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Moderate and constitutional
Thereafter, as a member of the Moderate Liberal party, Canga-Argüelles advocated constitutional government and financial reform, till the overthrow of the constitution in 1823, when he fled to England.

Moderate and represented
The congress was controversial because it was the culmination of a long ideological battle within the Moderate Youth League between the conservatives and the libertarians ; Reinfeldt represented the conservatives and Kristersson the libertarians.
Although the division became irrelevant following the establishment of a parliamentary democracy and political parties, industrialization and urbanization, it might be possible to claim that their traditions live on in the political parties of Sweden and Finland, in the sense that there are parties that have traditionally represented upper-class and business interests ( Moderate Party and Coalition Party ) and farmers ( the Centre Parties of Sweden and Finland ).
" Liberal conservatism " in this sense is for instance represented by Michael Portillo or the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Moderate Party, the Conservative Party of Norway, and the Finnish National Coalition Party.
Moderate Republican Barber Conable had represented the district for 20 years before giving way in 1985 to a considerably more conservative Republican, Fred J. Eckert.
The party won several local municipal seats in elections during the 1970s and 1980s, and was even represented in the municipal government in Båstad in a cooperation with the Moderate Party after the 1979 election.

Moderate and by
Moderate use is defined by The Dietary Guidelines for Americans as no more than two alcoholic beverages a day for men and no more than one alcoholic beverage a day for women.
These fractures were prompted by issues of government and patronage, but reflected a wider division between the Evangelicals and the Moderate Party over fears of fanaticism by the former and the acceptance of Enlightenment ideas by the latter.
The fourth liberal government in these years came under fire by Social Democrats and trade unions and the Moderate Party, culminating in the Social Democrats regaining power in 1982.
This was seen by many as a somewhat surprising move, because Bildt had already served both as Prime Minister and as leader of the Moderate Party and the previous conflict between Bildt and Reinfeldt.
The island's politics has traditionally been dominated by the centre-right Moderate Party.
The municipality is considered to be one of the most economically well-off in Sweden, politically governed by a stable majority of the liberal conservative Moderate Party.
Moderate or severe withdrawal symptoms were reported by 40. 5 % of those on placebo compared to 63. 3 % of those on hormone replacement.
Moderate use of green and blue ceramic inserts provided a touch of rainbow as prescribed by the Bible.
In December 1945, as the first postwar Diet was being planned by the American occupation authorities, Tanaka was able to give generous donations to an associate affiliated with the Japan Moderate Progressive Party ( Nihon Shinpoto ).
Moderate haemophilia is indicated by active Factor VIII levels between 1 – 5 % and a lower, but variable frequency of bleeding episodes, particularly of spontaneous bleeds.
Unlike the Moderate Party and the Liberal People's Party, the Christian Democrats and the Centre Party avoided scandals for personal conduct and accusations for espionage against the competing Swedish Social Democratic Party ; so the minister posts were originally, and are still, held by the party leader Göran Hägglund, Mats Odell, and Maria Larsson.
The Centre Party joined a centre-right government once again following the 1991 election, however, this government was led by the Moderate Party leader Carl Bildt.
* The Vassar Chronicle is the College's only political journal, published monthly by the Moderate, Independent, Conservative Alliance ( MICA ), which seeks to expand the breadth of political dialogue on campus by publishing long-form opinion columns.
Moderate leader Prof. Sibghatullah Mojadeddi was to chair the council for 2 months, after which a 10-member leadership council composed of mujahideen leaders and presided over by the head of the Jamiat-i-Islami, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, was to be set up for 4 months.
A Gale is a type of Wind Description preceded by Calm, Light Air, Slight Breeze, Gentle Breeze, Moderate Breeze, Fresh Breeze, Strong Breeze and succeeded by Storm and Hurricane on a Beaufort Wind Scale.
Richardson was the author of two books, The Creative Balance: Government, Politics, and the Individual in America's Third Century published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in 1976 and Reflections of a Radical Moderate published by Westview Press in 1996.
*" Debating Moderate Islam " edited by M. A. Muqtedar Khan.
Moderate Sikh Ujjal Dosanjh had spoken out against violence by Sikh extremists.

Moderate and Party
Sweden's conservative party, the Moderate Party, was formed in 1904, two years after the founding of the liberal party.
Moderate reformists who accept and work within the democratic process include the Justice and Development Party of Turkey, Tunisian author and reformer Rashid Al-Ghannouchi and Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.
* Bo Lundgren, Former leader of the Swedish Moderate Party
* Election results 2006: Fredrik Reinfeldt ( Moderate Party ) elected Prime Minister on 5 October 2006 after the victory for Alliance for Sweden in the Swedish general election, 2006.
The stated position of the editorial page is " independently moderate " ( oberoende moderat ), which means it is independent but adheres to the liberal conservatism of the Moderate Party.
Nils Daniel Carl Bildt KCMG ( born 15 July 1949 ) is a Swedish politician and diplomat who was Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994 and leader of the liberal conservative Moderate Party from 1986 to 1999.
Bildt was elected leader of the Moderate Party in 1986, succeeding Ulf Adelsohn.
The Social Democrats returned to power in September 1994, although Bildt's Moderate Party scored a slight gain.
After having left his political position as leader of the Moderate Party in 1999, apart from being engaged on international issues, Bildt took up a number of private sector positions as well as with international think-tanks.
Category: Leaders of the Moderate Party
* Marietta de Pourbaix-Lundin ( born 1951 ), Swedish politician of the Moderate Party
Before the 2002 election, former Moderate Party MP Sten Andersson defected to SD, citing that the party had gotten rid of its extreme right elements.
| Moderate Party
| Moderate Party
Prime minister Carl Bildt relied at the time on a fragile coalition between the Moderate Party and three other liberal or conservative parties with a strained degree of cooperation.
* Alliance ( Sweden ), an electoral and governing ( since September 2006 ) political coalition between the Moderate Party, Centre Party, Liberal People's Party and Christian Democrats
Moderate Party members like Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping rose to power, and Mao was marginalized within the party, leading him to initiate the Cultural Revolution in 1966.
*( m )= Moderate Party
* Moderate Party 16
Opposition leader is Ulla Olsson, from the Moderate Party.

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