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Members and Institute
The Institute claims 2, 500 Individual Members and 450 Corporate and Institutional Members from more than 100 countries.
Category: Members of the Institute of Medicine
Category: Members of the Institute of Medicine
Category: Members of the Institute of Directors
Individuals apply to become Members at the Institute, and each of the Schools have their own application procedures and deadlines.
Members are selected by the Faculty of each School from more than 1, 500 applicants, and come to the Institute for periods from one term to a few years, most staying for one year.
In addition to faculty, who have permanent appointments, scholars are appointed as " Members " of the Institute for a period of several months to several years.
Members of the neoconservative movement are also leaders of many influential “ letterhead organizations ” ( LHO ’ s ) and think-tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, Project for the New American Century, Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, and the U. S Committee for a Free Lebanon.
ALI members are obligated to actively support the work of the Institute, including attending Annual Meetings and other project conferences, joining Members Consultative Groups for Institute projects, and submitting comments on project drafts.
Members of the research grants committee of the National Institute of Mental Health ( NIMH ), which had been founded in 1949, contend that they also helped provide an impetus for the new institute, as when reviewing grant applications they saw a significant number of neurological projects and proposed a separate institute for them.
Members of the Institute at the 2005 Kraków | Krakow Session
Members of the 99th Fighter Squadron at the Tuskegee Institute, the United States ' first squadron of African Americans are honored at the National Statuary Hall, 2007
Category: Members of the Institute of Medicine
Whitehead has a world-renowned faculty that includes the recipients of the 1997 and 2010 National Medal of Science ( Robert Weinberg and Susan Lindquist, respectively ); nine Members of the National Academy of Sciences ( David Bartel, Gerald Fink, Rudolf Jaenisch, Eric Lander, Susan Lindquist, Harvey Lodish, Terry Orr-Weaver, David Page, and Weinberg ); three Members of the Institute of Medicine ( Fink, Lander, and Weinberg ); and seven Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences ( Jaenisch, Fink, Lander, Lindquist, Lodish, Page and Weinberg.
Category: Members of the Institute of Directors
Category: Members of the Institute of Directors
Category: Members of the Institute of Directors
The Institute is also affiliated with the Toronto School of Theology of the University of Toronto, with whose courses ICS courses are cross-listed and students from the other institutions may, as may ICS Junior Members, matriculate across institutions-but with restrictions on how many credits for a degree a student may take from these approved external sources.
The first professor, called a Senior Member, appointed to serve the new Institute was Dr Hendrik Hart who proceeded to teach worldview studies and philosophy, an appointment which later became specialized to Systematic Philosophy as the number of Senior Members grew.
Category: Members of the Institute of Medicine
12 Members of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Members and include
Members of the committee include Mrs. Milton Bernet, Mrs. J. Clinton Bowman, Mrs. Rollie W. Bradford, Mrs. Samuel Butler Jr., Mrs. Donald Carr Campbell, Mrs. Douglas Carruthers, Mrs. John C. Davis 3,, Mrs. Cris Dobbins, Mrs. William E. Glass, Mrs. Alfred Hicks 2,, Mrs. Donald Magarrell, Mrs. Willett Moore, Mrs. Myron Neusteter, Mrs. Richard Gibson Smith, Mrs. James S. Sudier 2, and Mrs. Thomas Welborn.
Members of the chaparral biota native to California, all of which tend to regrow quickly after fires, include:
Members of the board, known as Governors of the Board include the university's chancellor, president and 25 other members.
Associate Members from the United States include ABC, CBS, NBC, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Time Warner, and the only individual station, Chicago-based classical music station WFMT.
Members of this volunteer ' army ' include Callisto, Freakshow and Wicked.
Members of this genus are among the few plants capable of rapid movement ; examples outside of Mimosa include the telegraph plant, and the venus flytrap.
Members of the Creek ( Muscogee ) Nation in Oklahoma around 1877 ; they include men with some European and African ancestry.
Members of the Orsini include popes Celestine III ( 1191 – 1198 ), Nicholas III ( 1277 – 1280 ), and Benedict XIII ( 1724 – 1730 ), 34 Cardinals of the Roman Church and numerous condottieri and other significant political and religious figures.
Members of the State Council include the Premier, a variable number of vice premiers ( now four ), five state councilors ( protocol equal of vice premiers but with narrower portfolios ), and 29 ministers and heads of State Council commissions.
Members of the PDP series include:
Members of a profession have also been defined as " workers whose qualities of detachment, autonomy, and group allegiance are more extensive than those found among other groups ... their attributes include a high degree of systematic knowledge ; strong community orientation and loyalty ; self-regulation ; and a system of rewards defined and administered by the community of workers.
Members of this group include the rotaviruses, renowned globally as the most common cause of gastroenteritis in young children, picobirnaviruses, renowned worldwide as the most commonly occurring virus in fecal samples of both humans and animals with or without signs of diarrhea.
SEI Members include small business owners, software and systems programmers, CEOs, directors, and managers from both Fortune 500 companies and prominent government organizations in 36 different countries.
Members of the O ' Malley family include Kevin and Brian O ' Malley, who are the sons of former Dodgers owner Peter O ' Malley and grandsons of Walter O ' Malley, the owner who moved the Dodgers west from Brooklyn after the 1957 season.
Members of the spinel group include:
Members of the orders Perissodactyla and Artiodactyla are called the ' true ungulates ' to distinguish them from ' subungulates ' ( Paenungulata ) which include members from the afrotherian orders Proboscidea, Sirenia and Hyracoidea.
These include Elders, Deacons, Associate Members and licensed local pastors.
Members include businesses, nonprofit organizations, universities, governmental entities, and individuals.
Significant clothing trends of the 1980s include Shoulder pads, Jean jackets, Leather pants, Aviator jackets, Jumpsuits, Diane von Fürstenberg Wrap Dress, Members Only Jackets, Skin-tight acid-washed jeans, Miniskirts, Leggings and Leg warmers ( popularized in the film " Flashdance "), Off-the-Shoulder Shirts and Cut Sweatshirts ( popularized in the film " Flashdance ").
Members cited in " other lists might include Ottoline Morrell, or Dora Carrington, or James and Alix Strachey "; but even such a close associate as Virginia Woolf's long term lover Vita Sackville-West-" Vita would be the Hogarth Press's best-selling author "-belonged to a different literary grouping.
Members of the Priesthood act as spokespersons for the philosophy of the Church of Satan, which include the titles of " Priest "/" Priestess " and " Magus "/" Magistra.
Members of the Team who found continued success after leaving the series and continue working as performers include Tina Arena, Jane Scali, Jamie Redfern, Dannii Minogue, Karen Knowles, Sally Boyden, Debra Byrne and Joe ( Joey ) Perrone.
Bonus features on the DVD include a restored version of the 1972 short film " Caravan Holiday " featuring Johnny Young and the Young Talent Team ; full biographies of all 40 Team Members and Johnny Young ; Nicole Kidman's appearance as a guest on the show to promote her 1983 film BMX Bandits ; assorted television commercials featuring members of the team ; footage of some of the Team when they appeared as contestants on the show ; and the full-length clip of sisters Dannii Minogue and Kylie Minogue performing the song " Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves ".
Members include Naive John, Mark D, Elsa Dax, Paul Harvey, Jane Kelly, Emily Mann, Udaiyan, Peter McArdle, Peter Murphy, Rachel Jordan, Guy Denning and Abby Jackson.
Members of the gang besides Tommy include, Dippy ( Huntz Hall ), Angel ( Bobby Jordan ), Spit ( Leo Gorcey ), T. B.

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