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Meteorologists and most
Meteorologists have since retroactively categorized the Antlers tornado as an F5 on the Fujita Scale, the most powerful.
In 2005, the BBC and Meteorologists across Europe revealed that Northern Italy was one of Europe's most polluted areas due to smog, and air pollution, due to its climatic and geographic conditions, which favour the stagnation of the pollutants.

Meteorologists and use
Meteorologists use radar to monitor precipitation.
Meteorologists on television often use a field monitor, to the side of the screen, to see where they are putting their hands, against the background images.
Meteorologists can use this plot to evaluate vertical wind shear in weather forecasting.
Meteorologists also use another seldom encountered SI prefix: hecto-in hectopascal ( hPa ).
Meteorologists make use of simple and complex animation to show the path of storms.

Meteorologists and on
Meteorologists, soil scientists, agricultural hydrologists, and agronomists are persons concerned with studying the effects of weather and climate on plant distribution, crop yield, water-use efficiency, phenology of plant and animal development, and the energy balance of managed and natural ecosystems.
Meteorologists worldwide have for a long time measured atmospheric pressure in bars, which was originally equivalent to the average air pressure on Earth ; the bar was divided into a thousand millibars to provide the precision meteorologists require.
* Tony Laubach-Storm Chaser and Meteorologist who has been featured on the National Geographic Channel and as one of the featured Meteorologists with the TWISTEX team on Discovery Channel's " Storm Chasers "; his severe weather videos have been featured regularly on national television networks such as The Weather Channel, CNN, and ABC as well as local news stations across the country.
A rolling ticker provides real-time updates on share prices on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX, as well as market indices, news summaries, and weather updates by NBC Meteorologists ( prior to March 27, 2006, all of CNBC's weather reports were provided by AccuWeather ).
Meteorologists created the station model to plot a number of weather elements in a small space on weather maps.
Meteorologists distinguish between three basic types of ice forming on vertical and horizontal surfaces by deposition of supercooled water droplets.
Meteorologists Jason Smith and Michael White are also seen on WFNA and " Weather Now "

Meteorologists and with
In 1879, he presented these ideas, along with George Neumayer's to the 2nd International Congress of Meteorologists in Rome.
It was issued in an updated form 1997 and revised in 2005, claimed to have been signed by 80 Scientists and 25 Television News Meteorologists while the posting of 33 additional signatories is pending verification that those 33 additional scientists still agree with the statement.
Meteorologists predicted that if Hazel merged with the cold front, the storm would not lose intensity, but would instead potentially strengthen.
Meteorologists could then provide flight crews and other commanders with up-to-date observations for their particular missions.
The Air Force Meteorologists and NASA's Observational Scientists desired higher apogees with the ROBINSphere payloads in the early 1970s.

Meteorologists and autumn
Meteorologists generally define four seasons in many climatic areas: spring, summer, autumn ( or fall ) and winter.

Meteorologists and September
Harold Ernest Taft Jr. ( September 5, 1922 – September 27, 1991 ), affectionately known as " The World's Greatest Weatherman " and " The Dean of TV Meteorologists ", was the first television meteorologist west of the Mississippi River and held the post for a record 41 years.

Meteorologists and United
Meteorologists in the United States urged those living near the coast to move inland immediately.

Meteorologists and from
Meteorologists including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) gather their weather data of the Wellsville area from meteorological devices located at the airport, located at 2250 feet in elevation above sea level.
Meteorologists from The Weather Channel contribute to the " Business Travel Forecast " segments.
Meteorologists from the National Hurricane Center ( NHC ) stated, " this type of erratic motion is not unusual for intensifying major hurricanes.

Meteorologists and .
Meteorologists are scientists who study meteorology.
Meteorologists work in government agencies, private consulting and research services, industrial enterprises, utilities, radio and television stations, and in education.
Meteorologists are best known for forecasting the weather.
* 104. 3 KLKS Timeless music, CNN and local news, Great Lakes Weather Service Meteorologists
* 104. 3 KLKS Timeless music, CNN and local news, Great Lakes Weather Service Meteorologists
* 104. 3 KLKS Timeless music, CNN and local news, Great Lakes Weather Service Meteorologists
* 104. 3 KLKS Timeless music, CNN and local news, Great Lakes Weather Service Meteorologists
* 104. 3 KLKS Timeless music, CNN and local news, Great Lakes Weather Service Meteorologists
Meteorologists preparing a forecast, early 20th century.

