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Page "adventure" ¶ 173
from Brown Corpus
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Montero and had
The Peruvian commander, Lizardo Montero, refused to try to drive the Chileans from the beachhead, as the Chileans had expected.
* Mitsubishi Pajero had to be renamed to Montero in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, since pajero is a Spanish slang term for one who masturbates ( with similar connotations as the British slang term wanker ).
From about 2000 to 2003, Montero had a relationship with Aracely Arámbula.
When Montero was a teenager, he had his first professional singing job as the lead singer of a group named " Trébol ", which had a number one hit titled " Si tu Supieras " (" If You Knew "), a song that was later sung by Alejandro Fernández for the soap opera titled Maria Isabel, where Adela Noriega and Fernando Carrillo starred as the protagonists.
President Montero had to resign shortly after a mutiny led by Marmaduque Grove, who headed the Socialist Republic of Chile until being overtrown by former-ally Carlos Davila who also became overtrown, this time by Bartolome Blanche who after his downfall Abraham Oyanedel became head of state.
After World War II, the government of Montero was affected the economical crisis that had expanded through the entire region.
Because he had some disagreements with Montero, he quit on August 25, 1919.
In 2009, Swedish journalist and La Penca survivor Peter Torbiörnsson broke 25 years of silence to reveal that prior to the bombing he had been introduced to " Hansen " in Managua by the Chief of Sandinista Intelligence, a Cuban named Renan Montero.
But tormented by the idea that he had been used as an unwitting accomplice to a terrorist attack, Torbiörnsson finally broke his silence by traveling to Managua in January, 2009 to present an accusation before Nicaraguan police authorities pointing to Montero, former Sandinista Minister of Interior Comandante Tomás Borge and Lenín Cerna, ex-chief of state security as intellectual authors of the attack.

Montero and set
Immediately after, and given Chile's obvious weak naval power-which at the time, was almost non-existent-a Peruvian squadron under the command of Captain Lizardo Montero, composed of several ships, among them the steam frigates Amazonas and Apurímac, set out southward to reinforce the Chilean ally.

Montero and up
In the 2007 regular season, the Diamondbacks enjoyed success with a young team including Brandon Webb, Conor Jackson, Stephen Drew, Carlos Quentin, Chad Tracy, Chris Young, Miguel Montero, Mark Reynolds ( called up from Double-A in May ) and Justin Upton ( called up from Double-A in August ).
Yet they were in need of a singer for the band, so they fixed up a casting meeting with Amaia Montero that resulted in the creation of La Oreja de Van Gogh, who after launching album Dile al sol took off boosted by Amaia's mighty voice and catchy soft tunes trimmed with beautiful arrangements.
According to Lyga's and other witnesses ' testimony, Gaines pulled his green Mitsubishi Montero up to Lyga's Buick.
Chris Rock grew up with a boy named Kenny Montero, whom he has often referred to as the inspiration for a lot of the episodes.

Montero and we
Again we waited for Montero.
* Maibatsu Monstrosity-A sports utility vehicle by a Japanese brand ( possibly a parody of the Toyota Land Cruiser or Mitsubishi Montero ) notable for its size (" It's so big ; we lost little Joey in the back and couldn't find him for an hour ") and low gas mileage (" So what if it only does three miles to the gallon, I'm a mom, not a conservationist ").

Montero and addition
Initially, there were four leaders of the junta: In addition to General Augusto Pinochet, from the Army, there were General Gustavo Leigh Guzmán, of the Air Force ; Admiral José Toribio Merino Castro, of the Navy ( who replaced Constitutionalist Admiral Raúl Montero ); and General Director César Mendoza Durán, of the National Police ( Carabineros de Chile ) ( who replaced Constitutionalist General Director José María Sepúlveda ).

