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Mike and only
For example, the analysis of the debris at the testing site of the first U. S. hydrogen bomb, Ivy Mike, ( 1 November 1952, Enewetak Atoll ), revealed high concentrations of various actinides including americium ; due to military secrecy, this result was published only in 1956.
The Thanksgiving special only aired once, and its inclusion in the Mike Judge Collection DVD set shows it in a heavily edited format without the music videos or the celebrity appearances.
Until this time, Mike Baldwin had been portrayed as an only child, with his father appearing in the programme between 1980 and 1982 confirming the fact.
* Domenica Baroni ( Anita Cerdic ) is the office receptionist, and the only person in the office who truly admires Mike.
Mike Scott took the mound in the final game of the series and pitched a no-hitter-the only time in MLB history that any division was clinched via a no-hitter.
During his days in Atlanta, Aaron reached a number of milestones ; he was only the eighth player ever to hit 500 career home runs, with his 500th coming against Mike McCormick of the San Francisco Giants on July 14, 1968 — exactly one year after former teammate Eddie Mathews had hit his 500th.
Mills and former Parliament bass player ' Mad ' Mike Banks were founding members of Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance ( UR ), which embraced revolutionary rhetoric and only appeared in public dressed in ski masks and black combat suits.
In 1998, the Mets acquired Mike Piazza in a blockbuster trade and missed the 1998 postseason by only one game.
In a review of pterosaur size estimates published in 2010, researchers Mark Witton and Mike Habib demonstrated that the latter, largest estimates are almost certainly incorrect given the total volume of a Pteranodon body, and could only be correct if the animal " was principally aluminium.
One irony in the Bears victory was that Payton had a relatively poor performance running the ball and never scored a touchdown in Super Bowl XX, his first and only Super Bowl appearance during his Hall of Fame career ( Many people including Mike Ditka have claimed that the reason for this due to the fact that the Patriots defensive scheme was centered around stopping Walter Payton ).
The 49ers ' only loss in the Superdome in the 1980s came in 1986, when Mike Moroski started for an injured Montana.
Kicker Mike Cofer missed the extra point attempt, keeping the score at 13 – 3, but it turned out to be the only miscue the 49ers would make for the rest of the game.
Set by Maurice " Rocket " Richard during the 1944 – 45 NHL season and tied by Mike Bossy during the 1980 – 81 NHL season, Gretzky accomplished the feat in only 39 games.
The only " lookalike " used in the film was a Woody Allen impersonator who appears in two scenes when Mike is being chased by the Keystone Cops through the studio lot.
He is replaced by Mike Ahern, the only premier never to contest an election as premier.
After escaping to the moon, Gwen refers to the now ancient Lunar Revolt ( as described in The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress ) and Mike ( Mycroft ), the self-aware computer responsible for the uprising's victory, and claims to have been present during the revolt ; despite her claim that she was only a girl at the time, Campbell grows suspicious, and learns that she is a rejuvenation of the revolution's most prominent female leader.
Accepting only on Gwen's account, Campbell agrees to assist a team to retrieve the decommissioned Mike.
Assuming that the transcriptions are not intended to be precise, only 11 of the 26 — Bravo, Echo, Hotel, Juliet ( t ), Kilo, Mike, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Whiskey, and Zulu — are given English pronunciations by all these agencies, though not always the same English pronunciations.
The earliest winner alive is Mike Nichols, who won in 1968, making him the only pre-1970s best director winner left.
Seeing that WXYZ was the only one of ABC's radio stations making money at the time, and with a decline in listenership and far less network programming at ABC's other stations, Neal, after moving to WABC in New York to become general manager of that station, hired Mike Joseph ( later known for developing the Hot Hits format ) as Music Consultant to program contemporary Top 40 music on WABC.
Mike Barnes said that the description of the new band " grooving along pleasantly ", was " an appropriately banal description of the music of a man who only a few years ago composed with the expressed intent of shaking listeners out of their torpor ".
Previous Mephisto setters were Richard Kilner ( only setter, 1959 to 1973 ), Richard Whitelegg ( only setter, 1973 to 1995 ), Chris Feetenby ( 1995-2008 ) and Mike Laws ( 1995-2011 ).
Led by Mike Dunleavy's 24 points in the period, the team set a franchise record for most points in a quarter and was only four points short of the all-time NBA record for points in a quarter ( 58 ) set in the 1970s.

Mike and said
Just me '', Mike said.
Mike said.
Mike said frantically.
`` I don't know what you're getting into, Mike '', he said unhappily.
He turned to see the briefly-illumed faces of two men in the parked car just as Rourke said, `` It's the next house, Mike.
`` I told you, Mike '', said Rourke in an aggrieved voice.
`` Mind your own goddamn business '', Mike Deegan said.
`` For God's sake '', Mike said, waving the manager away.
`` It's a helluva thing '', Mike said, looking at Phil, `` when a guy's own team-mate won't come out and help him in a fight ''.
Jubal said that his night-sight probably came from the conditions in which he had grown up, and Mike grokked this was true but grokked that there was more to it ; ;
A long time later, by cosmic clock, she said, `` Mike??
As they merged, grokking together, Mike said softly and triumphantly: `` Thou art God ''.
In an interview included with the recent Mike Judge Collection DVD set, Judge said he was uncertain if some of the earlier episodes still existed in their uncensored form.
Later, in a Rolling Stone interview, Mike Judge was asked if Daria is coming back and he said, " No. There's sort of a cameo in one episode.
Mike Judge was not credited as a producer of this series and has said he was not involved with it at all, except to give permission for the use of the character.
One defector, Mike Thomas, said he was tempted to send a telegraph to Healey reading " Have found somewhere else to go ".
Motor sport authors Mike Lawrence and David Hodges have said that a lack of resources may have cost the team results, a view echoed by Ron Tauranac.
On 29 May 2007 it was reported that General Sir Mike Jackson, second-in-command of 1 Para on Bloody Sunday, said: " I have no doubt that innocent people were shot ".
" Mike Bogue of American Kaiju said the film " not liv up to its potential ," but added that " colorful and elaborate spectacle eventually won me over " and " the main story thread dealing with the eventual reconciliation of the divorced couple adequately holds the human plot together.
When appearing on Governor Mike Huckabee's Fox News talk show, Voight said Obama was arrogant, caused civil unrest and stood for all that this country was against during its past.
His team suffered poor reliability during this period and motorsport authors Mike Lawrence and David Hodges have said that Brabham's reluctance to spend money may have cost the team results, a view echoed by Tauranac.
While in her suite at the Waldorf, she said to Cowles: “ You know, Mike, if Wendell could be elected, then he and I would rule the world.
" I looked up at the message board ," said Chicago linebacker Mike Singletary, " and it said that 15 of the 19 teams that scored first won the game.

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