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Meanwhile and religious
Meanwhile, many of the Huguenots fleeing religious persecution in France, and their descendants, had also been living around the trading post and cultivating local fields.
Meanwhile, Edward VI, despite the fact that he was only a child of nine, had his mind set on religious reform.
Meanwhile, in these efforts to retain the guise of a Roman Catholic reformer as opposed to a heretical revolutionary, and to appeal to German princes with his religious condemnation of the peasant revolts backed up by the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms, Luther's growing conservatism would provoke more radical reformers.
Meanwhile the relations between Maximilian and Philip of Spain had improved ; and the emperor's increasingly cautious and moderate attitude in religious matters was doubtless because the death of Philip's son, Don Carlos, had opened the way for the succession of Maximilian, or of one of his sons, to the Spanish throne.
Meanwhile, the independent Face Dancer Khrone obtains Paul's genetic material from a religious relic on Caladan and tasks his Lost Tleilaxu prisoner Uxtal to create his own ghola of Paul.
Meanwhile Marguerite de Navarre, the sister of Francis I, herself a poet, novelist and religious mystic, gathered around her and protected a circle of vernacular poets and writers, including Clément Marot, Pierre de Ronsard and François Rabelais.
Meanwhile in the flagship, some sources such as Cicero claim that Pulcher performed the inspection of the omens for the battle, according to Roman religious tradition.
Meanwhile, after some prodding from Sinclair with regulations about the plant being a controlled substance only allowed for scientific or religious purposes, Mollari waits until after it is too late for G ' Kar to perform the ritual to hand over the Eth flower ( it must be performed in the sunlight that has touched the G ' Quan Mountain at a specific time of the year ).
Meanwhile, a secondary plotline involves the visit of several Human religious leaders to Babylon 5.
Meanwhile, Eells was delivering noteworthy speeches and orations, especially to meetings of religious and philanthropic organizations, many of which were subsequently reprinted and preserved.
Meanwhile, sociologists critical of these theories assisted advocates of religious freedom in defending the legitimacy of new religious movements in court.
Meanwhile, in India, religious extremism launches each community against the other, causing a wave of Hindu / Muslim riots that leave hundreds dead in Bombay.
Meanwhile, Kieschnick and his supporters replied that Benke had given Christian witness in a permissible manner, and that the event was not a religious service.
Meanwhile, despite the cherished commitments to independence and freedom, Congregationalists moved increasingly in the direction of espousing the main aims of the ecumenical movement within American ( and world ) Protestantism, a movement gathering much energy from the rise of totalitarian regimes in Europe and a perceived decline in religious life among Americans during the first third of the 20th century.
Meanwhile ( article 5 ), all placards by Alba for the suppression of heresy were revoked, and nobody would be punished for religious offenses pending the determination by the States General of the religious issue.
: Meanwhile, Judith, a young Grayson girl captured by Masadan privateers and forced to marry their leader, becomes the greatest hope of a secret sisterhood of Masadan women who are plotting their escape from the religious fanatics of their world.
Meanwhile other religious celebrations are important throughout the parish, including the romeiras or processions that travel from church to church throughout the island, in addition to annual celebrations at the churches of Nossa Senhora da Boa Morte ( Cabo ) in July and Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem ( Amparo ) in August.
Meanwhile, the patrilineal Banda clan, which traditionally provided healers, sages and metallurgists, took care of religious affairs from their capital Mankhamba near Nthakataka.
Meanwhile, Becca is outraged when her religious parents decide to send her to boarding school, and Hannah is alienated at school because of her mother.
: Meanwhile the girl's father, also a widower, who lives in California, and is as intense in his own religious antagonism as the Jew, has been called to New York, supposing that his daughter is to marry an Irishman and a Catholic.
Meanwhile he had gained a high reputation as a preacher, and especially as the advocate of religious freedom ; but his teaching became more and more offensive to the orthodox party, and on the appearance ( 1864 ) of his article on Renan's Vie de Jésus in the Nouvelle Revue de théologie he was forbidden by the Paris consistory to continue his ministerial functions.
Meanwhile, the relations between Roman and Duke Leszek I of Poland deteriorated for both religious and personal reasons.

Meanwhile and scholar
Meanwhile, Westcott assisted Reuss in contacting the English Masonic scholar, John Yarker ( 1833 – 1913 ).
Meanwhile, the scholar husband has become frail and sick due to too much sex ( involving 2 sisters-in-law who are bisexual and into S & M ).

Meanwhile and Max
Meanwhile, Max considers transferring thinking let his teammates down, but after some encouragement from PJ and Bobby, he re-considers and decides that they can still win.
Meanwhile, 17 divisions of the German Seventh Army, under Max von Boehn, aided by the Ninth Army under Eben, attacked the French Sixth Army led by Jean Degoutte to the west of Reims ( the Battle of the Mountain of Reims ()).
The runway continued to be used by Argentine C-130s until the end of the war and was also available for Aermacchi MB-339 jets < ref > Max Hastings :" The Battle for the Falklands " on page 203 in the San Carlos chapter ( 21 May ):" Meanwhile, a single Aeromacchi < sub ></ sub >-almost certainly the first Fleet Air Arm < sub ></ sub > ( Argentine COAN ) reconnaissance aircraft flying from Port Stanley-attacked the ...."</ ref > and FMA Pucarás.
Meanwhile, in 1972 Johnson became Vice President of the Academy of the Arts and was the editor of Max Frisch's Tagebuch 1966-1971.
Meanwhile, Max sends the OMACs to attack the JLI.
Meanwhile, Audrey is planning to move to Boston with her new boyfriend Jerry ( Cary Elwes ), and decides that Max is going with them so that she can protect him from getting hurt by Fletcher.
Meanwhile, Max discovers it's Norma's exotic car the studio wants for an upcoming movie, not her.
Meanwhile, a schoolboy named Max ( Francis Capra ) is confronted and chased down by a group of bullies through the city of New Bronslin.
Meanwhile, he continued his education at the Music Academy studying music theory and percussion, passing his degree at the Athénée Adolphe Max.
Meanwhile, the evil Brewmeister Smith ( Max von Sydow ) is perfecting a secret plan to take over the world by placing a mind-control drug in Elsinore beer which, while rendering the consumer docile, also makes him or her attack others when stimulated by certain musical tones.
Meanwhile, Price scolds Carl Schecter ( Max Perlich ), a company employee-who has developed a series of harmless traps to scare the guests — for not letting him know he planned to pull a stunt like that.
Meanwhile Erzherzog Ferdinand Max was circling Faà di Bruno's Re d ' Italia, pouring on fire before surging forward and achieving a good impact with her ram, aided by the Italian ship having reversed her screws ( in a poorly thought-out attempt to avoid crossing the Austrian's bows ) at the crucial moment.
Meanwhile Henri's man is caught and arrested and Max steals the diamond.
Meanwhile, Max whispers to Hikaru Ichijyo that Misa looks so happy holding Komilia and that she really loves babies.
It isn't really explained but Maria is inspired to suggest that DuPris may have hidden the ship in Carlsbad Caverns ( she gets the idea from a tourist's T shirt ), Meanwhile Max gets mixed signals from the consciousness about Alex ( he's afraid, some are curious about him, some want him dead ).
Meanwhile, unable to track Max and the others, the sisters encounter costumed children furthering their confusion of Halloween Night.
Meanwhile, Max Shady, who was just released from prison after seven years, starts stalking Ned, planning to kill him for failing to successfully defend Max in court.
Meanwhile, Princess Chloris is in love with Prince Max of Baluria.

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