed at every step to any philosopher who attempts to address the public on these mysterious subjects ".
:" We do not believe that he ever had a church on earth without revealing himself to that church: consequently, there were apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, in the same.
:" All the little redoubts that they had in that place, which are said to be ( list ) ... and around the Drusine marsh ... he ( frater Hermannus magister ) assaulted and levelled by rendering them into ash, after the infidels had been killed or captured.
Moore argued that once arguments based on the naturalistic fallacy had been discarded, questions of intrinsic goodness could only be settled by appeal to what he ( following Sidgwick ) called " moral intuitions :" self-evident propositions which recommend themselves to moral reflection, but which are not susceptible to either direct proof or disproof ( PE § 45 ).
Roger Ebert, who gave the film a mere one star in the Chicago Sun-Times, wrote :" The filmmakers must have known that the original Godzilla ( 1956 ) had many loyal fans all over the world who treasured the absurd dialogue, the bad lip-synching, the unbelievable special effects, the phony profundity.
:" They made their foes flee in horror because their swarthy aspect was fearful, and they had, if I may call it so, a sort of shapeless lump, not a head, with pin-holes rather than eyes.
:" It was indeed nothing short of a summary, in sequential and numbered paragraphs, of everything that the mind of European man had yet conceived or discovered.
:" And then, when Jesus had come to the river Jordan where John was baptizing, and when Jesus came down into the water, a fire was even kindled in the Jordan, and when He was rising up from the water, the Holy Spirit fluttered down upon Him in the form of a dove, as the < U > apostles have written </ U > about this very Christ of ours.
:" Japhet, the son of Noah, had seven sons: they inhabited so, that, beginning at the mountains Taurus and Amanus, they proceeded along Asia, as far as the river Tanais ( Don ), and along Europe to Cadiz ; and settling themselves on the lands which they light upon, which none had inhabited before, they called the nations by their own names.
:" If Chief Justice Warren and his associates had known God's word and had desired to do the Lord's will, I am quite confident that the 1954 decision would never had been made.
Bonnet had Havas issued a statement at midnight on 1 September saying :" The French government has today, as have several other Governments, received an Italian proposal looking to the resolution of Europe's difficulties.
On 19 May 1940 Ribbentrop met the new Italian Ambassador Dino Alfieri, who described the meeting as follows :" He commented at length on the " dazzling " successes of the German armies, extolling the military genius of the Führer ... who had " revealed himself as the greatest military genius since Napoleon "... He spoke of the inevitable clash between the young nations and the old ; of the necessity of breaking the ring with which the Judaeo-democratic-plutocratic powers were trying to encircle Germany and Italy ; and of the need to create a new European civilization.

:" and become
:" Although deprogramming has become less violent in the course of time ...
:" I have become a Sufi Sheikh ," replied Nasreddin.
:" Korea no longer has to decide whether it wants to become a multicultural society.
:" If you stay too long, Koreans become uncomfortable with you.
:" 16 And Samuel said, ' Why then do you ask me, since the Lord has turned from you and become your enemy?
:" The preponderance of twins of like sex, does indeed become a new problem, because it has been formerly believed to be due to the proportion of identical twins.
:" I shall merely add, that my experiments go to prove that it is a law in the animal economy that, by the continued fixation of the mental and visual eye on any object in itself not of an exciting nature, with absolute repose of body and general quietude, they become wearied ; and, provided the patients rather favour than resist the feeling of stupor which they feel creeping over them during such experiment, a state of somnolency is induced, and that peculiar state of brain, and mobility of the nervous system, which render the patient liable to be directed so as to manifest the mesmeric phenomena.
:" The occurrence on Seymour Island of sudamericids, that had become extinct in South America in the Paleocene, also indicates that isolation may have allowed extended survival of this Gondwanan group in the Eocene of Antarctica and the factors that caused their extinction did not affect this continent.
:" ASL has become his constant companion on road trips, and every National League city is now his playground for baseball at night and ASL in the day.
:" I had determined to become a farmer, so I stocked my farm with the best breeds of cattle, most of them being full-blooded and short horns.
:" Fleet Marine Force Reference Publication ( FMFRP ) 12-80, Kill or Get Killed, is published to ensure the retention and dissemination of useful information which is not intended to become doctrine or to be published in Fleet Marine Force manuals ""
:" Dragon's Lair: The fantasy adventure where you become a valiant knight, on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon.
:" Unless this fraud is finally exposed, the word believe will be forgotten by future generations and John F. Kennedy will have unquestionably become the victim of a conspiracy.
:" The general idea is an old one, that any two cells or systems of cells that are repeatedly active at the same time will tend to become ' associated ', so that activity in one facilitates activity in the other.
:" If the inputs to a system cause the same pattern of activity to occur repeatedly, the set of active elements constituting that pattern will become increasingly strongly interassociated.
Fest argued against the " singularity " of the Holocaust under the grounds that :" The gas chambers with which the executors of the annihilation of the Jews went to work without a doubt signal a particularly repulsive form of mass murder, and they have justifiably become a symbol for the technicized barbarism of the Hitler regime.
:" The concept behind the word ‘ macerals ’ is that the complex of biological units represented by a forest tree which crashed into a watery swamp and there partly decomposed and was macerated in the process of coal formation, did not in that process become uniform throughout but still retains delimited regions optically differing under the microscope, which may or may not have different chemical formulae and properties.
:" They become the sons of Moses and of Aaron and the seed of Abraham, and the church and kingdom, and the elect of God.
:" Somebody's child will become violently ill or die after eating poisoned candy or an apple containing a razor blade.
:" JOHN KERRY has become the favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination without a detailed or clarifying debate on many issues .... Now, with the nomination seemingly within his reach, the Massachusetts senator must begin to more fully explain where he stands on the major challenges facing the country.
:" The people of Ireland are ready to become a portion of the Empire, provided they be made so in reality and not in name alone ; they are ready to become a kind of West Briton if made so in benefits and justice ; but if not, we are Irishmen again.
:" The final and best means of strengthening demand among consumers and business is to reduce the burden on private income and the deterrents to private initiative which are imposed by our present tax system ; and this administration pledged itself last summer to an across-the-board, top-to-bottom cut in personal and corporate income taxes to be enacted and become effective in 1963.
:" El Cajon Valley High School will develop the students ’ skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become productive members of society and lifelong learners as well as becoming studnts who are prepped for college and what not.
:" By the time ' hoards ' or ' treasures ' reach museums from the antiquities market, it often happens that miscellaneous objects varying in date and style have become attached to the original group.

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