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Max and Mueller
In addition to Bobby Thomson and Willie Mays, other memorable members of the Giants teams during the 1950s include: Hall of Fame manager Leo Durocher, coach Herman Franks, Hall of Fame outfielder Monte Irvin, outfielder and runnerup for the 1954 NL batting championship ( won by Willie Mays ) Don Mueller, Hall of Fame knuckleball relief pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm, starting pitchers Larry Jansen, Sal Maglie, Jim Hearn, Marv Grissom, Dave Koslo, Don Liddle, Max Lanier, Rubén Gómez, and Johnny Antonelli, catcher Wes Westrum, catchers Ray Katt and Sal Yvars, shortstop Alvin Dark, third baseman Hank Thompson, first baseman Whitey Lockman, second basemen Davey Williams and Eddie Stanky, outfielder, pitcher Clint Hartung, Hall of Fame second baseman Red Schoendienst and utility players: Bill Rigney, Daryl Spencer, Bobby Hofman, and Dusty Rhodes among others.
* Germany: Ernst Barlach, Max Beckmann, Fritz Bleyl, Heinrich Campendonk, Otto Dix, Conrad Felixmüller, George Grosz, Erich Heckel, Carl Hofer, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Käthe Kollwitz, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler, August Macke, Franz Marc, Ludwig Meidner, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Otto Mueller, Gabriele Münter, Rolf Nesch, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
Through the 1950s and 1960s, he established an art publishing house, and he wrote books on Georges Braque, Max Beckmann, Otto Mueller and Pablo Picasso.
On May 30, 2008, Sheen married Brooke Mueller, who later gave birth to their twin sons, Bob and Max.
Later members were Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein and Otto Mueller.
* The Larger Sukhavativyuha Sutra or The Sutra on the Buddha of Eternal Life Translated from the Sanskrit by F. Max Mueller, edited by Richard St. Clair
She was survived by her son, Max Wolfe Mueller, who appeared in Pink Flamingos.
Max Mueller contributed an appendix to Thomson's Laws of Thought ( 1853 ), in which he placed Greek and Indian logic on the same plane: " The sciences of Logic and Grammar were, as far as history allows us to judge, invented or originally conceived by two nations only, by Hindus and Greeks.
* Max Mueller, German orientalist, author of works on comparative religion and Indo-Aryan languages
* Franz Osten and the Bombay Talkies: Journey from Munich to Malad by Amrita Ganger ( Max Mueller Bhavan, Bombay, 2001 )
* Max Mueller Bhavan, Ballygunge Circular Road

Max and great
The song's title derives from the line " when two great warrior tribes go to war ", from the film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior ( the line is also spoken by Holly Johnson at the beginning of the session version ).
Three theories exercised great influence on nineteenth and early twentieth century mythography, beside the Tree worship of Mannhardt and the Totemism of J. F. McLennan, the " Sun myth " of Alvin Boyd Kuhn and Max Müller.
He was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, NY, where he would be joined by other jazz giants such as Coleman Hawkins, Lionel Hampton, W. C. Handy, Milt Jackson, Max Roach, and Miles Davis, among others, all of whom owe a great debt to " Papa Joe ".
In what was later called the " great purge " of 1933, academics including Max Born, Victor Goldschmidt, James Franck, Eugene Wigner, Leó Szilárd, Edward Teller, Emmy Noether, and Richard Courant were expelled or fled.
Don was crucial in helping us tighten everything up, and inspiring Max to dig really deep lyrically and get to some root emotion down there .” Explains Collins, " Neil Finn Crowded House once said, ' A great producer is someone whom you admire musically and otherwise, who you feel compelled to show up and show off for.
Today, the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons are considered the final triumph of this great pioneer and his innovative studio.
On the day of his death, Max Fleischer was cited as a great pioneer who invented an industry, and was named by Time magazine as the " Dean of Animated Cartoons.
The series began to take a new direction, however, with the arrival of Max and Dave's brother, Lou Fleischer, whose skills in music and mathematics made a great impact the studio.
* Rex Mottram-A Canadian of great ambition, said to be based on Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook, a Canadian ; and Brendan Bracken.
In the same decade, he published the influential study, The Head and Heart of Thomas Jefferson ( 1954 ), about which fellow ex-radical Max Eastman wrote: " I think John Dos Passos has done a great service to his country and the free world by lending his talents to this task.
