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Mixed and marriages
Interracial marriages had been banned in 1949 by the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act.
* Apartheid: Mixed marriages and the immorality act
The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, Act No 55 of 1949, was an apartheid law in South Africa that prohibited marriages between people of different races.
The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Amendment Act of 1968 updated the original legislation to invalidate interracial marriages involving a South African citizen that were contracted in other countries.
( Mixed marriages were then encouraged by the Portuguese Crown, for the sake of settlement.
Mixed marriages are to be discouraged.
Mixed marriages are not to be contracted unless promises are given that the Catholic party is in no danger of perversion, and will strive to convert the non-Catholic party.
Mixed marriages between ethnic groups are common, particularly in urban areas where many different groups live side by side.

Mixed and between
# Mixed broadleaf / needleleaf forest – Natural forest with > 30 % canopy cover, in which the canopy is composed of a more or less even mixture of needleleaf and broadleaf crowns ( between 50: 50 % and 25: 75 %).
# Mixed broadleaf / needleleaf forest – Natural forests with > 30 % canopy cover, below altitude, in which the canopy is composed of a more or less even mixture of needleleaf and broadleaf crowns ( between 50: 50 % and 25: 75 %).
Likewise, the Africanist Karl Richard Lepsius considered Bantu to be of African origin, and many ' Mixed Negro languages ' as products of an encounter between Bantu and intruding Asiatic languages.
The area between the two extremes, where both the real and the virtual are mixed, is the so-called Mixed reality.
Mixed economies are also promoted by fascists in the form of corporatism, involving a tripartite arrangement between labor, business and the state for the purposes of diminishing class-conflict and unifying the national economy through class collaboration for the purposes of national unity.
Mixed group of Banyamulenge and Bafuliru repairing a road between Lemera and Mulenge, South Kivu ( ca.
The American chairman of the Mixed Armistice Commission in his report to the UN Security Council estimated that between 250 and 300 Israeli soldiers were involved in the attack.
The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act in South Africa, enacted in 1949, banned intermarriage between different racial groups, including between whites and non-whites.
; Mixed Use Area: 10th and 11th Avenues between 43rd and 50th Streets.
However, differently from the Mixed member proportional representation, the proportional division of the seats between the contesting parties is calculated upon the party-list seats only, and not upon all seats.
For the Mixed, Phone, CW, Digital, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10-Meter DXCC, stickers are provided in exact multiples of 50 ( i. e. 150, 200 ) between 100 and 250 DXCC credits, in multiples of 25 between 250 and 300, and in multiples of 5 above 300 DXCC credits.
Mixed Terrain Cycle-Touring bikes are a cross between mountain and road bikes.
* Mix2: Mixed part / full-time two-year — between 39 and 60 percent of students at this 2-year institution are part-time.
A player from Eindhovense Mixed Hockey Club in Eindhoven, De Beus played in goal for the Netherlands between 1978 and 1988.
Mixed dislocations are intermediate between these.
* Mixed Commission on Mutual Relations between Bishops and the Religious
Mixed in between the grave footage is CKY performing Allin's song " Bite It, You Scum ".
Mixed group of Banyamulenge and Bafuliru repairing a road between Lemera and Mulenge, South Kivu, ca.
He translated the Code Napoleon into Arabic while at the Ministry of Justice between 1875 and 1882 and participated in setting the modern judicial system in Egypt becoming one of the first Egyptian judges in the Mixed Court of Appeals in 1894.
Mixed farming was common until urban development replaced much of the farmlands between the 1960s and the 1980s.
Mixed oxides are intermediate between a metal oxide and a metal salt.

Mixed and hearing
Mixed hearing loss is a combination of the two types discussed above.

Mixed and comprised
In 2012 the Spanish military garrison in the fort on Peñón de Alhucemas comprised an infantry section of 25-30 men from the 32nd Mixed Artillery Regiment plus personnel from the marine services with an inflatable boat for reaching supply vessels.

Mixed and 65
The largest ethnic minority groups are Afro-Caribbean at 13. 18 %, Indian at 11. 65 %, Pakistani at 10. 64 % and Mixed Race at 5. 52 %.

Mixed and %
: Mixed 4. 4 %
An October 2007 referendum in the Canadian province of Ontario on adopting a Mixed Member Proportional system, also requiring 60 % approval, failed with only 36. 9 % voting in favour.
Ultimate Fighting Championship generated a revenue of about USD 250 million in 2008, about 90 % of the entire Mixed Martial Arts industry.
Afro-Caribbean 81 %, Mixed race 11. 9 %, East Indian 2. 4 %, White 1 %, and Other 3. 7 %
* Mixed or Other: 12. 7 %
2007 Estimates state 87. 2 % of people as White British, 4. 8 % Other White ( inc. 1. 0 % Irish ), 3. 5 % South Asians, 1. 5 % Mixed Race, 1. 6 % Black British, 0. 7 % Chinese, 0. 7 % Other.
Approximately 71 % of the population is White ( British: 49. 0 %, Irish: 2. 0 %, and Other White: 19. 0 %), 16 % are of any Asian ethnicity, 7 % Black, 6 % Mixed, and 4 % belong to other racial groups.
* Mixed White-Black Caribbean – 1. 86 %

Mixed and all
Mixed anti-personnel and anti-tank minefields, anti-personnel mines under anti-tank mines, and fuses separated from mines have all been used for this purpose.
Mixed formations of men quickly became the norm for European infantrymen, with many, but not all, seeking to imitate the Tercio ; in England, a combination off billmen, longbowmen, and men-at-arms remained the norm, though this changed when the supply of yew on the island dwindled.
In 1993 New Zealand introduced the Mixed Member Proportional system of proportional representation, which created greater openings for small parties, and since 1996 all governments have involved coalitions.
Mixed in with the shells are portraits of the Führer, so he must perform the Hitler salute every time a portrait appears, all the while screwing the caps onto shells, much to Donald's disgust.
However, starting with the American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry ( AMBOR ) and the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America ( MBDCA ), which created obedience venues in which mixed-breed dogs could compete, more opportunities have opened up for all dogs in all dog sports.
Mixed Use projects often have elements of most or all of the other categories, not infrequently including a hotel, office building, ground floor retail with residential condominium above and a parking garage.
These younger students do not participate in the Mixed Choir, which comprises all members of the community with changed voices.
( born October 26, 1973 ), better known by his ring name TAKA Michinoku ( Taka is written in all caps in Japanese script ), is a professional wrestler who has wrestled all over the world as well he was a former Mixed Martial Artist.
During World War II, all civilian inhabitants of the island were relocated to the Japanese home islands, and towards the end of the war, the Imperial Japanese Army stationed approximately 6000 troops on Uruppu, including the IJA 129th Independent Mixed Brigade, 5th Independent Tank Company, 23rd Independent AA Company, 80th Airfield Battalion and 6th Disembarkation Unit.
Mixed bands of pro-papal Guelf forces of Florence and allies, Pistoia, Lucca, Siena and Prato, all loosely commanded by the paid condottiero Amerigo di Narbona with his own professional following, met a Ghibelline force from Arezzo including the perhaps reluctant bishop, Guglielmino degli Ubertini, in the plain of Campaldino, which leads from Pratovecchio to Poppi, part of the Tuscan countryside along the upper Arno called the Casentino.
Through 2004, Widjaja appeared in the Mixed Doubles competition of all four Majors.

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