Meteorologists and through
The NWS assists officials at large wildfires or other disasters, including HAZMAT incidents, by providing on-site support through Incident Meteorologists ( IMET ).

most and temperate
The family has a worldwide distribution, and is most common in the arid and semi-arid regions of subtropical and lower temperate latitudes.
They can be found in most unpolluted fresh-water ponds, lakes, and streams in the temperate and tropical regions and can be found by gently sweeping a collecting net through weedy areas.
These mountains are recognised by biogeographers as the boundary between two of the Earth's great ecozones: the temperate Palearctic that covers most of Eurasia and the tropical and subtropical Indomalaya ecozone which includes the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Indonesia.
The plants are mostly shrubs and trees ; most of its families have a cosmopolitan distribution in the tropics and subtropics with limited expansion into temperate regions.
In 1880, the general conference included in the Discipline a broad statement which included, “ Temperance is a Christian virtue, Scripturally enjoined .” Due to the temperate stance of the church, the practice of Eucharist was altered — to this day, Methodist churches most commonly use grape juice symbolically during Communion rather than wine.
Its most prominent climatic features are its two large polar regions, two relatively narrow temperate zones, and a wide equatorial tropical to subtropical region.
Although most of the country lies in the temperate belt, its climatic patterns are complex.
They are most diverse in the tropics and relatively uncommon in the temperate zone and completely absent from cold waters.
One of the most commonly encountered slime molds is the yellow Physarum polycephalum, found both in nature in forests in temperate zones, as well as in classrooms and laboratories.
The southern and by far most populous regions of Scandinavia have a temperate climate.
Because the temperature lag is shorter in the oceanic temperate southern hemisphere most countries in this region, especially Australia and New Zealand, use the meteorological definition with summer starting on December 1 and ending on the last day of February.
As in most temperate climates, rainfall results from the passage of cold fronts in winter, falling in overcast drizzly spells, and summer thunderstorms are frequent.
Mature soil profiles in temperate regions may include three master horizons A, B and C. The A and B horizons are called the solum or “ true soil ” as most of the chemical and biological activity that has formed soil takes place in those two profiles.
Pines are native to most of the Northern Hemisphere, and have been introduced throughout most temperate and subtropical regions of the world, where they are grown as timber and cultivated as ornamental plants in parks and gardens.
The egg stage lasts a few weeks in most butterflies but eggs laid close to winter, especially in temperate regions, go through a diapause ( resting ) stage, and the hatching may take place only in spring.
In temperate zones the prevailing winds are from the west, thus the western edge of temperate continents most commonly experience this maritime climate.
In most temperate climates, beets are planted in the spring and harvested in the autumn.
Douglas-firs are seral trees in temperate rainforest, and possess thicker bark and a somewhat faster growth rate than most other climax trees of the area, such as the Western Hemlock and Western Redcedar.
A similar pattern emerged in a study in 2009 based on morphology, including color, dermal denticles and teeth: A smaller species, up to about in width, M. alfredi is found in the Indo-Pacific and tropical east Atlantic, and a larger, up to at least in width, M. birostris is found throughout tropical, subtropical and warm temperate oceans, but it has not yet been documented from most islands in the southwest Pacific.
Cook's most southerly discovery of land lay on the temperate side of the 60th parallel, and he convinced himself that if land lay farther south it was practically inaccessible and of no economic value.
This family of 107 genera and over 3700 species is most diverse in the New World tropics, although also distributed in the Old World tropics and north temperate regions.
In its traditional circumscription this subfamily consisted exclusively of shrubs and small trees characterised by a pome, a type of accessory fruit that does not occur in other Rosaceae, and by a basal haploid chromosome count of 17 ( instead of 7, 8, or 9 as in the other Rosaceae ), involving approximately 28 genera with approximately 1100 species worldwide, with most species occurring in the temperate Northern Hemisphere.

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