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Mirkin and show's
Grammer usually joins the show's " table readings " ( wherein cast members read each script together for the first time ), and former executive producer David Mirkin described working with Grammer as very pleasant, due to his lively sense of humor.
Mirkin has been cited as introducing a more surreal element to the show's humor, as shown by his sole writing credit for the show, " Deep Space Homer ", which sees Homer Simpson go to space as part of a NASA program to restore interest in space exploration.
The two approved and offered Mirkin a freelance job writing one of the final nine episodes of show's first season, pending their commissioning by NBC.
Mirkin did not have time, but worked as writer and consultant on the show's first season, and later returned to direct the 1998 final season episode " The Beginning of the End ".
Mirkin created Get a Life alongside Chris Elliott, who was also the show's lead actor
According to Mirkin, many of the executives struggled to understand it and objected to the darkness and surrealism of the show's humor, which included the frequent death of Elliott's character, and regularly threatened to shut down production.
The show's production process was lengthy ; Mirkin would rise at to film the show, write further episodes from until, and then repeat that the following day.
The show's production company TriStar Television refused, while Mirkin responded: " The thing about these parodies is they don't hurt a show.
Mirkin moved the show's focus toward Homer Simpson, and also developed some of its secondary characters, including Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
In 2004, Mirkin stated that he " really wasn't at all intimidat to join show's writing crew ," because he " had worked with and written with " many of his fellow writers previously and concluded that, " took this show in a direction that is more personal to me.
Among the show's staff, Mirkin, Kirkland, Groening and Ian Maxtone-Graham list it as one of their favorite episodes.
In the DVD audio commentary for the episode, Mirkin called the opening sequence at the petting zoo one of his favorite set pieces in the show's history.
Mirkin gave the idea to Collier to write it with the help of the show's executive producer, James L. Brooks.

Mirkin and writing
Throughout his childhood, Mirkin had an interest in film, and explored both writing and filming.
Mirkin intended to pursue a career in electrical engineering, which he saw as a more stable employment opportunity than writing or film making.
Mirkin lists Woody Allen and James L. Brooks as his writing inspirations and Stanley Kubrick and the work of the comedy group Monty Python as developing his " dark sense of humor.
Mirkin was apprehensive about the job because he was aiming to work on Cheers, a show more focused on character-driven humor which Mirkin preferred writing, but felt he could not turn the opportunity down.
Mirkin directed several of the Newhart episodes he wrote because he saw directing as " a means of protecting the writing.
Ortved — using interviews with writers Bob Kushell and Brent Forrester and Mirkin's assistant Charleen Easton — describes Mirkin as an " outsider " on the show, with the writing staff, at least initially, divided with respect to Mirkin's comedy and leadership style.
The writers had particular fun writing over the top, melodramatic lines " tortured metaphors ," many of which were penned by producer David Mirkin.
" Deep Space Homer " was written by then-executive producer David Mirkin and is his only writing credit for The Simpsons.

Mirkin and one
The Simpsons writer David Mirkin said that one of his favorite jokes on the show is the one where Grampa cycles down the street in high speed and shouts that he feels young again, and is then knocked flying from his bicycle after a doll's head flies into the spokes and falls into an open grave.
Mirkin later said that recording with the McCartneys was one of the most " amazing " experiences of his life and considers the episode to be one of his favorites.
" Mirkin has said that Patrick Stewart is " one of the best guest performances " because " he was so committed to character.
David Mirkin said that Homer's line " Oh I wish, I wish I hadn't killed that fish " is one of his favorites in the show, and that the alternate future in which the family are rich " breaks heart every time ".
Mirkin later said that recording with the McCartneys was one of the most " amazing " experiences of his life.
" Mirkin said the episode was also a tour de force for Kavner, who in one scene voices Marge, Marge's two sisters, and Marge's mother.
The character, which was pitched by former show runner David Mirkin and portrayed by Castellaneta, has become one of the writers ' favourites, and was series animation director Jim Reardon's favourite joke of the entire season.
The Simpsons creator Matt Groening thought it was a " quintessential " Swartzwelder episode, and executive producer / show runner David Mirkin said it was a " fantastic job by one of the most prolific writers of the show ".
Mirkin said Swartzwelder had always enjoyed putting presidents into his jokes, and this was only one of his many references to Lincoln.

Mirkin and than
David Mirkin recalled that more writers came to her recording session than any other.
Former The Simpsons < nowiki >'</ nowiki > show runner David Mirkin originally came up with the idea of Bart having a girlfriend that was more evil than he was.
David Mirkin, who was show runner at the time, originally had the idea of Bart having a girlfriend that was more evil than he was.

Mirkin and writers
Still hoping to work on Cheers, Mirkin sent a spec script of an episode of Taxi to Cheers writers Ken Levine and David Sacks.
Mirkin wrote a freelance script and in 1984 beat seven other writers to a staff position on the series.
During re-writes, Mirkin and the other writers placed greater emphasis on the relationship between Homer and his family and on Homer's attempts to be a hero, but most of Mirkin's original script was retained.
The main group of writers that worked on the episode were Mirkin, O ' Donnell, Jace Richdale and Kevin Curran.
Before David Mirkin arrived to take over as showrunner for season five, Oakley, Weinstein, O ' Brien and Dan McGrath were the only writers working on the show and spent a month mapping out most of the season's episodes.
Before the recording session took part, the main voice actors of the show ( Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer, Julie Kavner, Yeardley Smith, Nancy Cartwright, and Hank Azaria ) sat down with executive producer David Mirkin and a crew of writers at a table reading to determine what shape the script was in.

Mirkin and into
Mirkin has also moved into feature film direction: he directed the films Romy and Michele's High School Reunion ( 1997 ) and Heartbreakers ( 2001 ).
" Mirkin considers the joke to be " an insight into the way writes.
" Stand-up comedy was the most profitable and easily accessible route Mirkin found into the comedy industry, but " it wasn't a lifestyle that particularly coveted ," especially due to the traveling required.
" This meant Mirkin had to adapt his preference for character-driven comedy to fit the show ; it " forced you to put all the cleverness into the plot, a much more difficult thing to do.
Mirkin had long wished to produce a sketch show, and designed The Edge to be " fast-paced " and " some skits overlap, end abruptly or are broken into segments ," in order to maintain attention.
Mirkin worked on the concept for a long time, basing the story on NASA's Teacher in Space Project scheme to send ordinary civilians into space in order to spark interest amongst the general public.
David Mirkin tried to put " as much blood and guts " into the episode as he could.
Mirkin had worked on the idea for the episode for a long time, basing the story on NASA's Teacher in Space Project scheme to send ordinary civilians into space in order to spark interest amongst the general public.

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