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Mole and Day
Mole Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists on October 23, between 6: 02 AM and 6: 02 PM, making the date 6: 02 10 / 23 in the American style of writing dates.
Inspired by this article, Maurice Oehler, now a retired high school chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, founded the National Mole Day Foundation ( NMDF ) on May 15, 1991.
Many high schools around the United States, South Africa, Australia and in Canada celebrate Mole Day as a way to get their students interested in chemistry, with various activities often related to chemistry or moles.
* Mole Day ( Chemists )
* Mole Day
Maurice Oehler, a high school chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, founded the National Mole Day Foundation.
A major character of Alexandre Dumas's novel La Reine Margot, la Môle is transformed into Joseph-Hyacinthe Boniface de Lerac de la Mole, a Protestant nobleman saved by Queen Marguerite during the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre.
* Mole Day
* Mole Day
Mole Day, though not technically a holiday, is also celebrated.

Mole and originated
* The character originated in a Thirty-Minute Theatre play on BBC Radio 4 called " The Diary of Nigel Mole, Aged 13¼ ", broadcast on 2 January 1982, with Nicholas Barnes as Nigel.

Mole and article
( For the purposes of the remainder of this article, the River Mole and the River Ember are treated as a single entity.
* Straight Dope article: Are there really " Mole People " living under the streets of New York City?
* Straight Dope article: The Mole People revisited
* The Legendary Lester Young: an article in the TLS by John Mole, July 18, 2007.

Mole and Science
From 16 January 2007 until 20 August 2008, Mole was a member of the Science and Technology Committee.

Mole and early
Initially there was the construction of the bridge over the River Mole in the early medieval period.
The early settlement appears to have grown up on the east side of the River Mole, although Hawk's Hill, on the west side of the river, is said to be the site of an old Saxon burial ground.
However, during the early 1930s, when Hampton Court Way and the bridge were built, the River Mole was redirected to flow into the River Ember and both rivers now enter the Thames in a single widened and straightened channel once occupied only by the River Ember.
Adrian's paternal grandmother Edna May Mole is also prominent in the early diaries.
That same year, Wall of Voodoo opened for The Residents on the cult band's inaugural tour, " the Mole Show ", at Perkins Palace in Pasadena in early summer 1982.
An early permutation of the band formed in 1981 under the name From Eden ; members included Clint Mansell, Adam Mole, Chris Fradgley, Malcolm Treece and Miles Hunt ( Treece and Hunt went on to form The Wonder Stuff ).
Gremlin's early success was based on games such as Wanted: Monty Mole for the ZX Spectrum and Thing on a Spring for the Commodore 64.
However, during the early 1930s, when Hampton Court Way and the bridge were built, the River Mole was redirected to flow into the River Ember and both rivers now enter the Thames in a single widened and straightened channel once occupied only by the River Ember.
* An assignment on the third season of The Mole, filmed in early 2002, where the contestants had to draw an animal using the painting machines normally used to mark the playing fields.

Mole and 1980s
The centre was extended in the 1980s with the Mole Barn.
Zander have been caught in the Lower Mole below Dorking since the 1980s.
The term became widely known in the late 1980s when the teenage character Kylie Mole ( played by Mary-Anne Fahey ) in sketch comedy television series The Comedy Company frequently used the term to disparage anyone she disliked.
In the opening issue of The Mighty Avengers from 2007, a creature bearing a resemblance to the Heisei ( 1980s and ' 90s ) Godzilla, appears alongside other giant monsters sent to attack the surface world by the Mole Man.

Mole and .
R. R. Mole and F. W. Urich give approximately 20 inches as the average length of a brood of thirty from the region of the Orinoco estuaries.
Reeves, who first appeared as the character in the 1951 film Superman and the Mole Men, was older than subsequent Superman actors.
Other appearances include: John Hewson in The Soufflé Rises ( series 1 ); Pat Cash in The Desert Angel ; Cheryl Kernot in We Ain't Got Dames ( series 1 ); Bert Newton ; Amanda Keller and Anne Fulwood in This Night of Nights ( series 1 ); Glenn Ridge in Add Sex and Stir and Office Mole ( series 2 ); Glenn Robbins and Molly Meldrum in Add Sex and Stir, George Negus in Add Sex and Stir and Dick on the Line ( series 3 ) and Ian Baker-Finch in A Hole in the Heart.
: What does seem nowadays proved is that the British troops who had landed on the South Mole area raised their flag to signal their presence to the ships, and avoid being fired upon by their own side.
One way to survive here is to burrow into the sands, as a number of the desert's animals, including the endangered Southern Marsupial Mole ( notoryctes typhlops ), and the Water-holding Frog do.
In 1908's The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, in Chapter 7, " The Piper at the Gates of Dawn ", Ratty and Mole meet a mystical horned being, powerful, fearsome and kind.
Private Eye parodied Sue Townsend's The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, age 13¾ to write The Secret Diary of John Major, age 47¾, in which Major was portrayed as a naive nincompoop ( e. g. keeping lists of his enemies in a Rymans Notebook called his " Bastards Book ") and featuring " my wife Norman " and " Mr Dr Mawhinney " as recurring characters.
** The Mole ( U. S. TV series ) U. S. version
* Mole, an informal name for Cultivator No. 6, a Second World War trench-digging machine
In the English-speaking Caribbean, Robert Mole & Sons of Birmingham, England, was long considered the manufacturer of agricultural cutlasses of the best quality.
Some Robert Mole blades survive as souvenirs of travelers to Trinidad, Jamaica, and, less commonly, St. Lucia.
Mole fraction is used very frequently in the construction of phase diagrams.
In 1981, Mark of the Mole was released as the first part of an expansive trilogy of concept albums.
The Mole Trilogy is made up of parts I, II ( The Tunes of Two Cities ) and IV ( The Big Bubble: Part Four of The Mole Trilogy ), in addition to releases of related material such as Intermission.

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