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Modern and warfare
Modern warfare since the late Renaissance has relied upon firearms, with wide-ranging effects on military history and history in general.
Modern air warfare technology and the invention of the atomic bomb had changed the importance of the military base.
During the Renaissance and the Early Modern period, siege warfare dominated the conduct of war in Europe.
During the Renaissance and the Early Modern period, siege warfare continued to dominate the conduct of the European wars.
Modern wargaming originated with the military need to study warfare and to ' reenact ' old battles for instructional purposes.
Modern scholars accepting his historicity place the completion of The Art of War in the Warring States Period ( 476 – 221 BC ), based on the descriptions of warfare in the text, and on the similarity of text's prose to other works completed in the early Warring States period.
Modern warfare, however, does still see the use of the bayonet for close-quarter fighting.
Modern flamethrowers were first used during the trench warfare conditions of World War I ; their use greatly increased in World War II.
* Early Modern warfare
In the later transformation of its meaning during the European period of Early Modern warfare the order of battle came to mean the order in which the units manoeuvered or deployed onto the battlefield to form battle-lines, with the positioning on the right considered the place of greatest honour.
Modern military theory attempts to challenge entrenched mindsets in dealing with asymmetric warfare, terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
Urban conflicts in Free Imperial Cities, which sometimes amounted to class warfare, were not uncommon in the Early Modern Age, particularly in the 17th century ( Lübeck, 1598 – 1669 ; Schwäbisch Hall, 1601 – 1604 ; Frankfurt, 1612 – 1614 ; Wezlar, 1612 – 1615 ; Erfurt, 1648 – 1664 ; Cologne, 1680 – 1685 ; Hamburg 1678-1693, 1702 – 1708 ).
With the end of the Middle Ages and the professional standing armies of Early Modern warfare, the concept of a " warrior class " or " military caste " became an anachronism.
In some historical discourses, " Drang nach Osten " combines historical German settlement in Eastern Europe, medieval military expeditions like the ones of the Teutonic Knights, and Germanisation policies and warfare of Modern Age German states like the Nazi lebensraum concept.
* Modern warfare ( disambiguation )
Modern submarine warfare consists primarily of diesel and nuclear submarines using weapons ( like torpedoes, missiles or nuclear weapons ), as well as advanced sensing equipment, to attack other submarines, ships, or land targets.
Trinquier is a theorist on the style of warfare he called Modern Warfare, an " interlocking system of actions-political, economic, psychological, military-which aims at the overthrow of the established authority in a country and its replacement by another regime.
Modern naval warfare is divided into three operational areas: surface warfare, air warfare and submarine warfare.
Modern surface warfare dates from the mid 20th century, when surface, air, and submarine warfare components were blended together as a tactical unit to achieve strategic objectives.
Modern rocket propelled grenades can penetrate almost of steel armour, posing a serious threat to tanks operating in environments of asymmetric warfare.

Modern and was
He was able to smell a bargain -- and a masterpiece -- a continent away, and the Museum of Modern Art's Alfred Barr said of him: `` I have never mentioned a new artist that Thompson didn't know about ''.
German Alpen is the accusative in origin, but was made the nominative in Modern German, whence also Alm.
Modern commentators speculate ( or sometimes state as fact ) that Álfheim was one of the nine worlds ( heima ) mentioned in stanza 2 of the eddic poem Völuspá.
Alexander I ( c. 1078 – 23 April 1124 ), also called Alaxandair mac Maíl Coluim ( Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Mhaol Chaluim ) and nicknamed " The Fierce ", was King of the Scots from 1107 to his death.
Alexander II ( Mediaeval Gaelic: Alaxandair mac Uilliam ; Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Uilleim ) ( 24 August 1198 – 6 July 1249 ) was King of Scots from
Alexander III ( Medieval Gaelic: Alaxandair mac Alaxandair ; Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Alasdair ) ( 4 September 1241 – 19 March 1286 ) was King of Scots from 1249 to his death.
Modern Latin America was not a British-style system of overseas colonies.
Aeolus (, Aiolos, Modern Greek: ), a name shared by three mythic characters, was the ruler of the winds in Greek mythology.
Modern weapons include the Russian ZSU-23-4 Shilka and Tunguska-M1, South Korean K30 Biho and K263A1 radar-guided Vulcan, Chinese Type 95 SPAAA, Swedish CV9040 AAV, Polish PZA Loara, American M6 Bradley Linebacker and M1097 Humvee Avenger, Yugoslavian BOV-3, Canadian ADATS, aging German Gepard, Japanese Type 87 SPAAG and similar versions with the British Marksman turret ( which was also adapted for a number of other users ), Italian SIDAM 25 and Otomatic, and versions of the French AMX-13.
Modern advertising was created with the innovative techniques introduced with tobacco advertising in the 1920s, most significantly with the campaigns of Edward Bernays, which is often considered the founder of modern, Madison Avenue advertising.
Modern Bulgarian was based essentially on the Eastern dialects of the language, but its pronunciation is in many respects a compromise between East and West Bulgarian ( see especially the phonetic sections below ).
Modern scholarly thinking is that the books originated by combining a number of independent texts of various ages when the larger Deuteronomistic history ( the Former Prophets plus Deuteronomy ) was being composed in the period c. 630-540 BCE.
Modern estimates suggest half of Europe's population was wiped out before the plague disappeared in the 700s.
Modern historians disagree on whether the plague was a critical factor in the loss of the war.
More recently, William D. Rubinstein, Professor of Modern History at Aberystwyth University, Wales, wrote that Conservative politician and pro-Zionist Leo Amery, as Assistant Secretary to the British war cabinet in 1917, was the main author of the Balfour Declaration.
" Ten Thousand Dollars A Page " was filmed at the Pasadena Art Museum, later known as the Pasadena Museum of Modern Art and now the Norton Simon Museum of Art.
Modern Times was announced by Chaplin as " a satire on certain phases of our industrial life.
Modern Times ( 1936 ), which depicted factory workers in dismal conditions, was the first of his films that was seen by critics to contain an anti-capitalist message, although Chaplin denied the film being in any way political.
" Smile ", composed originally for Modern Times ( 1936 ) and later set to lyrics by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons, was a hit for Nat King Cole in 1954.
Although the first representatives of leafy trees and true grasses emerged in the Cretaceous, the flora was still dominated by conifers like Araucaria ( Here: Modern Araucaria araucana in Chile ).
Of Japan's influence on the genre, William Gibson said, " Modern Japan simply was cyberpunk.
The term " consequentialism " was coined by G. E. M. Anscombe in her essay " Modern Moral Philosophy " in 1958, to describe what she saw as the central error of certain moral theories, such as those propounded by Mill and Sidgwick.
The glossing was probably brought to England as Old French crimne ( 12th century form of Modern French crime ), from Latin crimen ( in the genitive case: criminis ).

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