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Moderate and French
* The Origins of the French Revolution, The French Revolution: The Moderate Stage, 1789 – 1792, and The French Revolution: The Radical Stage, 1792 – 1794, three essays from The History Guide: Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History
He used his power to attempt to suppress the Moderate Intelligencer of John Dillingham in June 1648 after Dillingham inserted a brief sentence of French in the issue of May 11, 1648: " Dieu nous donne les Parlements briefe, Rois de vie longue.
The Plain ( La Plaine ), sometimes called the Marsh ( Le Marais ), was the name given to the Moderate party, in the French National Convention during the French Revolution.

Moderate and Catholics
Moderate Catholics felt that he had been a leading figure in attempts to reform the Church, while Protestants recognized his initial support for Luther's ideas and the groundwork he laid for the future Reformation.

Moderate and also
Moderate right-leaning Eurosceptic parties include the Gaullist Debout la République, and also the Mouvement pour la France, and Chasse, Pêche, Nature & Traditions, both of which joined Libertas, a pan-European Eurosceptic party.
Lincoln also helped form the Moderate Dems Working Group, a coalition of moderate Senate Democrats whose stated goal is to work with Senate leadership and the administration toward finding bipartisan solutions to controversial political issues.
After the 2010 election Reinfeldt's government was reduced to a minority government but also becoming the first centre-right government since before World War II to be re-elected, making Reinfeldt the first Moderate politician elected to two consecutive terms as Prime Minister.
He is also the longest-serving Moderate Prime Minister in Swedish history.
Reinfeldt later stated that although the effects of that deep ideological division and battle in the party lingered on within the Moderate Youth League, he also felt that it was a defining moment in his life.
He also changed the Moderate Party's traditional stance towards the Swedish Labour and employment laws, stating that he prefers small changes instead of any radical reform.
There is also some criticism within the party ; former Moderate Youth League chairman Christofer Fjellner has called Reinfeldt's political reform as " leftist rhetoric " ().
The Moderate Party has a pro-European Union policy stance — including support for exchanging the Swedish krona for the euro — and also supports Sweden joining NATO.
His father Bruno Reinfeldt was also formerly involved in local politics for the Moderate Party in Täby, but left all his political posts in February 2009 after having been arrested and later convicted for drink driving.
Moderate to severe damage was also reported on St. Croix and St. John, where 20-30 % of houses were damaged.
* MODIS — Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, also measures cloud properties and radiative energy flux, also aerosol properties ; land cover and land use change, fires and volcanos.
The party is later reunited with Venstre, but the present-day Christian People's Party also claims Moderate Venstre as its forerunner.
On 2 October 2006, the changed majority situation in the Riksdag also had Sydow replaced by Moderate Party politician and previous Vice Speaker Per Westerberg.
The national chairman also sits on the national board of the Moderate Party.
He also holds a position of President Director of Center for Moderate Muslim ( CMM ), an organisation that promotes understanding among various Muslim organisations.
Amyraldism ( or sometimes Amyraldianism, also known as the School of Saumur, Hypothetical universalism, Post Redemptionism, Moderate Calvinism, or Four-point Calvinism ) primarily refers to a modified form of Calvinist theology.

Moderate and religious
Moderate Islamist religious and political leaders have criticized publicly acts of violence committed in the name of Islam.

