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Meanwhile and some
Meanwhile, the automobile and its friend the truck have cost the central city some of its industrial dominance.
Meanwhile, in 1868, tombs at Ialysus in Rhodes had yielded to Alfred Biliotti many fine painted vases of styles which were called later the third and fourth " Mycenaean "; but these, bought by John Ruskin, and presented to the British Museum, excited less attention than they deserved, being supposed to be of some local Asiatic fabric of uncertain date.
Meanwhile, a human spaceship that was sent out to space long ago when the planetary winter began crashes in some foreign planet and the local civilization buries all evidence of the accident.
Meanwhile Wenninger ( 1983 ) found a way to represent these infinite duals, in a manner suitable for making models ( of some finite portion!
Meanwhile, the king was having trouble sleeping, and had some histories read to him.
Meanwhile, in the post-delivery room, Joey looks for some tissue for an upset Rachel, picks up Ross's jacket, and the ring falls to the floor.
Meanwhile, Quakers in New England had been banished ( and some executed ), and Charles was advised by his councillors to issue a mandamus condemning this practice and allowing them to return.
Meanwhile, government officials defend their inflexible enforcement of a regulation, even in circumstances that some see as unfair, because allowing an exception would open the floodgates.
Meanwhile, some other businesses started to develop, such as matches, firecrackers, incense and fishing-boat building.
Meanwhile some of the more recent sources listed ( Lemesurier, Gruber, Wilson ) have been particularly scathing about later attempts by some lesser-known authors and Internet enthusiasts to extract alleged hidden meanings from the texts, whether with the aid of anagrams, numerical codes, graphs or otherwise.
Meanwhile, the North-South Axis would have cut a giant swathe passing just to the west of Potsdamer Platz, some 5 km long and up to 100 m wide, and lined with Nazi government edifices on a gargantuan scale.
Meanwhile, savage punishment was meted out to slaves during this period, some being burnt alive and others starved to death.
Meanwhile, Harrison became a record producer of some note – his résumé includes the Violent Femmes ' The Blind Leading the Naked, the Fine Young Cannibals ' The Raw and the Cooked, General Public's Rub It Better, Crash Test Dummies ' God Shuffled His Feet, Live's Throwing Copper, No Doubt's song " New " from Return of Saturn, and most recently work by The Black and White Years and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
Meanwhile, the band received a mixed reception from some critics because of their apparent sexist and racist innuendo.
Meanwhile, some faculty of Toland Medical School elected to reopen the Medical Department of the University of the Pacific, which would later become Stanford University School of Medicine.
Meanwhile, Jewish people had established a small community some twenty miles north of Illiberis, called Gárnata or Gárnata al-yahūd (" Granada of the Jews ").
Meanwhile, the Republicans accused Federalists of destroying republican values, not to mention political support from immigrants, with the Alien and Sedition Acts, some of which were later declared unconstitutional after their expiration by the Supreme Court ; they also accused Federalists of favoring Britain in order to promote aristocratic, anti-republican values.
Meanwhile to the north-west at Mafeking, on the border with Transvaal, Colonel Robert Baden-Powell had raised two regiments of local forces amounting to some 1, 200 men in order to attack and create diversions if things further south went amiss.
Meanwhile, stock markets are more influenced by trust in corporate leaders, i. e. individual capital, by consumers, i. e. social capital or " brand capital " ( in some analyses ), and internal organizational efficiency, i. e. instructional capital and infrastructural capital.
Meanwhile, Foucault had been wanting to leave Clermont for some time, considering both Japan and Brazil as possible destinations, and finally did so at the end of the 1965 – 66 educational year.
Meanwhile, he also helped some of Mary's former servants and maintained Catholic contacts.
Meanwhile, Wetton and Downes released some archival Asia material under the name Wetton / Downes and they then reunited to record a full-length album ( Icon, released in 2005 ), and an accompanying EP and DVD.
Meanwhile, some sections of the Metronit have already been opened and are served by regular Egged buses.
Meanwhile, a fourth ship, the Bolsheretsk was constructed and Spangberg ( having identified some 30 Kuril Islands on his first trip ) led the four ships on a second voyage, which saw the first Russians land in Japan.

