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More and paintings
More of his paintings have been stolen than those by any other artist ; the Art Loss Register has 550 of his works listed as missing.
: More and more frequently, people began visiting to see the Matisse paintingsand the Cézannes: " Matisse brought people, everybody brought somebody, and they came at any time and it began to be a nuisance, and it was in this way that Saturday evenings began.
More recently, questions have arisen about Neoplatonism as the dominant intellectual system of late 15th-century Florence, and scholars have indicated that there might be other ways to interpret Botticelli's mythological paintings.
More recently, Blake has created Artist's editions for the opening of the Pallant House Gallery which houses collections that include some of his most famous paintings.
* The Canaletto Foundation More than 335 images of Canaletto's paintings.
More than 140 paintings by Francisco de Goya offer the visitor to the Prado the chance to analyse the artist's development in considerable depth.
More than twenty private paintings date from the same period.
More recent feminist scholars have stated that the influence more likely was mutual — what Judith Suther calls “ a constant, usually unconscious interchange .” Suther and others also point out differences between the two artists: for example, the large architectural constructions that dominate Sage ’ s paintings are quite unlike the smaller biomorphic or metallic forms that people Tanguy ’ s landscapes.
More than forty collectors from the UK flew out for the event and all twenty-one paintings were sold on the opening night to British collectors.
More recently the Lillian Browse and Alastair Hunter collections have given the Courtauld more late 19th-and 20th ‑ century paintings, drawings and sculptures.
"</ nowiki > p. 132 .</ ref > More recently, while reflecting on a New York City gallery show of Anuszkiewicz's from 2000, the New York Times art critic Holland Cotter described Anuszkiewicz's paintings by stating, " The drama -- and that feels like the right word -- is in the subtle chemistry of complementary colors, which makes the geometry glow as if light were leaking out from behind it.
* Art — More than 18, 000 paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures
More than 130 years after its inauguration, the four-story arcade includes elegant shops selling most things from haute couture and jewelry to books and paintings, as well as restaurants, cafés, and bars.
* More than 200 paintings and drawings by Alfred Kubin
Sections of Jess ' paintings ' Arkadia Last Resort ' were used by Faithless in 2004 for the front covers to their single " I Want More.
More than 80 paintings and drawings were on view, including a number of major canvases by Van Gogh, as well as important paintings by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Alexej von Jawlensky, Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde, and others.
More than 800 of these paintings are exhibited in the Old Pinakothek.
More pertinent to this argument is what these series of paintings do not address.
* More paintings by Olga Boznańska
More than 500 of his paintings, drawings and sketches are in the collection of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

More and followed
More milestones followed as he won his 100th England cap on 21 April 1970 against Northern Ireland, and was made captain by Ramsey for the occasion.
More television appearances followed in the late 2000s with 2009 appearances on The John Kerwin Show, The Wendy Williams Show, and The View to promote the 30th anniversary of " I Will Survive ".
More ships followed in the two following winters, after which gray whaling in the bay was nearly abandoned because " of the inferior quality and low price of the dark-colored gray whale oil, the low quality and quantity of whalebone from the gray, and the dangers of lagoon whaling.
More podium places were followed by a win in the British Grand Prix at Aintree after Brabham preserved his tyres to the end of the race, enabling him to finish ahead of Moss who had to pit to replace worn tyres.
More members joined by mid-May 1946, including Harold Gray ( Little Orphan Annie ) and the Society ’ s first animator, Paul Terry, followed in the summer by letterer Frank Engli, Bela Zaboly ( Popeye ), Al Capp ( Li ’ l Abner ) and Ray Bailey ( Bruce Gentry ).
More recently, Idigicon has re-released the latest versions of all five Simon the Sorcerer individual titles in DVD style cases, followed by a combination pack containing four titles, without Simon the Sorcerer 3D, on one disc.
More full-line stores followed with Detroit, Michigan, in 1940 and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1949.
More expansion followed from the 1960s through the 1990s including Dallas.
" The historian Jasper Ridley, author of several biographies including one on Henry VIII and another on Mary Tudor, goes much further in his dual biography of More and Cardinal Wolsey, The Statesman and the Fanatic, describing More as " a particularly nasty sadomasochistic pervert ," a line of thinking followed by the late Joanna Denny in her 2004 biography of Anne Boleyn.
More controversy followed due to the first single's radical change of direction when compared to his older releases.
More hit albums followed, with The Ramblin ' Man and This Time, in 1974, and Dreaming My Dreams, in 1975.
More patents followed, and in 1867 alone there were six patents issued for barbed wire.
The Dollars trilogy was not released in the United States until 1967, when A Fistful of Dollars opened in January, followed by For a Few Dollars More in May, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on December 29.
The first concert appearance will be in Paris on March 16, followed by concerts with No More in Germany, and Italy.
More warnings followed in the next few months, and King Hussein, aware of the intelligence situation, cautioned Nasser in April not to be dragged into a war.
More controversy followed when " Suffer Little Children ", the B-side to " Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now ", touched on the theme of the Moors murders.
More cars followed, twenty-nine being built in 1892, forty in 1894, seventy-two in 1895, 156 in 1898, and three hundred in 1899.
More models followed, many styled by Pininfarina such as the 504, one of Peugeot's most distinctive models.
More comedies followed, including Trouble in Store ( 1953 ) with Norman Wisdom, The Runaway Bus ( 1954 ) with Frankie Howerd and An Alligator Named Daisy ( 1955 ) with Donald Sinden and Diana Dors.
More silent films followed, which brought her to the attention of producer Hal Roach, out from Hollywood searching for new talent.
More healthy children followed.
More curves soon followed in Fletcher and Munson's 1937
More shipbuilding activities followed including three torpedo-boats for the Kaiserliche Marine ( Imperial German Navy ) in 1871.
The film led to LPs being released and the band really touring and was followed by a sequel, More Bad News in 1987.

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