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McLish and be
McLish turned out to be very promotable, and inspired many future competitors to start training and competing.

McLish and never
Dunlap possessed a much more muscular physique than either McLish or Elomaa, and though she never repeated her successes of 1983, she would remain competitive for the rest of the decade.

McLish and .
And using him, Mike McLish, as a sop to her pride.
Anadarko is the birthplace of writer Jim Thompson, the Comanche-Kiowa artist Blackbear Bosin, and major league baseball pitcher Cal McLish.
Often, middle names are names of famous and influential people throughout history, such as well-known baseball pitcher Cal McLish, whose full name is Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish.
Maclise was born in Cork City, Ireland, the son of Alexander McLish ( also known as McLeish, McLish, McCLisse or McLise ), a tanner or shoemaker, but formerly a Scottish Highlander soldier.
* Rachel McLish ( Ms. Olympia, actor, Harlingen, Texas )
It featured Bev Francis, Rachel McLish, and several other women.
On December 15, 1960, he was traded with Joey Jay to the Cincinnati Reds for Roy McMillan, then immediately sent by the Reds with Cal McLish to the Chicago White Sox for Gene Freese.
Bentley picked up her third consecutive victory in the Frank Zane Invitational on June 28, ahead of Rachel McLish, Lynn Conkwright, Suzy Green, Patsy Chapman, and Georgia Miller Fudge.
The first winner was Rachel McLish who had also won the NPC's USA Championship earlier in the year.
Rachel McLish became the most successful competitor of the early 1980s.
McLish added this title to her collection in 1982.
With McLish not competing in the big shows, Carla Dunlap took both the Pro World and Ms. Olympia titles.
Cory Everson won the NPC Nationals, then defeated McLish to win the Ms. Olympia.
Competitors prominently featured in the film were Kris Alexander, Lori Bowen, Lydia Cheng, Carla Dunlap, Bev Francis, and Rachel McLish.
Roberts actually finished tied with 1980 and 1982 Ms. Olympia Rachel McLish, who hadn't competed in the 1983 Olympia, but McLish got second on a tiebreaker.

said and kicked
`` I kicked about 110 extra points in 135 tries during three years in high school '', he said, `` and made 26 in a row at one time.
One CDC physician involved in the United States ' DDT spraying campaign said of the effort that " we kicked a dying dog.
He later said, " I would have kicked his brains out.
Abdul kicked off 2011 by serving as lead judge, executive producer, creative partner, mentor and coach on CBS ' new dancing competition, Live to Dance ( formerly Got to Dance ) Abdul said that unlike American Idol, her new show is less about " competition " and more about " celebration.
After marching into Damascus in July 1920 to put down an anti-colonial rising, French General Henri Gouraud is reputed to have stood at Saladin's grave, kicked it and said: " The Crusades have ended now!
* Major League Baseball games recommence kicked off by Jack Buck's riveting poem " For America " and speech where he said " I don't know about you, but as for me, the question has already been answered: Should we be here?
" I was trying to kill the ball, and I kicked it bad ," he said.
She punched and kicked him, but Jones did not fight back: " I took it ", Jones said.
It is popularly said to have received this name because it appeared when Anne Boleyn's horse kicked a stone and a spring of water appeared.
Smiths Creek is said to be where Thomas Edison was kicked off the train, because of his experiments.
I think it was the day after she said that that Brett phoned me up and said, ' I've kicked her out.
In " Intervention ", she kicked Spike clear across her living room, through a solid wooden door, and to the other end of the room behind said door after losing her patience with him.
They claim he slapped Cabinet Ministers, assaulted priests, kicked irksome subjects in the crotch ( it is said that, for tiresome gabbing, he once even booted Crown Prince Mohammed Reza into a palace fountain ).
Halifax said: " I have seen people kicked down stairs but my Lord Rochester is the first person that I ever saw kicked up stairs ".
Games at Ellis Park, Loftus Versfeld, or Vodacom Park are said to present physical problems, and to influence a match in a number of other ways, such as the ball travelling further when kicked.
" Because she had on a shirt that someone didn't like that said support our troops, she was kicked out of this gallery ," Young said on the House floor the following day, holding up the gray shirt.
She kicked over her footstool and said ' Like that!
John Fogerty, during his introduction of The Ventures at their Hall of Fame induction, said, " Don't Run kicked open a whole movement in Rock and Roll ...
Soon after the cassette's release Barlow was kicked out of Dinosaur Jr. Over time Sebadoh's releases became a way for Barlow to address the issues of control that manifested as the tension in and his ejection from Dinosaur Jr ; Barlow said " I got a lot of hatred out just by writing those songs.
: And when the cow kicked it over, she winked her eye and said,
She said, " I'm scared to walk through Harlem ... more scared than you, because if I walked through Harlem with the weird shoes and the weird accent, I'd get my butt kicked faster than you.

