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Moore's and character
In Alan Moore's graphic novel, V for Vendetta, the character Dr. Delia Surridge discusses Milgram's experiment without directly naming Milgram, comparing it with the atrocities she herself had performed in the Larkhill Concentration camps.
Other roles included the doctor who grounds Michael Caine's character in Alfie, the unattainable Margaret Spencer in Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's film Bedazzled, and Hermione Roddice in Ken Russell's Women in Love.
* Alan Moore's miniseries 1963 features a character called the Hypernaut that lives in a space station shaped like an impossible object.
In the story Moore's character, a spacefaring smuggler named Northwest Smith, hums the tune of " The Green Hills of Earth.
This was Alan Moore's second re-invention of a comic book character, the first being Miracleman.
Orcus appears as a character in Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job.
* The Orlando character who appears in Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series is an amalgamation of this character and several other fictional Orlandoes / Rolands.
* The bumbling Raziel from this novel later becomes the title character in Moore's The Stupidest Angel.
In making his lead character an aspiring poet whose words conjure the malleable form of a literary goddess — as well as the non-linear narratives and references to literary theory and alternative philosophies — Moore's thematics are closely aligned with the countercultural theory and politics of Écriture féminine.
* In the movie version of Alan Moore's " League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ", the Phantom ( a character created for the movie ) owes more than a little to Fantômas, although he is ultimately revealed to be Professor Moriarty.
* Clement Clarke Moore's poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas introduces the character named " Santa Claus ".
* Early textless panels for the next of Alan Moore's graphic novels, Century: 1969, include Cleese's character, as well as Steptoe and Son.
Greyshirt is a comic book character in Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories, published by Wildstorm ( a subsidiary of DC Comics ), under the America's Best Comics imprint.
Some episodes are a vehicle to introduce a new character into the storyline, while others are parodies of cultural phenomena, such as Hello Kitty, Japanese karate and ninja movies, ' 80s anti-drug documentaries, Michael Moore's documentary film Fahrenheit 9 / 11, Kill Bill, the crime drama CSI: Miami, the iPod " silhouette " ad campaign, the MTV show Pimp My Ride, the game show Krypton Factor, Mel Brooks ' History of the World, the video game Portal, Final Fantasy VII, the Academy Awards and even retailers such as PC World (' Pissy Werld ' in the show ), IKEA ( or ' PIKEA ') and Matalan (' Catalan ').
One reviewer suggested that he spent too much time on the personal character of the writers he analyzed, such as Klein's alleged " issues " with blacks and women, or Moore's support for slavery.
Bo Derek came to prominence when she co-starred in the 1979 Blake Edwards film 10, in which Dudley Moore's character is torn between love for Julie Andrews ' character and fascination with Derek.
* Mary Tyler Moore's character was shown dining in Basil's restaurant overlooking the Crystal Court in the introduction to the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Maud of Huntingdon appears as a character in Elizabeth Chadwick's novel The Winter Mantle ( 2003 ), as well as Alan Moore's novel Voices of the Fire ( 1995 ) and Nigel Tranter's novel David the Prince ( 1980 ).
A highly-visible and distinctive Dublin character during his lifetime, Gogarty appears in a number of memoirs penned by his contemporaries, notably George Moore's Hail and Farewell, where he goes both by his own name and by the pseudonym " Conan.
In the film, Bo Derek's character ranks in Moore's eyes as an " 11 ".
In the case of 10, this included filming two versions of scenes where Moore's character uses a telescope to spy on his male neighbor, another wealthy Beverly Hills resident who lives down the hill and regularly hosts parties with many nude women.
Similarly, in the version shown in theaters, when Bo Derek's character puts on Ravel's Boléro, she says that it's the perfect music to " fuck " to, whereas the version shown on television substitutes " make love " for " fuck ", while retaining Moore's character's startled reaction to hearing his idealized woman casually swearing.

Moore's and was
I asked an old guy running a fishing station if the boat was Moore's.
* Deirdre, a famous dancer who was burned nearly completely and whose brain was placed in a faceless but beautiful mechanical body, in C. L. Moore's short story of 1944, " No Woman Born ".
One of the most important parts of Moore's philosophical development was his break from the idealism that dominated British philosophy ( as represented in the works of his former teachers F. H. Bradley and John McTaggart ), and his defence of what he regarded as a " common sense " form of realism.
Bradley was the apparent target of G. E. Moore's radical rejection of idealism.
Ashcroft composed a paean called " Let the Eagle Soar " which he sang at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in February 2002, which was satirically featured in Michael Moore's 2004 movie Fahrenheit 9 / 11 and has been frequently mocked by comedians such as David Letterman, Stephen Colbert and David Cross, to name a few.
Among Dayton Moore's first acts as General Manager was instating a new motto for the team: " True.
Moore's open question argument against what he considered the naturalistic fallacy was largely responsible for the birth of meta-ethical research in contemporary analytic philosophy.
Moore's family moved to Los Angeles when she was eight years old.
Moore's first regular television role was as a mysterious and glamorous telephone receptionist on Richard Diamond, Private Detective.
Moore's scenes were shot on the same soundstage where The Mary Tyler Moore Show was filmed in the 1970s.
This was due both to the steady increase in computational power resulting from Moore's Law and the gradual lessening of the dominance of Chomskyan theories of linguistics ( e. g. transformational grammar ), whose theoretical underpinnings discouraged the sort of corpus linguistics that underlies the machine-learning approach to language processing.
According to Bernard Williams, Moore's use of the phrase ' naturalistic fallacy ' to describe this particular kind of meta-ethical thinking was a ' spectacular misnomer '; Williams contending that it is not properly either naturalistic or a fallacy.
This was intended by the BBC for Moore's music, but Moore invited Cook to write sketches and appear with him.
What is now the business part of town was then a cultivated field on Colonel Moore's property.
The term " Moore's law " was coined around 1970 by the Caltech professor, VLSI pioneer, and entrepreneur Carver Mead in reference to a statement by Gordon E. Moore.
Although Moore's law was initially made in the form of an observation and forecast, the more widely it became accepted, the more it served as a goal for an entire industry.
In 2008 it was noted that for the last 30 years it has been predicted that Moore's law would last at least another decade.
Distinguishing between ends and means was a commonplace of ethics, but what made Moore ’ s Principia Ethica ( 1903 ) so important for the philosophical basis of Bloomsbury thought was Moore's conception of intrinsic worth as distinct from instrumental value.
At that time Moore's film career was already on the wane.
This was used in Charles H. Moore's earliest Forth implementations and in the University of Illinois's experimental hardware-interpreted computer language.
Moore's father was Lord Moore of Wolvercote.
In July 2007, one month after the release of Michael Moore's film Sicko, Rudy Giuliani, the front-runner for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, attacked the health care plans of Democratic presidential candidates as socialized medicine that was European and socialist, Giuliani claimed that he had a better chance of surviving prostate cancer in the U. S than he would have had in England and went on to repeat the claim in campaign speeches for three months before making them in a radio advertisement.
This was the inevitable trend as Moore's Law eroded the unit cost of memory.

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