Although Ysaÿe was a great interpreter of late Romantic and early modern composers — Max Bruch, Camille Saint-Saëns, and César Franck, who said he was their greatest interpreter — he was admired for his Bach and Beethoven interpretations.
When it was introduced by Werner Heisenberg, Max Born and Pascual Jordan in 1925, matrix mechanics was not immediately accepted and was a source of great controversy.
Although the band gained new attention by heavy play on MTV and FM rock-radio with the striking music video for " Surrender Your Heart " that was designed by Peter Max, the experimental album Rhyme & Reason ( 1984 ) was not a great success, and Capitol was not happy about the direction the band was taking.
The Toronto Suns Steve Tilley, who believed that Remedy did a " killer job " on Max Payne 2, felt that the company kept what was great about the previous game, " while everything else has been tweaked, overhauled and juiced up ".
In his introduction to the Peters Edition ( with the critical revisions of Max Friedländer ), Professor Max Müller, son of the poet Wilhelm Müller, remarks that Schubert's two song-cycles have a dramatic effect not unlike that of a full-scale tragic opera, particularly when performed by great singers such as Jenny Lind ( Die schöne Müllerin ) or Julius Stockhausen ( Winterreise ).
The posters in particular are collectors ' items today .. Louis ' great rival, Max Schmeling, a lifelong opponent of the Nazi regime, was forced by Adolf Hitler to join the German military after his loss to Louis at their 1938 rematch.
* Aitken, Max, Decline and Fall of Lloyd George: and great was the fall thereof London 1963
This information came from the late, great comedian and dancer Max Wall.
In 1959, he jumped from the frying pan into the fire when he left the military and went straight into the band of the great drummer Max Roach.
He was the model for the character of Max Gottlieb in Sinclair Lewis's Pulitzer-winning novel Arrowsmith, the first great work of fiction to idealize and idolize pure science.
Then Max Evans again chipped the ball down the left side, and this time was collected by Thom, and some great hands saw it go from him to John Barclay who sent Kelly Brown over for the score – and in doing so brought the Stade Ernest-Wallon to its feet.
This tradition stems from two individuals: the late great value mind Max Heine, founder of the well regarded value investment firm Mutual Shares fund in 1949 and his protégé legendary value investor Michael F. Price.
According to Max Heindel, the invisible Order of the Rose Cross exists in the inner worlds, was founded in 1313 and is composed of twelve great adepts presented as belonging to human evolution but already advanced far beyond the cycle of rebirth.
Although Max himself became something of a pop-culture phenomenon of the 1980s, the series itself was not a great success — despite being lauded for its portrayal of a world " 20 minutes into the future ", a Blade Runner-like cyberpunk world, where TV channels and ratings wars were everything, and people ( particularly those at the margins of society ) were nothing.

Max and Orientalist
* October 28 – Max Müller, German philologist and Orientalist ( b. 1823 )
* December 6 – Friedrich Max Müller, German Orientalist ( d. 1900 )
Friedrich Maximillian Müller ( December 6, 1823 – October 28, 1900 ) — known as Max Müller — was a German philologist and Orientalist, one of the founders of the western academic field of Indian studies and the discipline of comparative religion.
In his influential 1896 essay " A real mahatma: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa Dev " and his 1899 book Râmakrishna: His Life and Sayings, the German philologist and Orientalist Max Müller portrayed Ramakrishna as " a wonderful mixture of God and man " and as "... a Bhakta, a worshipper or lover of the deity, much more than a Gñânin or a knower.

Max and who
In the hut to which I was assigned -- Max had his own quarters -- my food was brought to me by a wrinkled crone with bare drooping breasts who seemed to enjoy conversing with me in rudimentary phrases.
And like Jo March, who saw her sisters Meg and Amy involved in `` lovering '' before herself, Henrietta saw her sisters Rachel and Sadie drawn outside their family circle by the attraction of suitors, Rachel by Joe Jastrow, and Sadie by Max Lobl, a young businessman who would write her romantic descriptions of his trips by steamboat down the Mississippi.
They were disturbed by his idiotic bravado -- as, when his bodyguard, Yankee Schwartz, complained that he had been snubbed by Dave Miller, a prize-fight referee, chieftain of a Jewish gang and one of four brothers of tough reputation, who were Hirschey, a gambler-politician in loose beer-running league with Torrio and O'Banion, Frank, a policeman, and Max, the youngest.
