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Members and Oxford
* Oxford University Famous Members
* Members of Trinity College, Oxford
Category: Members of Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Displeased with this, Charles adjourned it on 11 July, but finding himself in need of money recalled the Members on 1 August, when they met in Oxford.
He appears on the list of speakers at the Annual Conference of the Conservative Monday Club's Young Members ' Group, at the United Oxford & Cambridge Club in Pall Mall, on 18 November 1989, when he spoke on The Union and Northern Ireland.
Members of this club met frequently at the Blue Post pub on Oxford Street in London.
Members met in the Pantheon on Oxford Street.
Members of both teams are traditionally known as blues and each boat as a " Blue Boat ", with Cambridge in light blue and Oxford dark blue.
Category: Members of Oxford City Council
Members of the University of Oxford are ranked according to their degree.
Members of the Appleton and Ickford families granted lands at Ickford to Godstow Abbey in Oxfordshire and the Priory of St Frideswide, Oxford.
Category: Members of Oxford City Council
Category: Members of Oxford City Council
Category: Members of Oxford City Council
1985 / 86: 21 teams – 5 from Division 1 ( Chelsea, Coventry City, Manchester City, Oxford United, West Bromwich Albion ) and 16 from Division 2 the 6 teams that would have qualified for Europe were ineligible for the Full Members Cup as they played in the Super Cup ( English football ) | Super Cup tournament instead.
Category: Members of Oxford City Council
Category: Members of Oxford City Council
Category: Members of Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Category: Members of Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Category: Members of Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Fox made his senior debut for Norwich City during the 1986 – 87 season in a Full Members Cup match against Coventry City and made his league debut against Oxford United at Carrow Road a few days later.
Category: Members of Oxford University Computing Laboratory
Members of Springbrook's graduating classes of 2004-06 have gone on to attend universities including American, Amherst, Brown, Boston College, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Davidson, Duke, Georgetown, George Washington, Hampton, Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Morehouse, New York University, Northwestern, Oxford, Princeton, Rutgers, Stanford, Yale, and the Universities of Massachusetts, Chicago, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Virginia, and Wisconsin – Madison.
Category: Members of Oxford University Computing Laboratory

Members and Township
Members of the Lodi Township Council are Mayor Bruce Masopust, Deputy Mayor Marc N. Schrieks, Laura E. Cima, Paula Fiduccia and Patricia Ann Licata.
Members of the Township Council are Council President John A. Spiech ( R, 2014 ), Vice President Harry Williams ( R, 2014 ), Samuel A. Alderisio ( R, 2012 ), H. Lisa DiGiulio ( R, 2012 ), Charles J. Jandris ( R, 2012 ), Roy B. Larson ( R, 2014 ) and John Roth ( R, 2012 ).
Members of the Township Council are elected at-large in partisan elections to four-year terms of office on a staggered basis, with two or three seats up for election in even years.
, the Mayor of Saddle Brook is Karen Chamberlain ( R, term ends December 31, 2014 ), Members of the Township Council are Andrew Cimiluca ( R, 2012 ), Richard Conte ( R, 2014 ), Council President Anthony Halko ( R, 2014 ), Florence Mazzer ( D, 2012 ) and Joseph Setticase ( D, 2012 ).
Members of the Delran Township Council are Council President Gary Catrambone ( D, At-large ), Patty Kolodi ( D, Ward 3 ), Tom Morrow ( D, Ward 2 ), Patricia Pomeranz ( R, At-Large ) and Mike Schwartz ( D, Ward 1 ).
Members of the Pemberton Township Council are Council President Ken Cartier ( 2014 ), Jason Allen ( 2014 ), Richard Prickett ( 2012 ), Sherry Scull ( 2012 ) and Diane Stinney ( 2012 ).
Members of the Springfield Township Council are Mayor Denis McDaniel ( 2014 ), and councilmembers David Frank ( 2012 ), John Hlubik ( 2012 ), Anthony Marinello ( 2014 ) aND Peter Sobotka ( 2014 ).