Moderate and was
Sweden's conservative party, the Moderate Party, was formed in 1904, two years after the founding of the liberal party.
Nils Daniel Carl Bildt KCMG ( born 15 July 1949 ) is a Swedish politician and diplomat who was Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994 and leader of the liberal conservative Moderate Party from 1986 to 1999.
Bildt himself was married to Kerstin Zetterberg 1974 – 1975, Mia Bohman ( daughter of former Moderate party leader and Minister of Economy, Gösta Bohman ) 1984 – 1997 and is currently married to Anna Maria Corazza since 1998.
Bildt was elected leader of the Moderate Party in 1986, succeeding Ulf Adelsohn.
This was seen by many as a somewhat surprising move, because Bildt had already served both as Prime Minister and as leader of the Moderate Party and the previous conflict between Bildt and Reinfeldt.
Moderate Party members like Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping rose to power, and Mao was marginalized within the party, leading him to initiate the Cultural Revolution in 1966.
In December 1945, as the first postwar Diet was being planned by the American occupation authorities, Tanaka was able to give generous donations to an associate affiliated with the Japan Moderate Progressive Party ( Nihon Shinpoto ).
Upon the fall of the Empire, he took an active part in politics, was maire of a district of Paris during the siege, and in 1871 was in the National Assembly, voting as a Moderate Liberal.
In 1969, the name The Rightist Party was dropped in favour of the Moderate Coalition Party (, generally just referred to as Moderaterna ) in 1969, or just the Moderate Party.
Former head of the Moderate Youth Fredrik Reinfeldt was elected as the new party leader in 2003.
This was changed in 1893 to Rivington, Percival & Co .; and in 1897 the firm revived its earlier title of Rivington & Co., maintaining its reputation for educational works and its connection with the Moderate and High Church Party.
The Centre Party joined a centre-right government once again following the 1991 election, however, this government was led by the Moderate Party leader Carl Bildt.
In the Reichstag Treitschke had originally been a member of the National Liberal Party, but in 1879 he was the first to accept the new commercial policy of Bismarck, and in his later years he joined the Moderate Conservatives, though his deafness prevented him from taking a prominent part in debate.
The non-Socialist parties ( the Centre Party, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Moderate Party ) formed a coalition government, and as the Centre Party was the largest of the three, Fälldin was appointed Prime Minister.
Moderate leader Prof. Sibghatullah Mojadeddi was to chair the council for 2 months, after which a 10-member leadership council composed of mujahideen leaders and presided over by the head of the Jamiat-i-Islami, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, was to be set up for 4 months.
Richardson was the author of two books, The Creative Balance: Government, Politics, and the Individual in America's Third Century published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in 1976 and Reflections of a Radical Moderate published by Westview Press in 1996.
Moderate constitutional nationalism as represented by the Irish Party was in due course eclipsed by Sinn Féin — a hitherto small party which the British had ( mistakenly ) blamed for the Rising and subsequently taken over as a vehicle for Irish Republicanism.
Fower was suspected of Pelagian tendencies, and his earliest book was a Free Discourse in defence of The Practices of Certain Moderate Divines called Latitudinarians ( 1670 ).

Moderate and such
Moderate use of equalization ( often abbreviated as " EQ ") can be used to " fine-tune " the tone quality of a recording ; extreme use of equalization, such as heavily cutting a certain frequency can create more unusual effects.
Moderate intoxication includes additional abnormalities such as hyperactive bowel sounds, high blood pressure and hyperthermia ; a temperature as high as is common in moderate intoxication.
Moderate use of equalization ( often abbreviated as " EQ ") can be used to " fine-tune " the tone quality of a recording ; extreme use of equalization, such as heavily cutting a certain frequency can create more unusual effects.
While the party set up a new youth league, which came to be called Moderate Youth League or The Young Swedes ( currently the largest youth league in Sweden in terms of membership ), the core of the old one ( in spite of some districts, such as Young Swedes-Gothenburg joining the new one ) set up its own party-the National League of Sweden-which fought elections as an openly pro-Nazi party and temporarily gained parliamentary representation in shape of three rightist MPs.
Moderate Islamic political thought contends that the nurturing of the Muslim identity and the propagation of values such as democracy and Human rights are not mutually exclusive, but rather should be promoted together.
Moderate levels of pain require the addition of mild opiates such as tramadol.
There is not much literature on Moderate Cessationism, but the view is propounded by certain Brethren groups of Christians, such as Hopewell Mennonite Church of Reading, PA, Free Brethren House Churches of Christ.
Moderate OHSS is treated with bed rest, fluids, and close monitoring of labs such as electrolytes and blood counts.
Moderate hyperglycemia carries an increased risk of infection, especially fungal, and especially in people with other risk factors such as immunocompromise or central intravenous lines.
Moderate intentionalists such as Richard Breitman believe that Hitler had decided upon the Holocaust sometime in the late 1930s and certainly no later than 1939 or 1941.
Moderate functionalists, such as Karl Schleunes and Christopher Browning, believe that the rivalry within the unstable Nazi power structure provided the major driving force behind the Holocaust.
Moderate members of the movement such as Johan Pitka gradually left the organization and new members were allowed to join, who were not veterans.

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