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Martin and Coles
* Martin Coles, President of Starbucks Coffee International
* Game 2: Michael Ian Black, Greg Behrendt, Jorge Garcia ,< sup > 1 </ sup > Kim Coles ,< sup > 1 </ sup > Andrea Martin < sup > 1 </ sup >
< sup > 1 </ sup > Black eliminated Coles, Garcia, and Martin in three consecutive hands, a first for the series.
* Thomas Commerford Martin and Stephen Leidy Coles, The Story of Electricity, New York 1919, no ISBN, Chapter 13 " The Electric Furnace ", available on the Internet Archive
Running back Curtis Martin added 106 rushing yards, while receiver Laveranues Coles caught 8 passes for 123 yards.

Martin and Harman
The 26 founding members came from the group of 32 members who had paid dues by March 13, including strip cartoonists Wally Bishop ( Muggs and Skeeter ), Martin Branner ( Winnie Winkle ), Ernie Bushmiller ( Nancy ), Milton Caniff, Gus Edson ( The Gumps ), Ham Fisher ( Joe Palooka ), Harry Haenigsen ( Penny ), Fred Harman ( Red Ryder ), Bill Holman ( Smokey Stover ), Jay Irving ( Willie Doodle ), Stan MacGovern ( Silly Milly ), Al Posen ( Sweeney and Son ), Clarence Russell ( Pete the Tramp ), Otto Soglow ( The Little King ), Jack Sparling ( Claire Voyant ), Raeburn Van Buren ( Abbie an ' Slats ), Dow Walling ( Skeets ) and Frank Willard ( Moon Mullins ).
Orbison became one of the first recording artists to popularize the Nashville Sound, a trend of country and pop crossover music that used session musicians dubbed the A-Team: guitarists Grady Martin, Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, and Bob Moore ; pianists Floyd Cramer or Hargus " Pig " Robbins ; drummer Buddy Harman ; and backup vocals by the Jordanaires or the Anita Kerr Singers.
The parcel was divided equally between the settlers: Melchior Brumback, Joseph Coons, Harman Fishback, John Fishback, Peter Hitt, Jacob Holtzclaw, John Henery Hoffman, John Kemper, John Joseph Martin, Jacob Rector, John Spilman, Barry Brumbackily, and Tillman Weaver.
The original A-Team includes bassist Bob Moore ; guitarists Grady Martin, Hank Garland, Ray Edenton, and Harold Bradley ; drummer Buddy Harman ; pianists Floyd Cramer and Hargus " Pig " Robbins ; fiddler Tommy Jackson ; steel guitarist Pete Drake ; harmonicist Charlie McCoy ; saxophonist Boots Randolph ; and vocal groups The Jordanaires and The Anita Kerr Singers.
Actors that have performed at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre include: Benedict Cumberbatch, Anna Neagle, Robert Helpmann, Vivian Leigh, Eileen Atkins, Leslie French, Bill Kenwright, Felicity Kendal, Anthony Andrews, Wayne Sleep, Ricky Tomlinson, Jeremy Irons, Zoë Wanamaker, Judi Dench, Celia Imrie, Lesley Garrett, Douglas Hodge, Richard E Grant, Natasha Richardson, Ralph Fiennes, Christopher Biggins, Jenny Galloway, Joanna Riding, Samantha Spiro, Jenna Russell, Liz Robertson, Toyah Willcox, Bernard Bresslaw ( who died in his dressing room at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre, while performing the part of Grumio in the 1993 production of The Taming of the Shrew ), Nigel Planer, Nigel Harman, Su Pollard, Milton Jones, John Malkovich, Scarlett Strallen, Sheridan Smith, Summer Strallen, Topol, Millicent Martin, Janie Dee, Clive Rowe, Martha Wainwright, Hannah Waddingham and Helen Dallimore.
Those founding members who are still active as of 2006 are Tom Harman of LaserNet, Jim Martin of Peachtree Lase, Walt Meador of Laser Rentals, Inc., Todd Rogers of Beamin ’ Lasers, and Tim Walsh of Laser Spectacles.