Meanwhile and new
Meanwhile, Zhelyu Zhelev, a communist-era dissident from the new democratic party-Union of Democratic Forces, was elected President by the Assembly in 1990, and in 1992 won Bulgaria's first presidential elections and served as president until 1997.
Meanwhile, a new threat arose from abroad: Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II, Frederick William II of Prussia, and the King's brother Charles-Philippe, comte d ' Artois, issued the Declaration of Pillnitz, which considered the cause of Louis XVI as their own, demanded his absolute liberty and implied an invasion of France on his behalf if the revolutionary authorities refused its conditions.
Meanwhile, the remaining local population of Cappadocians were left in control of the towns and most of the land, paying tithes to their new overlords, who formed a military aristocracy and kept aloof in fortified farmsteads, surrounded by their bands.
Meanwhile, however, the conflict in Hyderabad provided Chanda Sahib with an opportunity to take power as the new Nawab of the territory of Arcot.
Meanwhile, the democratic parliament in Prussia collapsed, and the king, Frederick William IV, introduced a new cabinet of his reactionary supporters, who implemented counter-revolutionary measures to expunge leftist and other revolutionary elements from the country.
Meanwhile, Robert, the new member of the team, arrives at the theatre, is civilly received by the stage manager Arthur and quickly falls in love with Lucille, another newcomer.
Meanwhile, manager Tony La Russa began his first season with the Cardinals in tandem with a new ownership group.
Meanwhile Bell, a scientist and experimenter at heart, was looking for new worlds to conquer after his invention of the telephone.
Meanwhile, a row of new single-storey shops was erected along Potsdamer Straße.
Meanwhile, Deutsche Bahn AG were due to relocate to a purpose-built new structure at Berlin's new main train station ( Berlin Hauptbahnhof ), when the lease on the Sony Center's Bahn Tower expired in 2010.
Meanwhile, among Greek scholars, the literary historian and philologist Jacques Bompaire, the philologist and philosopher E. Dupréel, and later the literature historian Jacqueline de Romilly pioneered new studies in the Sophists and the Second Sophistic.
Meanwhile Nine had still failed to find a successful new soap opera.
Meanwhile Austrian Silesia, the small portion of Silesia retained by Austria after the Silesian Wars, was mostly awarded to the new Czechoslovakia ( becoming known as Czech Silesia ), although most of Cieszyn and territory to the east of it went to Poland ( see Zaolzie ).
Meanwhile, existing victorious Allies such as France, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Romania gained territories, while new states were created out of the collapse of Austria-Hungary and the Russian and Ottoman Empires.
Meanwhile, a new candidate for the Spanish throne had been born in 1692.
Meanwhile, Laurents had written a new draft of the book changing the characters ' backgrounds: Anton, once an Irish American, was now of Polish and Irish descent, and the formerly Jewish Maria had become a Puerto Rican.
Meanwhile, the virus genome is replicated in membrane-bound vesicles on the cell's endoplasmic reticulum, where the cell's protein synthesis apparatus produces new viral proteins, and the viral RNA is copied.
Meanwhile, a new disulfide bond forms between the attacking thiolate ( red atom in Figure 1 ) and the original sulfur atom ( blue atom in Figure 1 ).
Meanwhile unknown to him events were taking a turn at Oxford that would give him a new career.
Meanwhile, the Layene Sufi order, established by Seydina Mouhammadou Limamou Laye, was thriving among the Lebou in Yoff and in a new village called Cambérène.
Meanwhile, technological accomplishments such as nuclear proliferation and photos of the Earth from outer space provided both new insights and new reasons for concern over Earth's seemingly small and unique place in the universe.
Meanwhile, Charles L. Webster & Co. issued a " fourth edition, revised, corrected, and complete " with the text of Sherman ’ s second edition, a new chapter prepared under the auspices of the Sherman family bringing the general ’ s life from his retirement to his death and funeral, and an appreciation by politician James G. Blaine ( who was related to Sherman's wife ).
Meanwhile, Kate makes it on her own to the Hôtel George V where she encounters new levels of French sarcasm and rudeness from the concierge.

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