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Meanwhile and weary
Meanwhile, Marsh was growing weary of lugging armloads of books home from the library to keep his wife's mind occupied while she hobbled around the house ; he emphatically suggested she write her own book instead:
Meanwhile, the band, growing weary of the existing UK festival scene, decided to put on a festival of their own.
Meanwhile, Anjou had become weary of the restraints placed on his authority by the civilians of the States-General and he attempted to seize power in Flanders and Brabant by way of a military coup.
Meanwhile, Aklilu had grown frustrated and weary of holding a position with much responsibility but no authority.

Meanwhile and author
Meanwhile the author himself rejected an allegorical reading of his work.
Meanwhile, Lévy called Kusturica a " fascist author " while reserving his further judgment upon seeing the film.
Meanwhile, Philippe II of Orléans, who was an excellent comic actor, particularly in representations of low life, and had been looking out for an author to write suitable parts for him, made Collé his reader.
Meanwhile, the author has a tendency not to communicate with his users.
Meanwhile, in November, on a lecture tour through German cities, the author selected Chapter 5 of Book One for public readings.
Meanwhile, a rival Minnesotan author is trying desperately to discredit Jack and " his " book.
Meanwhile she had married Edward Stirling ( d. 1894 ), an actor, manager and dramatic author.
Meanwhile, Marge, Bart and Lisa are at the bookstore, where Marge meets author Esmé Delacroix ( likely a parody of the late British author E. M. Delafield, whose first name was Edmé ).
Meanwhile the author became more and more engulfed in politics, and in 1814 was banished to Africa, where he remained until 1820, when he was suddenly recalled and appointed prime minister.
Meanwhile author Rupert Smith has classified Pete as a " soft touch " character.

Meanwhile and may
Meanwhile, flying prototypes of aircraft powered by alternative fuels, such as ethanol, electricity, and even solar energy, are becoming more common and may soon enter the mainstream, at least for light aircraft.
Meanwhile, other laws may impose additional restrictions that copyright does not — such as trademarks and patents.
Meanwhile, diverse kinds of objects may be designed, including clothing, graphical user interfaces, skyscrapers, corporate identities, business processes and even methods of designing.
Meanwhile, the reversed gambler's fallacy may appear to apply in the story of Joseph Jagger, who hired clerks to record the results of roulette wheels in Monte Carlo.
Meanwhile, Sergeant Keeley ( Robert Mitchum ), concerned that his friend Mitch ( George Cooper ) may be the prime suspect, decides to investigate the murder to clear his friend's name.
Meanwhile, the marriage between Henry and Matilda remained childless, and Matilda's father was at the time unwilling to rest his hopes on his daughter providing an heir, assuming that she may be barren.
Meanwhile, reclusive Theravada forest monks in Thailand live a life devoted to meditation and the practice of austerities in small communities in rural Thailand-a very different life from even their city-dwelling counterparts, who may be involved primarily in teaching, the study of scripture, and the administration of the nationally organized ( and government sponsored ) Sangha.
Meanwhile, the " supersonic regime " is usually used to talk about the set of Mach numbers for which linearised theory may be used, where for example the ( air ) flow is not chemically reacting, and where heat-transfer between air and vehicle may be reasonably neglected in calculations.
Meanwhile, the original questioner is also sent a question which he / she may choose to answer.
Meanwhile it may be necessary to kill, torture and imprison a few million people, but whose fault is it if they get in the way of progress?
Meanwhile, the army led by Peter, which marched separately from Walter's army, also fought with the Hungarians, and may have captured Belgrade.
Meanwhile, another of the King's physicians, Dr. Pepys, analyzes the King's stool and urine believing that body wastes may contain some clue to the Royal malady ; of course, none of these attempts to cure the King actually works.
Meanwhile, low genetic diversity ( see inbreeding and population bottlenecks ) can cause reduced biological fitness and an increased chance of extinction, although as explained by genetic drift new genetic variants, that may cause an increase in the fitness of organisms, are more likely to fix in the population if it is rather small.
Meanwhile, the Office québécois de la langue française ( Quebec Board of the French Language ) under the Liberal provincial government has also opted for a demand-side strategy for the enforcement of language laws, using a number of publicity campaigns, including stickers which merchants may voluntarily affix on their shop windows stating that French service may be obtained within, allowing for consumers to " choose " stores which will serve them in French.
Meanwhile, steroids can reduce inflammation ( if this is a contributing factor to increased ICP ), and may help to prevent vision loss.
Meanwhile, Lynette has been dropping hints to Sid that she may be pregnant.
" Meanwhile, Busby may be targeted for extradition to America to face terror charges following a series of e-mails to America about how to contaminate US water supplies.
Meanwhile, there has been no news about this network since mid-2009 and the status of this concept is uncertain ; however, it may be merged somehow with Universal Sports now that they are co-owned.
Meanwhile, Cressida's father, the treacherous Trojan priest Calchas, asks the Greek commanders to exchange a Trojan prisoner for his daughter, so that he may be reunited with her.
Meanwhile, an ancient alien spaceship has been awakened and is on the loose, attacking ships at random, and the player-controlled privateer may be the Confederation's only hope in defeating it.
Meanwhile, Tito and Piranha think having separated parents is a great idea because of the many gifts they may get and plan on how to make Piranha's parents separate.
Meanwhile, Mission Specialist Sam Gemar spent four hours in the Lower Body Negative Pressure Device ( LBNP ) a medical device that may assist astronauts to more easily readapt to Earth's gravity.

