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Meredith and formed
The town was formed in 1817 from part of the Town of Kortright and Meredith.
Dave Hope ( bass ), Phil Ehart ( drums, percussion ), and Kerry Livgren ( guitars, keyboards, synthesizers ) formed a progressive rock group in 1970 in their hometown of Topeka, Kansas, along with vocalists Lynn Meredith and Joel Warne, and keyboardist Don Montre, keyboardist Dan Wright, and saxophonist Larry Baker.
Dan-Air began its life at Southend with a Douglas DC-3, registration G-AMSU, ( originally owned by Meredith Air Transport, a small Southend-based ad hoc charter operator formed in 1952 ), fulfilling a six-month contract to operate a series of charter flights between Southend and West Berlin's Tempelhof Airport.
* Lake Meredith, man-made lake formed by a dam on the Canadian River at Sanford, Texas
Lake Meredith is a reservoir formed by Sanford Dam on the Canadian River at Sanford, Texas.
The band was formed in mid-2002 by guitarist Aaron Bilbija, bass player Meredith Webster and drummer Matt Lamb.
Meredith Blake, wearied by his long affection for Caroline, has formed an attachment to Elsa, also unreciprocated.
* Roderick C. Meredith, evangelist for Radio Church of God who also formed the Global Church of God.
The Ontario Conservative Party, led by William Ralph Meredith, formed the official opposition.
Bizarre Inc were a house / dance-pop band from Stafford, England, that formed in 1989 as a duo of English DJs Dean Meredith and Mark " Aaron " Archer ( not to be confused with the film producer of same name ).
The group formed as Meredith and Archer formed a duo to start an acid-house / techno project under ' Blue Chip Records '.

Meredith and her
The husband points the steps out with his flashlight: `` Its white stare filling her pale eyes To the blind brim with appetite, Bleaching her hands that grazed my thighs And sent us from the table in surprise To let the dishes soak all night, '' ( Mary Jane asked herself if Meredith was blushing at this line, or was it the fire??
Miss Glenda Kay Meredith of Denton was her sister's maid of honor, and Vernon Lewelleyn of San Angelo was best man.
** For example: One specific person may be identified by all of the following identifiers: Jane Smith ; Jane Elizabeth Meredith Smith ; Jane E. M. Smith ; Jane E. Smith ; Janie Smith ; Janie ; Little Janie ( as opposed to her mother or sister or cousin, Big Janie ); Aunt Jane ; Auntie Janie ; Mom ; Grandmom ; Nana ; Kelly's mother ; Billy's grandmother ; Ms. Smith ; Dr. Smith ; Jane E. Smith, PhD ; and Fuzzy ( her jocular nickname at work ).
Florence and Asa visit her cousin, Mary Meredith.
Mrs. Oliver visits Anne Meredith and her housemate, Rhoda Dawes.
* In chapter 2, Anne Meredith tells Poirot that she knows Ariadne Oliver from her book The Body in the Library, which was the title of a book later written by Agatha Christie and published in 1942.
In 2003, Julie Andrews made her directorial debut with a production of The Boy Friend at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor, NY, starring Meredith Patterson as Polly Browne and Sean Palmer as Tony Brockhurst.
This production was presented at the Goodspeed Opera House, running from July 2005 through September 24, 2005, where Sean Palmer returned as Tony and Jessica Grové took over the role of Polly after Meredith Patterson was unable to do the role due to scheduling conflicts with her new role in Irving Berlin's White Christmas.
Lake Winnipesaukee is known for its annual Ice-Out Contest, in which people try to guess the earliest date that the Mount Washington can safely leave her port in Center Harbor and motor to four other ports ( Weirs Beach, Alton Bay, Wolfeboro, and Meredith ).
Georgy's flatmate is her so-called best friend, the beautiful Meredith ( Charlotte Rampling ), who works as a violinist in an orchestra, but is otherwise a shallow woman who lives for her own hedonistic pleasures.
When Meredith discovers that she is pregnant by her boyfriend Jos Jones ( Alan Bates ), they get married.
He becomes disillusioned with Meredith and begins to find himself attracted to Georgy ( he suddenly kisses her in the midst of an argument with Meredith over her cavalier attitude to her pregnancy ).
On March 26, 2007, he won the party's nomination, defeating Toronto lawyer and human rights advocate Meredith Cartwright with 532 votes to her 267.
She was Fred Astaire's leading lady in the musical Second Chorus ( 1940 ), where she met her third husband Burgess Meredith.
* Meredith Today, her official blog at iVillage. com
However, the future perspective of the scholar Meredith deepens the tragic plight of Everhard and her revolutionary comrades.
Sassaman proposed to his then-girlfriend Meredith L. Patterson during the Q & A after her presentation at the 2006 CodeCon ; the two were later married.