Montero and .
They'll probably attack at dawn '', Montero said.
`` I think Montero did right '', Amy said firmly.
`` Oso '', Montero called `` I'll get Gray Eyes ''.
`` Hold your fire '', Montero was shouting.
Montero was shouting.
Montero shouted furiously.
`` Gray Eyes is back,, Montero said.
A small Indian dived at Montero, who caught him with a swift upward stroke of his rifle butt.
Dodge also imported a version of Mitsubishi ’ s popular Montero ( Pajero in Japan ) as the Raider from 1987 to 1989.
On April 25, 2002 in La Ceiba, Honduras, Lopes was killed when she lost control while driving a Mitsubishi Montero Sport.
Lopes's mother, Wanda, later sued Mitsubishi Motors, as the Montero was prone to rollovers according to a 2001 Consumer Reports review.
* Montez is also the inspiration for Lola Montero in Edison Marshall's novel Infinite Woman.
RI 12 Manchengo ( ranger ) Montero, RI 16 Jordan ( special forces ) Riberalta, RI 24 M. Arcos ( ranger ) Challapata.
The Spaniards called the village Salamanca in honor of the city of Salamanca in western Spain, and established a mission, headed by a secular priest named Sebastián Montero.
In 2007, to celebrate his 30 years as a singer, he released Papito, an album that contains remakes of his previous songs, re-interpreted in duets with Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Fangoria ( band ), Ivete Sangalo, Laura Pausini, Shakira, Julieta Venegas, Ricky Martin, Amaia Montero ( past member of the Spanish band La Oreja de Van Gogh ), and Michael Stipe from R. E. M., along with many other singers.
As they wait, Cady, disguised as the maid Graciella ( Zully Montero ), attacks and kills Kersek in the kitchen.
The Spanish commission included the Spanish diplomats Eugenio Montero Ríos, Buenaventura de Abarzuza, José de Garnica, Wenceslao Ramírez de Villa-Urrutia, Rafael Cerero, as well as a French diplomat, Jules Cambon.
Inline-four diesel engines, which are lower revving than gasoline engines, often exceed 3. 0 L. Mitsubishi still employs a 3. 2 L inline-four turbodiesel in its Pajero ( called the Shogun or Montero in certain markets ), and Tata Motors employs a 3. 0 L inline-four diesel in its Spacio and Sumo Victa.

had and set
It was all right to put a bunch of ranchers onto horses, to call them Night Riders, to set out to attack the largest mining combination the country had ever seen if all they wanted was adventure.
That mistake, she thought, had cost her dearly these past few days, and she wanted to avoid falling into any more of the traps that the mountain might set for her.
and Robinson Roy, who had gone down this line ten minutes before to set a new depth record for the free dive, was already back on the surface.
They recognized that slavery was a moral issue and not merely an economic interest, and that to recognize it explicitly in their Constitution would be in explosive contradiction to the concept of sovereignty they had set forth in the Declaration of 1776 that `` all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Mother and son recognize each other and, in Mann's version of this legend, make a remarkable confession of guilt to each other, the confession of unconscious motive and unconscious knowledge of their true identities from the time they had first set eyes on each other.
Wright set his loss at $200,000, a figure perhaps justified by the unique character of the house that had been ruined, and the faultless taste that had gone into the selection of the prints and other things that were destroyed.
You probably would not remember, since you never seemed to remember even the same moments as I, much less their intensity, one sunny midday on Fifth Avenue when you had set out with me for some final shopping less than a week before the wedding you staged for me with such reluctance at the Farm.
The work had its beginning in 1938 with an eight-bar musical strain to which Koehler set the words `` There'll be no more work ; ;
An entire theater had been set up for his diversion, with a 200-man Italian orchestra under the well-known Sarti.
He composed songs and set them to music and sang them in a soft, melodious voice, and when his audience had had enough of music he would discourse on politics or tell stories of his western adventures guaranteed to excite the emotions of men and women alike.
For by now the original cause of the quarrel, Philip's seizure of Gascony, was only one strand in the spider web of French interests that overlay all western Europe and that had been so well and closely spun that the lightest movement could set it trembling from one end to the other.
I don't know how and I don't know why but the two stores, the one in Margaretville and the one in Fleischmanns that had been set up as a partnership, were dissolved, separated from each other.
Even before the century was out the tide of reaction had set in.
But the real beginnings of this development in him go back to the opposing of grammar school, and probably if it had not been this occasion and these Latin lines it would have been some others, such as the first prolusion, that set off this streak in him of unbridled and scathing verbal attack on an enemy.
They set bouncing betties to jump and explode at testicle level while we more mercifully had them go off at the head.
A fire had just been lighted, he saw, and things had been set out for drinks, and, like any stray, his response to these comforts was instantaneous.
The purchase was effected and they made their way towards the hotel again, the hen, with whom some sort of communication had been set up, nestling in the doctor's arms.
set production ( excluding those destined for the export market ) also ran ahead in the early months, but was curtailed after the usual vacation shutdowns in the face of growing evidence that some of the early production plans had been overly optimistic.
One year I simply set the plants in the remains of a compost pile, to which a little sand had been added, and I had the most beautiful pansies in my, or any of my neighbors' experience.

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