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Montenegro and was
In spite of this, it had been agreed with the Serbian Government that Prince Mirko of Montenegro, who was married to Natalija Konstantinovic, the granddaughter of Princess Anka Obrenovic, an aunt of King Milan, would be proclaimed Crown Prince of Serbia in the event that the marriage of King Alexander and Queen Draga was childless .< ref name =" njeg ">
Montenegro was the first to declare war, on 25 September ( O. S.
The seventh assassin escaped to Montenegro where he was arrested.
This alliance between Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Montenegro became known as the Balkan League ; its existence was undesirable for all the Great Powers.
On March 14, 2002, an agreement was signed to transform the FRY into a loose state union called Serbia and Montenegro ; it took effect on February 4, 2003.
Diego de Almagro was born in the Spanish city signified by his last name, being the illegitimate son of Juan de Montenegro and Elvira Gutiérrez.
Méndez Montenegro was the only civilian to head Guatemala until the inauguration of Vinicio Cerezo in 1986.
After the formation of the Slav principality of Dioclia ( modern Montenegro ), the metropolitan see of Bar was created in 1089, and dioceses in northern Albania ( Shkodër, Ulcinj ) became its suffragans.
This population was largely divided between Montenegro and Serbia ( which then included what is now Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia ).
Outside of Albania William was styled prince, but in Albania he was referred to as Mbret ( King ) so as not to seem inferior to the King of Montenegro.
Italy occupied Vlorë, and Serbia and Montenegro occupied parts of northern Albania until a Central Powers offensive scattered the Serbian army, which was evacuated by the French to Thessaloniki.
Serbia and Montenegro were promised much of northern Albania, and Greece was promised much of the country's southern half.
In October 2000, Milosevic was ousted from power and the US officially reopened it's embassy in the Serbia and Montenegro.
In October 2000, Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian president who played a leading role in the instigating the Yugoslav Wars, was ousted from power and the US officially reopened it's embassy in the Serbia and Montenegro.
In many of his detective novels, Rex Stout implies that his character Nero Wolfe was born in Montenegro, and gives some details of his early life in the Balkans prior to and during World War I.
Serbia and Montenegro was a country in southeast Europe, created from the two remaining republics of Yugoslavia.
In 2003, it was reconstituted as a state union officially known as the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
By this time however, the influence of Slobodan Milošević was confined to Serbia only as Montenegro had experienced internal regime change in 1996 when former Milošević ally Milo Đukanović reversed his policies, showed resilience by becoming leader of his party and subsequently dismissing former Montenegrin leader Momir Bulatović, a man who remained loyal to Milošević.
As Bulatović was given central positions in Belgrade from that time ( as such national Prime Minister ), Đukanović continued to govern Montenegro and isolated his republic from Serbia so that from 1996 to 2006, Montenegro and Serbia were only nominally one country-governance at every feasible level was conducted locally ( Belgrade for Serbia and Podgorica for Montenegro ).

Montenegro and first
* 1911 – During the Battle of Deçiq, Dedë Gjon Luli Dedvukaj, leader of the Malësori Albanians, raises the Albanian flag in the town of Tuzi, Montenegro, for the first time after George Kastrioti ( Skenderbeg ).
In central-east Europe Italian is first in Albania and Montenegro, second in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Ukraine after English, and third in Hungary, Romania and Russia after English and German.
Svetozar Marović was the first and last President of Serbia and Montenegro until its breakup in 2006.
During the Serbia and Montenegro period, both republics had separate central banks, different currencies-Montenegro first used the Deutsche Mark, then the euro when it replaced the Deutsch Mark, while Serbia used the Serbian dinar as official currency.
A men's bronze medalist in 1996, Serbia and Montenegro ( playing in 1996 and 2000 as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ) beat Russia in the gold medal match in 2000, winning their first gold medal ever.
* July 13 – WWII: Montenegro starts the second popular uprising in Europe against the Axis Powers, the first being the so-called February strike against deportation of Jews in Amsterdam and surroundings on February 25, 1941.
From the other group, Croatia qualified in first place after a 34 – 30 victory over Serbia and Montenegro in the last match.
* Montenegro: 265, 890 ( as first )
When Montenegro was 10 years old she landed her first acting part in the TV series Juguemos A Cantar, her career moved along with her becoming a member of Fresas Con Crema for a short time.
Silverstein's " The Ballad of Lucy Jordan ", first recorded by Dr. Hook in 1975, was re-recorded by Marianne Faithfull ( 1979 ), Belinda Carlisle ( 1996 ), and Bobby Bare ( 2005 ) and later featured in the films Montenegro and Thelma & Louise.
The first official European translation appeared in Serbia and Montenegro in Serbian, by the official publisher Narodna Knjiga, in early September 2003.
She landed her first role in 1988 as the villain Paulina Montenegro in Pasión y Poder ( Passion and Power ).
Its first lyrics were written in 1834 under the title Hey, Slovaks ( Hej, Slováci ) by Samuel Tomášik and it has since served as the anthem of the Pan-Slavic movement, the anthem of the Sokol physical education and political movement, the anthem of the SFR Yugoslavia and the transitional anthem of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
FK Zeta ( from the Podgorica suburb of Golubovci ) has also reached the former first league of Serbia and Montenegro.
* When Mussolini's Italy occupied Montenegro 17 April 1941 – 10 September 1943, it first appointed a ( Nominal ) Governor ( 17 May 1941 – 23 July 1941?
The first state to declare war was Montenegro, on October 8, 1912, starting the First Balkan War.
* If the country was divided into several parts, the special code < tt > HH </ tt > is used to indicate that there is no single successor country ( e. g., Czechoslovakia was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia ), with the exception of Serbia and Montenegro, for which < tt > XX </ tt > is used to avoid duplicate use of the same ISO 3166-3 code, as the alpha-2 code < tt > CS </ tt > had twice been deleted from ISO 3166-1, the first time due to the split of Czechoslovakia and the second time due to the split of Serbia and Montenegro.
At the time when she first participated in Dora, the national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest, Claudia was only 12, but she was already an experienced band singer having performed all over Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro with the Teens-formerly known as Mići rokeri ( Little Rockers ).
Since 1945, the Serbian Banat ( together with Bačka and Syrmia ), has been part of the Serbian Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, first as part of the Second and Third Yugoslavias, then as part of Serbia and Montenegro, and, since 2006, as part of an independent Serbia.
The first public reading room in Montenegro known as The Reading Room of Cetinje was founded in 1896.
Today, it competes in the first A league of Montenegro.
The first postwar treaty, the abortive Treaty of San Stefano signed on March 3, 1878, assigned Albanian-populated lands to Serbia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria.

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