Meredith and first
* 1963 – American civil rights movement: James Meredith becomes the first black person to graduate from the University of Mississippi.
Between June and August 2007, the first east-west crossing of the full new Asian Highway was achieved by Britons Richard Meredith and Phil Colley driving a V8 Vantage.
* August 18 – American civil rights movement: James Meredith becomes the first black person to graduate from the University of Mississippi.
** The first black student, James Meredith, registers at the University of Mississippi, escorted by Federal Marshals.
In 1861 The Spectator was bought by a journalist, Meredith Townsend, who soon went into partnership with Richard Holt Hutton, a theologian whose friend William Gladstone later called ‘ the first critic of the nineteenth century ’.
After control was re-established by federal forces, Meredith, thanks to the protection afforded by federal marshals, was able to enroll and attend his first class on October 2.
While most Ole Miss students did not riot prior to his official enrollment in the university, many harassed Meredith during his first two semesters on campus.
The first County Court was held within the town of Meredith, at a village known as Meredith Bridge on the Winnipesaukee River.
Marshals provided continuous protection to Meredith during his first year at " Ole Miss ", and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy later proudly displayed a Marshal's dented helmet in his office.
In the early 1960s, after the admission of James Meredith as the first black to the University of Mississippi, Natchez was the center of Ku Klux Klan activity opposing integration and the civil rights movement.
Dr. Meredith Belbin, a psychologist, first explored the concept of team-role theory in the 1970s when he and his research team went about observing teams and wanted to find out what made teams work and what did not.
Roberts, Meredith, Lorrimer, and Despard play in the first room, while Poirot, Oliver, Race, and Battle play in the next ; Shaitana settles himself in a chair in the first room and thinks of how wonderfully his party is going.
Hosted by Meredith Willson, this marked the first televised Grammy Award ceremony.
* Cross-cultural management textbook: World specialists team-up to create first authoritative cross-cultural management textbook ( Introduction ), with Fons Trompenaars, Charles Hampden-Turner, Meredith Belbin, Jerome Dumetz, Juliette Tournand, Peter Woolliams, Olga Saginova, Stephen M. R. Covey, Dean Foster, Craig Storti, Joerg Schmitz ( 2012 )
Meredith was first known as Palmer's Town in honor of Samuel Palmer, a teacher of surveying and navigation who laid out much of the land surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee.
" Meredith won several Emmys, was the first man to win the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor twice, and was nominated for Academy Awards.
Meredith played Rocky Balboa's trainer, Mickey Goldmill, in the first three Rocky films ( 1976, 1979 and 1982 ), to great acclaim.
He was the father of Project Xanadu ( precursor and main inspiration of the World Wide Web's HTML format and HTTP protocol ) inventor Ted Nelson ( by his first wife, actress Celeste Holm ), and, by his other marriage ( s ): Ralph, Peter, and Meredith Nelson.
* James Meredith, first African American student at the University of Mississippi
Artie was the father of six, three with his first wife, Meredith Bradford ( who retained her maiden name and insisted that their children go by Bradford ), and the others with Karen Hassall, whom he divorced in the mid-1980s.
After beginning her career at age 17 in a commercial role and as a model, Rampling's first screen appearance was uncredited as a water skier in Richard Lester's film The Knack ... and How to Get It in 1965, which was followed a year later by the role of Meredith in the film Georgy Girl.
" I first met Carson McCullers during the war when I was visiting Paulette Goddard and Burgess Meredith in upstate New York ," said Huston in his autobiography An Open Book ( 1980 ).
Meredith's father was a first cousin of Chief Justice Sir William Collis Meredith, Edmund Allen Meredith and Sir James Creed Meredith.

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