Architects who have been strongly influenced by the anthroposophic style include Imre Makovecz in Hungary, Hans Scharoun and Joachim Eble in Germany, Erik Asmussen in Sweden, Kenji Imai in Japan, Thomas Rau, Anton Alberts and Max van Huut in Holland, Christopher Day and Camphill Architects in the UK, Thompson and Rose in America, Denis Bowman in Canada, and Walter Burley Griffin and Gregory Burgess in Australia.
Prandtl, a professor at the University of Göttingen, instructed many students who would play important roles in the development of aerodynamics, such as Theodore von Kármán and Max Munk.
In analyzing the text of the song, Max Cryer wrote that it " is not intended to be sung by the young in love, but by a mature performer who has seen it all before.
For nearly twenty years he battled an amphetamine addiction ; during the 1960s he was a patient of the notorious Max Jacobson, known as " Dr. Feelgood ", who administered injections of " vitamins with enzymes " that were in fact laced with amphetamines.
Another memorable ruler was Max Franz ( ruled 1784-1794 ), who founded the university and the spa quarter of Bad Godesberg.
Max and Moritz provided an inspiration for German immigrant Rudolph Dirks, who created the Katzenjammer Kids in 1897.
The French avant-garde kept abreast of Dada activities in Zurich with regular communications from Tristan Tzara ( whose pseudonym means " sad in country ," a name chosen to protest the treatment of Jews in his native Romania ), who exchanged letters, poems, and magazines with Guillaume Apollinaire, André Breton, Max Jacob, Clément Pansaers, and other French writers, critics and artists.
Other names connected to the city include Max Born, physicist and Nobel laureate ; Charles Darwin, the biologist who discovered natural selection ; David Hume, a philosopher, economist and historian ; James Hutton, regarded as the " Father of Geology "; John Napier inventor of logarithms ; chemist and one of the founders of thermodynamics Joseph Black ; pioneering medical researchers Joseph Lister and James Young Simpson ; chemist and discoverer of the element nitrogen, Daniel Rutherford ; mathematician and developer of the Maclaurin series, Colin Maclaurin and Ian Wilmut, the geneticist involved in the cloning of Dolly the sheep just outside Edinburgh.
The first public motion-picture film presentation in the world, though, belongs to Max and Emil Skladanowsky of Berlin, who projected with their apparatus " Bioscop ", a flickerfree duplex construction, November 1 through 31, 1895.
On the flight, he meets Dr. Bill Perlman ( John Turturro ), an airline-contracted psychiatrist who offers to counsel Max for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Max, Lauren, and Nan meet with attorney Steven Brillstein ( Tom Hulce ), who encourages Max to exaggerate his testimony in order to increase Nan's compensation settlement offer from the airline.
Former Weismann performers at the reunion include Max and Stella Deems, who lost their radio jobs and became store owners in Miami ; Solange La Fitte, a coquette, who is still vibrant three decades later ; Hattie Walker, who has outlived five younger husbands ; Vincent and Vanessa, former dancers who now own an Arthur Murray franchise ; Heidi Schiller, for whom Franz Lehár once wrote a waltz ( or was it Oscar Straus?
This was owned by John Middleton Murry, who had released editorial control to Max Plowman and Sir Richard Rees.
On 4 August Orwell gave a talk at the Adelphi Summer School held at Langham, entitled An Outsider Sees the Distressed Areas ; others who spoke at the School included John Strachey, Max Plowman, Karl Polanyi and Reinhold Niebuhr.
* The top players of the day: world champion Mikhail Botvinnik, and those who had qualified for ( or been seeded into ) the inaugural Candidates Tournament in 1950: Isaac Boleslavsky, Igor Bondarevsky, David Bronstein, Max Euwe, Reuben Fine, Salo Flohr, Paul Keres, Alexander Kotov, Andor Lilienthal, Miguel Najdorf, Samuel Reshevsky, Vasily Smyslov, Gideon Ståhlberg, and László Szabó.
Portrait by Friedrich Engels. Johann Kaspar Schmidt ( October 25, 1806 – June 26, 1856 ), better known as Max Stirner ( the nom de plume he adopted from a schoolyard nickname he had acquired as a child because of his high brow, in German ' Stirn '), was a German philosopher, who ranks as one of the literary fathers of nihilism, existentialism, post-modernism and anarchism, especially of individualist anarchism.
The Ego and Its Own by Max StirnerIn Russia, individualist anarchism inspired by Stirner combined with an appreciation for Friedrich Nietzsche attracted a small following of bohemian artists and intellectuals such as Lev Chernyi, as well as a few lone wolves who found self-expression in crime and violence.

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