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Page "learned" ¶ 708
from Brown Corpus
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More and emphasis
More so, it places a greater emphasis on passenger rail networks, which had been neglected until recently.
More emphasis is paid to his lodging at Mrs Thompson's, which in the novel he has arranged beforehand ( in the film, his friend Charles arranges it soon after they meet ).
More technical tools and theories have been developed and enhanced in recent decades, with an increasing emphasis on computer-assisted techniques using specially designed computer software.
" Despite the emphasis on guitar experimentation, two tracks, " One More Murder " and " Je ne m ' en souviens pas " contain no guitars.
More emphasis was placed on personal relationships, and less on the details of investigation.
More recently, however, " El Vocero " has begun to give greater emphasis to political and business news, making it a more direct competitor to " El Nuevo Día.
More emphasis is placed on Bowden's failure to follow the letter of the law than in the original, and he is portrayed as being more morally flawed, making the story a less conventional tale of Good vs.
Originated by a set of principles developed by Dr. Max More, The Principles of Extropy, extropian thinking places strong emphasis on rational thinking and practical optimism.
More emphasis is now given to correct preparation of the nail such as removing the cuticle ( eponychium ) and applying a variety of creams and oils in order to maintain a healthy balance of oils on and around the nail bed.
More emphasis is placed on empathy than in other traditions, and women are sometimes upheld not only as great moral examples but also as great gurus.
More recently, Wellman has contributed to the theory of social network analysis with an emphasis on individualized networks, also known as " networked individualism ".
More emphasis has been put on daily necessities since the early Edo period ( 1603 – 1867 ).
More recently, " Fresh Mex " or " Baja-style " Mexican food, which places an emphasis on fresh ingredients and sometimes seafood, inspired by Baja California fare, is highly popular.
More future plans include a new emphasis on training for facets of sustainable agriculture.
More recently, much emphasis has been placed on church planting within Canada.
More emphasis should be placed on muscle and joints as they are involved in the action and the role they play in execution of the technique is critical.
More emphasis was put on production for Wild Planet.
More recent explanations emphasis the prestigious symbolism of gunloops for the Herbert family when they built the castle, even if many might have been impossible to use.
More recently, as historical survival and control rates are recognized as less than satisfactory, there has been an emphasis on the use of various induction or concomitant chemotherapy regimens.
More recently built facilities are designed with an emphasis on ease of use for disabled people.
In 2007, the station reverted back to Radio Broadland, adapting ' More Music Variety ' to reflect an emphasis on classic hits in place of chart material.
More emphasis is placed on the obliques.
More emphasis on the station's website has been inserted into newscasts since the beginning of the 2007-08 season, including online chats during newscasts and sports programming, and a webcam in each studio turned on 24 / 7 to give viewers a behind the scenes look into the station's newscasts, along with early establishments of social networking compliments on Facebook and Twitter.
More emphasis is placed on cutscenes than in the earlier game, possibly due to the availability of larger hard drives.

More and was
More splenetic was Senator Edward Carmack of Tennessee, a Parker man.
More, the U.S. action was hailed by a principal opposition leader, Dr. Juan Bosch, as having saved `` many lives and many troubles in the near future ''.
More than once I was confronted by professional gamblers, `` bookies '', loan `` sharks '', gangsters, `` thugs '' and `` finger men '' -- people of a class I did not even know existed -- to repay my husband's staggering losses, `` or else '' I shuddered to think that someone so dear to me could even associate with such a sinister milieu.
More time was spent in trying to marry these incompatibles than over any subject discussed at Yalta.
More aerial and underground equipment was installed as well as office improvements to take care of the expanding business.
But to return to the main line of our inquiry, it is doubtful that Utopia is still widely read because More was medieval or even because he was a martyr -- indeed, it is likely that these days many who read Utopia with interest do not even know that its author was a martyr.
The medieval was the most important to Chambers because he sought to place Thomas More, the author of Utopia, in some intelligible relation with St. Thomas More, the martyr.
and More was far too well read not to have come across it in one or several of the forms thus given it.
The actual function of patristic communism was adequately set forth by St. Gregory almost a millenium before More wrote Utopia.
More than 20, 000 people were forced to leave the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2009, an action the DR Congo said was in retaliation for regular expulsion of Congolese diamond miners who were in Angola illegally.
More memory was added, as was the circuitry for the many sounds in the game.
More recent researchers, in particular Ronald Willis and Joy Munns have studied the tour in detail and concluded that the presentation was made after a private cricket match played over Christmas 1882 when the English team were guests of Sir William Clarke, at his property " Rupertswood ", in Sunbury, Victoria.
" More serious than the destruction of the Gothic army ," writes Herwig Wolfram, " than the loss of both Aquitanian provinces and the capital of Toulose, was the death of the king.
More than six feet tall ( about 1. 9 m ), he was also noted for his immense physical strength.
More purely Hellenic myth would have Amathus settled instead by one of the sons of Heracles, thus accounting for the fact that he was worshiped there.
More recently, " Twilight Zone " by 2 Unlimited was sung a cappella to the instrumentation on the comedy television series Tompkins Square.
More recently, for example, it was claimed by A. A. Kovalyov as the residence of Lu Fang ( 盧芳 ), a Han throne pretender from the Guangwu era.
More ambitious was the Logic Theory Machine, a deduction system for the propositional logic of the Principia Mathematica, developed by Allen Newell, Herbert A. Simon and J. C. Shaw.
In August 1967 Capp was the narrator and host of an ABC network special called Do Blondes Have More Fun?

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