said and horse
`` The road's washed badly '', said Dill, `` but there's a trail you can get over with a horse.
`` Not there '', he said, getting back onto his horse.
`` I'm General Burnside's horse, upside down '', Arlene said, sort of gaspingly, for her: even she had to breathe kind of funny when she was in that position.
`` We're getting more ' pro ' letters than ' con ' on horse race betting '', said Ratcliff.
Bucephalus, Alexander the Great's horse, was said to be descended from these mares.
Each of the condemned, said Coke, would be drawn backwards to his death, by a horse, his head near the ground.
Carson said that the fact that Chouinard's horse shied probably saved him, as Chouinard was a splendid shooter
The Loa arrive in the peristyle ( ritual space ) by mounting ( possessing ) a horse ( ritualist )-who is said to be " ridden.
Patterson said that his horse reared upon seeing ( or perhaps smelling ) the figure, and he spent about twenty seconds extricating himself from the saddle and getting his camera from a saddlebag before he could run toward the figure while operating his camera.
These slings were apparently very powerful ; in 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, historian Charles C. Mann quoted a conquistador, who said that an Incan sling " could break a sword in two pieces " and " kill a horse.
A horse and rider who have not accumulated any jumping faults or penalty points are said to have scored a " clear round.
They often said that, if it came to be, the horse and rider should perish before the mochila did.
For example, a horse is said to have a fever above ().
Japanese sources often credit Izumi Yosuke, Suzuki Tokujiro, and Takayama Kosuke, who are said to have invented rickshaws in 1868, inspired by the horse carriages that had been introduced to the streets of Tokyo shortly before.
The tank only moved at ten to twelve miles per hour, which Vic Armstrong said made it difficult to film Indiana riding a horse against the tank while making it appear faster.
The inaugural games lasted for a hundred days and were said to be extremely elaborate, including gladiatorial combat, fights between wild animals ( elephants and cranes ), mock naval battles for which the theatre was flooded, horse races and chariot races.
Behan said he broke his promise to appoint Earp because Wyatt Earp used Behan's name to threaten Ike Clanton when Wyatt recovered his stolen horse from Clanton.
Claiborne said only one man had a horse in the fight, and that this man was Frank, holding his own horse by the reins, then losing it and its cover, in the middle of the street.
Cowboy witness Wes Fuller said he saw Frank in the middle of the street shooting a revolver, and trying to remove a Winchester from the scabbard on his horse.
On May 24, 1925, Hewitt and his father made what was said to be the world's first broadcast of a horse race.
Well armed bands of horse and cattle rustlers were said to roam across various portions of Wyoming and Montana, with Montana cattle interests declaring " War on the Rustlers " in 1889 and Wyoming interests doing so a year later.
In 403 at Verona, Stilicho again bested Alaric, who as Gibbon said only escaped by the speed of his horse.
In his essay " Briefly, the case for the novella ", Canadian author George Fetherling ( who wrote the novella Tales of Two Cities ) said that to reduce the novella to nothing more than a short novel is like " saying a pony is a baby horse.

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