Speakers have included leading computer scientists, mainly from the UK but some from abroad, including Samson Abramsky, Jean-Raymond Abrial ( France / Switzerland ), Dines Bjørner ( Denmark ), Robin Bloomfield, Richard Bornat, Egon Börger ( Italy ), Jan Broenink ( The Netherlands ), Michael Butler, Muffy Caulder, Mike Gordon, Anthony Hall, Mark Harman, Martin Henson, Jane Hillston, Mike Hinchey, Mike Holcombe, Michael Jackson, Cliff Jones, Marta Kwiatkowska, Tom Maibaum, Ursula Martin, Peter Mosses, Ben Moszkowski, Peter O ' Hearn, Steve Reeves ( New Zealand ), John Reynolds ( USA ), Peter Ryan, Steve Schneider, John Tucker, Phil Wadler, among others.

Martin and owner
The first serious attempt to land an expansion team for the Phoenix area was mounted by Elyse Doherty and Martin Stone, owner of the Phoenix Firebirds, the city's triple-A minor league baseball team and the top affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.
Although team owner George Steinbrenner and several players, most notably catcher and team captain Thurman Munson and outfielder Lou Piniella, were excited about his arrival, Martin was not.
On July 23, after suspending Jackson for disobeying a sign during a July 17 game, Martin made a statement about his two main antagonists, referring to comments Jackson had made and team owner George Steinbrenner's 1972 violation of campaign-finance laws: " They're made for each other.
His girlfriend, nightclub owner Missouri Martin, helps transform Annie from a dowdy street peddler to an elegant dowager.
During pre-production, the producers debated on whether Benjamin Martin would own slaves, ultimately deciding not to make the protagonist a slave owner.
Plattsmouth first appeared in 1854 as " the Barracks ", a trading post established by Sam Martin, owner of the Platteville ferry in neighboring Mills County, Iowa, ferryman Wheatley Mickelwait, and Glenwood, Iowa attorney and politician Colonel Joseph Longworthy Sharp.
Duncan Lakes was originally a sandpit until it was converted to a development property by then owner Martin Jones.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt toured the plant on April 26, 1943 with Nebraska Governor Dwight Griswold and plant owner Glenn L. Martin.
* Martin Stone, producer of Howdy Doody and owner of WVIP radio
As a community and village grew, it was often called Martinsburg, after Martin West, another nearby land owner.
These plots often featured Guy Caballero ( Joe Flaherty ), the cheap, tyrannical owner and president of SCTV, who was in a wheelchair only so that people would " respect " him ; weaselly, sweating station manager Maurice " Moe " Green ( Harold Ramis ), who was succeeded by flamboyant, leopard-skin clad station manager Mrs. Edith Prickley ( Andrea Martin ); vain variety star Johnny La Rue ( John Candy ); washed-up entertainers like singer Lola Heatherton ( Catherine O ' Hara ) and " funnyman " Bobby Bittman ( Eugene Levy ); news anchors Floyd Robertson ( Flaherty ) and Earl Camembert ( Levy ), talk-show host Sammy Maudlin ( Flaherty ), beer-addled brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie ( Moranis and Thomas ), plus many other characters, all played by the SCTV cast.
Healy remained rooted in the extended Bantry Gang, a highly influential political and commercial nexus based originally in West Cork, which included his key patron, the Catholic business magnate and owner of the Irish Independent, William Martin Murphy, who provided a platform for Healy and other critics of the IPP ..
* David Brown ( entrepreneur ), one-time owner of car manufacturer Aston Martin, several of whose products carried his initials
Loyd Jowers ( November 20, 1926May 20, 2000 ) was the owner of a restaurant ( Jim's Grill ) near the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968.
The original cast starred Mary Martin as the heroine Nellie Forbush and opera star Ezio Pinza as Emile de Becque, the French plantation owner.
As Tóno attempts to explain to Mrs. Lautmannová, who is oblivious of the world outside and generally confused, that he has come to be her supervisor and owner of the store, Imrich Kuchár ( Martin Hollý, Sr .), a Slovak opponent of Aryanization, steps in and reveals to Brtko that the business itself is less than profitable, as Lautmannová herself relies on donations.