Meanwhile and with
Meanwhile, in Moscow, Khrushchev was adding his bit to the march of world law by promising to build a bomb with a wallop equal to 100 million tons of TNT, to knock sense into the heads of those backward oafs who can't see the justice of surrendering West Berlin to communism.
Meanwhile, Douglas was selected as the candidate of the Northern Democrats, with Herschel Vespasian Johnson as the vice-presidential candidate.
Meanwhile, with the independence of Brazil in 1822, the slave trade was abolished in 1836, and in 1844 Angola's ports were opened to foreign shipping.
Meanwhile, also in the summer of 1866, a riot broke out in New Orleans when radicals, with strong opposition from conservatives, sought to re-convene the Louisiana Convention of 1864.
Meanwhile, the force under Hastein set out to march up the Thames Valley, possibly with the idea of assisting their friends in the west.
Meanwhile, in the garden, Fredrik and Carl-Magnus reflect on how difficult it is to be annoyed with Desiree, agreeing " It Would Have Been Wonderful " had she not been quite so wonderful.
Meanwhile, on 22 June, Marlborough's forces linked up with Baden's Imperial forces at Launsheim.
Meanwhile, in 1868 Morisot became acquainted with Édouard Manet.
Meanwhile, Haman is again offended by Mordechai and consults with his friends.
Meanwhile, about 100 miles south of Queenstown, U-27, commanded by Kapitänleutnant Bernard Wegener, stopped the British steamer Nicosian in accordance with the rules laid down by the London Declaration.
Meanwhile, with the advent and popularity of the MP3, sales of CDs began dropping in the 2000s.
Meanwhile, many armies are experiencing a backlash against carbines and lighter rifles in general, and are equipping selected soldiers, usually called Designated Marksmen, or DM, with higher power rifles.
Meanwhile von Salza had to abandon his hope to establish an Order's State in the Burzenland region of Transylvania, which had led to an éclat with King Andrew II of Hungary.
Meanwhile, in the USA, cheerleading accounted for 65. 1 % of all major sports injuries to high school females, and to 66. 7 % of major sports injuries to college students from 1982 to 2007, with 22, 900 minors being admitted to hospital with cheerleading-related injuries in 2002.
Meanwhile, German tanks were continuously upgraded with better main guns, in addition to other improvements.
Meanwhile, Dr. Boylston had inoculated 242 people, with only six resulting in death.
Meanwhile, Columbia University's liberal faculty members became disenchanted with the university president's ties to oilmen and businessmen, including Leonard McCollum, president of Continental Oil ; Frank Abrams, chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey ; Bob Kleberg, president of King Ranch ; H. J. Porter, a Texas oil producer ; Bob Woodruff, president of Coca-Cola ; and Clarence Francis, General Foods chairman.
Meanwhile, Debussy was having one of his first major successes with in 1902, leading a few years later to who-was-precursor-to-whom debates between the two composers, in which Maurice Ravel would also get involved.
Meanwhile, the U. S. judicial system reviews not only the legislative enactments, but also the administrative decisions of the many agencies dealing with environmental issues.
Meanwhile, the Faroese economy was growing with the introduction of large-scale fishing.
Meanwhile on Usenet, Mark Horton had started a series of " Periodic Posts " ( PP ) which attempted to answer trivial questions with appropriate answers.
Meanwhile, the synchronization gear ( called the Stangensteuerung in German, for " pushrod control system ") devised by the engineers of Anthony Fokker's firm was the first system to see production contracts, and would make the Fokker Eindecker monoplane a feared name over the Western Front, despite its being an adaptation of an obsolete pre-war French Morane-Saulnier racing airplane, with a mediocre performance and poor flight characteristics.
Meanwhile, much pulp science fiction published during 1920s and 1930s carried an exaggerated view of masculinity along with sexist portrayals of women, a view subtly satirized by Stella Gibbons in Cold Comfort Farm ( 1932 ).
Meanwhile, play-by-play TV broadcaster Len Kasper was also lost to the Chicago Cubs and replaced by Rich Waltz ( who had previously been with the Seattle Mariners ), and radio announcer John " Boog " Sciambi was replaced by Roxy Bernstein.

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