Members of the Township Council are Council President Christopher T. Morris, Marion Bodanza, Thomas DiGangi and Jerome McIntosh.
Members of the Gloucester Township Council are Council President Glen Bianchini, Council Vice President Orlando Mercado, Michelle Gentek, Dan Hutchison, Franklin Schmidt and Samuel M. Siler.
Members of the Winslow Township Committee are:
Members of the Hopewell Township Committee are Mayor Bruce Hankins, Duane Cruzan, Gregory Facemyer, Paul Ritter, III and Joseph Shoemaker, Jr.
Members of the Maurice River Township Committee are Mayor Andrew Sarclette ( Term expires December 31, 2010 ), Deputy Mayor Kathy Ireland ( Term Expires 2011 ) and Committeeman Kevin Langley ( Term Expires 2012 ).
Members of the Upper Deerfield Township Committee are Mayor James CrilleyDeputy Mayor Bruce T. Peterson, John Daddario, Terri O " Neill and Scott Smith.
Members of the Bloomfield Township Council are Carlos Bernard ( Third Ward ), Elias N. Chalet ( First Ward ), Peggy O ' Boyle Dunigan ( at-large ), Bernard Hamilton ( at-large ), Nicholas Joanow ( Second Ward ) and Michael Venezia ( at-large ).
Members of the Fairfield Township Council are Mayor James Gasparini, Council President Thomas Morgan, Joseph Cifelli, John LaForgia and Michael McGlynn.
Members of the Township Council are President John Sowell ( West Ward ; 2012 ), First Vice President Quinzell R. McKenzie ( East Ward ; 2012 ), Second Vice President D. Bilal Beasley ( At-Large ; 2014 ), Lebby C. Jones ( At-Large ; 2014 ), Sandra R. Jones ( South Ward ; 2012 ), David Lyons ( North Ward ; 2012 ) and Andrea C. McElroy ( At-Large ; 2014 ).
Members of the West Caldwell Township Council ( with term-end years and committee assignment chairmanships listed in parentheses ) are Council President Stanley W. Hladik ( 2012 ; Finance & Welfare ), Dominick J. Aiello ( 2014 ; Parks & Recreation ), Joseph P. Cecere ( 2013 ; Legal & Personnel ), Thomas M. O ' Hern ( 2012 ; Public Works & Water ), Richard C. Otterbein ( 2014 ; Public Safety ) and Stephen P. Wolsky ( 2013 ; Community Planning, Development & Technology ).
Members of the Franklin Township Committee are Mayor Joe Petsch, Deputy Mayor Marge Pfrommer, Brian Mattei, Harold Atkinson, and Rudy Ciangalini.
Members of the Greenwich Township Committee are Mayor George W. Shivery, Jr., Council President Joseph L. DiMenna, Raymond Williams, Vince Giovannitti and William Franklin.
Members of the Logan Township Committee are Mayor Frank Minor, Deputy Mayor Lyman Barnes, Doris Hall, Bernadine Jackson and Chris Morris.
Members of the Mantua Township Committee are Mayor Timothy Chell, Deputy Mayor Pete Scirrotto, Lorraine Beckett, Sharon Lawrence and Robert Zimmerman.
Members of the Township Council are:
Members of the Township Council are Council President Chris Del Borrello, Council Vice-President Daniel Morley, Ray MacDowell, Scott Newman and Giancarlo D ' Orazio
Members of the Woolwich Township Committee are Mayor Sam Maccarone ( term ends December 31, 2012 ), Deputy Mayor Jonathan Fein ( 2012 ), Joe Chila ( 2011 ), Ted Otten ( 2011 ) and John Descano ( 2013 ).
Members of the Kingwood Township Committee are Mayor Phillip Lubitz ( term ends December 31, 2011 ), Deputy Mayor Elaine Niemann ( 2012 ) and James Burke ( 2013 ).

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