Martin Price was the owner of a record store, Eastern Bloc, and was also the founder of the independent record label, Creed.
808 State were formed in 1988 by the owner of the Eastern Bloc Records shop on Oldham Street, Martin Price, together with Graham Massey and Gerald Simpson.
Some notable people whose Requiem Masses were said at the cathedral include New York Yankees greats Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, and Billy Martin ; legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, singer Celia Cruz, former Attorney General and U. S. Senator from New York Robert F. Kennedy, New York Giants owner Wellington Mara, and former Governor of New York Hugh Carey.
According to Martin Peretz, owner of TNR, " Support for Israel is deep down an expression of America's best view of itself.
Three friends were in the Chatham bar, one John A. Morgan, known as Jack, president of Cock ' n ' Bull Products and owner of the Hollywood Cock ' n ' Bull Restaurant ; one was John G. Martin, president of G. F. Heublein Brothers Inc. of Hartford, Conn., and the third was Rudolph Kunett, president of the Pierre Smirnoff, Heublein's vodka division.
After the scandal broke, the magazine's majority owner and editor-in-chief, Martin Peretz, admitted that his wife had told him that she did not find Glass ' stories credible and had stopped reading them.
* Andrea Martin as Phlegmenkoff, the orphanage's inconsiderate owner.
) In 1988, on Saturday Night Lives " Weekend Update ," comedian Dennis Miller opened the sports with, " In Calgary tonight, Katarina Witt won the gold medal in figure skating, prompting Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to fire manager Billy Martin.

Martin and British
Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars, based in Gaydon, Warwickshire, England.
In 1986, Gauntlett negotiated the return of fictional British secret agent James Bond to Aston Martin.
The scheme was first published by Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman in 1976, although it was later alleged that it had been separately invented a few years earlier within GCHQ, the British signals intelligence agency, by Malcolm J. Williamson but was kept classified.
Martin Hewitt, created by British author Arthur Morrison in 1894, is perhaps the first example of the modern style of fictional private detective.
* 2001 – Martin Wright, British bioengineer ( b. 1912 )
* 1961 – Martin Clunes, British actor
Bolstered by an image overhaul — including bleached-blonde hair, frosted lips, heavy eye make-up and Carnaby Street fashions — Sinatra made her mark on the American ( and British ) music scene in early 1966 with " These Boots Are Made for Walkin '", its title inspired by a line in Robert Aldrich's 1963 western comedy 4 for Texas starring her father and Dean Martin.
* 1938 – Martin Dunwoody, British mathematician
In Episode 4 (" Animals ") of the British sitcom Men Behaving Badly, Series 1, Dermot ( played by Harry Enfield ) says to Gary ( played by Martin Clunes ), " There she was, just standing there, making Michelle Pfeiffer look like Neil Kinnock.
* 1936 – Sir Martin Gilbert, British historian
* 1961 – Martin Kemp, British musician ( Spandau Ballet ) and actor
* 1874 – Martin Lowry, British chemist ( d. 1936 )
* 1969 – Giles Martin, British record producer
* Martin Dillon, 25 Years of Terror – the IRA's War against the British
* Pinter & Martin, Stanley Milgram's British publishers
* Martin Stanford, British TV presenter
The only British marques currently using a V12 configuration are Aston Martin — whose Cosworth-developed engine was authorized during the company's ownership by Ford Motor Company — and Rolls-Royce.
** Chris Martin, British rock musician ( Coldplay )
* September 14 – Martin Tyler, British sports broadcaster
** Martin Ruane, British wrestler best known as Giant Haystacks and later, The Loch Ness Monster ( b. 1947 )
* April 19 – William Martin Conway, British art critic and mountaineer ( b. 1856 )
* October 5 – Martin Ennals, British human rights activist.
* November 22 – Sir Martin Frobisher, British explorer ( b. 1535 )
* April 12 – William Martin Conway, British art critic and mountaineer ( d. 1937 )

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