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Microsoft's and Macintosh
Multiplan for the Apple Macintosh was Microsoft's first GUI spreadsheet ; it was also the most successful spreadsheet for the early Mac.
The " thumb " has different names in different environments: on the Macintosh it is called a " scroller "; on the Java platform it is called " thumb " or " knob "; Microsoft's. NET documentation refers to it as " scroll box " or " scroll thumb "; in other environments it is called " elevator ", " quint ", " puck ", " wiper " or " grip ".
When Microsoft came up with its tablet PC, Kay was quoted as saying " Microsoft's Tablet PC, the first Dynabook-like computer good enough to criticize ," a comment he had earlier applied to the Apple Macintosh.
The first version of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh operating system was a beta version of Internet Explorer 2. 0 for Macintosh, released on January 23, 1996 as a free download from Microsoft's website.
Two major announcements were made during the keynote: first, that the next major release of Microsoft Office, Office 98, would be developed for the Macintosh, and second, that Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser would be the default browser on all Macintosh computers.
It was published in fall 2005 for Macintosh, Windows-PCs, and Microsoft's Xbox by Aspyr Media.

Microsoft's and office
Game design was done in Toronto VR -' s Toronto office, but Microsoft's usability testing group also contributed.
Gottfried was part of an online advertising campaign for Microsoft's Office XP software, showing, in a series of Flash-animated cartoons, that the Clippy office assistant would be removed.
Unterschleißheim is the home of a corporate office of Adobe Systems, as well as the headquarters of Microsoft's subsidiary in Germany and for Eastern Europe.

Microsoft's and suite
During 1993 Borland explored ties with WordPerfect as a possible way to form a suite of programs to rival Microsoft's nascent integration strategy.
Charles Simonyi ( ˈkɑːroj ; born September 10, 1948, son of Károly Simonyi ) is a Hungarian-American computer software executive who, as head of Microsoft's application software group, oversaw the creation of Microsoft's flagship Office suite of applications.
There had also been planned TGEA compatibility with Microsoft's game development suite for the Xbox 360, XNA Game Studio Express.
A version of Microsoft's Office suite called Pocket Office was also bundled and included Pocket Word, Pocket Excel and Pocket Outlook.
Windows Movie Maker ( formerly known as Windows Live Movie Maker, codenamed Sundance, for Windows 7 ) is a video editing software that is a part of Microsoft's Windows Essentials software suite.
It required a separate installation from the main installer for the core Office suite, and was also released as a stand-alone product as part of Microsoft's Graphics Studio line of products ( Greetings, etc.
It is a part of a new suite of fonts that take advantage of Microsoft's ClearType font rendering technology.
Subsequently, in September 2005, Massachusetts became the first state to formally endorse OpenDocument formats for its public records and, at the same time, reject proprietary formats such those used in Microsoft's Office software suite.
Microsoft Office suite is now Microsoft's second most profitable product, garnering billions in revenue.

Microsoft's and software
Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system also includes content-control software.
De Icaza endorsed Microsoft's Office Open XML ( OOXML ) document standard, disagreeing with a lot of the widespread criticism in the open source and free software community.
He has also been a longtime advocate of using Mono-a free software implementation of Microsoft's. NET Framework-in GNOME.
This was primarily due to the increased usage of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser software, and partly because the Netscape Corporation ( later purchased by AOL ) did not sustain Netscape Navigator's technical innovation after the late 1990s.
At the time, Oracle wished to differentiate their server-oriented software from Microsoft's desktop-oriented products.
Apache is the most commonly used web server software ( according to Netcraft statistics ) and Microsoft's IIS is also commonly used.
Marked " Microsoft confidential ", they identify open-source software, and in particular the Linux operating system, as a major threat to Microsoft's dominance of the software industry, and suggest ways in which Microsoft could disrupt the progress of open source software.
These documents acknowledged that free software products such as Linux were technologically competitive with some of Microsoft's products, and set out a strategy to combat them.
Together, these documents demonstrate Microsoft's continued awareness that its open-source competitors are a potential threat to its livelihood in the software industry.
Most Windows video software only supports DV packed into AVI containers, as they use Microsoft's avifile. dll, which only supports reading avi files.
Microsoft has received a great deal of bad press surrounding their Palladium software architecture, evoking comments such as " Few pieces of vaporware have evoked a higher level of fear and uncertainty than Microsoft's Palladium ", " Palladium is a plot to take over cyberspace ", and " Palladium will keep us from running any software not personally approved by Bill Gates ".
She went to Microsoft's offices, and asked two software engineers there, John Ulett and Mark Ursino, who confirmed that development of Xenix had stopped.
The Microsoft Developer Network ( MSDN ) is the portion of Microsoft responsible for managing the firm's relationship with developers and testers, such as: hardware developers interested in the operating system ( OS ), and software developers standing on the various OS platforms or using the API and / or scripting languages of Microsoft's applications.
Microsoft's MSDN license agreement makes a specific exception for Microsoft Office, allowing the subscription holder to personally use it for business purposes without needing a separate license — but only with the " MSDN Premium Subscription " and even so only " directly related to the design, development and test and / or documentation of software projects " as stated in the MSDN licensing FAQ.
An MSDN subscription also allows access to obsolete software from Microsoft's past.
Prior to the release of Windows Mobile 2003, third-party software was developed using Microsoft's eMbedded Visual Tools, eMbedded Visual Basic ( eVB ) and eMbedded Visual C ( eVC ).
Some editing software can now be accessed free as web applications ; some, like Cinelerra ( focused on the professional market ) and Blender3D, can be downloaded as free software ; and some, like Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker or Apple Inc .' s iMovie, come included with the appropriate operating system.
Owing to the increasing price of alternative software such as Microsoft's Publisher, Serif PagePlus remains popular among voluntary and low-income organisations.
Microsoft's application software also exhibits lock-in through the use of proprietary file formats.
Microsoft's version numbering identifies the specific release and revision of Microsoft software products.
In 1996 it acquired Novell WordPerfect and started competing with the thought of being " Pepsi to Microsoft's Coke " as Microsoft Word was the top-used word processing software at the time.

Microsoft's and marketplace
Microsoft's stated aim for NGSCB is to increase the security and privacy of computer users, but critics assert that the technology will not only fail to solve the majority of contemporary IT security problems, but also result in an increase in vendor lock-in and thus a reduction in competition in the IT marketplace.
Although a costly settlement to Microsoft, this eliminated the most damning evidence of Microsoft's anti-trust behaviors, and allowed Microsoft to control and dominate this sector of the marketplace without concerns about any further serious competitor.

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