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More and evidence
More recently, both Elms and librarian Lee Weinstein have gathered circumstantial evidence to support the case for Linebarger's being " Allen ," but both concede there is no direct proof that Linebarger was ever a patient of Lindner's or that he suffered from a disorder similar to that of " Kirk Allen.
More generally, to insist that all evidence converge precisely with no deviations would be naïve falsificationism, equivalent to considering a single contrary result to falsify a theory when another explanation, such as equipment malfunction or misinterpretation of results, is much more likely.
" More remarkable is the evidence that by the end of the second century Jude was widely accepted as canonical.
More evidence was available by 1865, especially regarding the relationships of aromatic isomers.
More solid evidence is that Blish admired the work of Oswald Spengler.
More recently, such observations provided evidence that elements were being formed by neutron capture in the s-process.
Shortly thereafter, More was charged with accepting bribes, but the patently false charges had to be dismissed for lack of any evidence, given More's reputation as a judge who could not be bribed.
More specifically, a high, positive correlation between the intelligence quotients of a parent and a child can be presumed either as evidence that IQ is genetically inherited, or that IQ is inherited through social and environmental factors.
More than a year after the raid, the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions concluded that while certain offences had been committed, including criminal damage and assault with a weapon, there was insufficient evidence to charge any person with a specific offence.
More recent work has suggested the problem may be indirect evidence of a cyclic universe possibly as allowed by string theory.
* News story: More evidence for dark energy being the cosmological constant
More satisfactory evidence of the date of the earliest Nabataean settlement may be obtained from an examination of the tombs.
More recent phylogenomic analyses of diatom proteomes provided evidence for a prasinophyte-like endosymbiont in the common ancestor of chromalveolates as supported by the fact the 70 % of diatom genes of Plantae origin are of green lineage provenance and that such genes are also found in the genome of other stramenopiles.
More recent morphological evidence has suggested a relationship with the Coraciiformes.
More recent examination of the fossil evidence suggests that lagomorphs may have instead descended from Anagaloidea also known as mimotonids, while Eurymylus was more closely related to rodents ( although not a direct ancestor.
More than 370 works are attributed to him ; it was only after the advent of modern analytical scholarship that some of these mistaken attributions have been challenged, on the basis of stylistic features and manuscript evidence.
More evidence is found in the fact that John Fletcher, Shakespeare's successor as house playwright for the King's Men, wrote The Woman's Prize, or The Tamer Tamed as a sequel to The Shrew, telling the story of Petruchio's remarriage after Katherina's death.
More evidence for this being the case is the way that good human players find it much easier to recall positions from genuine chess games, breaking them down into a small number of recognizable sub-positions, rather than completely random arrangements of the same pieces.
More recent evidence, however, seems to indicate that the burning was limited to the structures and dwellings associated primarily with the elite class.
Essentially, her ' proof ' that he murdered his nephews consists of two skeletons discovered in the Tower of London in 1674, some inferences wholly unsupported by the ' evidence ' she offers and the opinions and assertions of ' contemporary ' sources such as John Rous and Thomas More, which Weir is inclined to treat as proven fact.
More specifically, Plantinga argues that belief in God is properly basic, and due to a religious externalist epistemology, he claims belief in God could be justified independently of evidence.
More evidence to support this identification was that the mummy's teeth look like that of a 29-38 year old, Nefertiti's most likely age of death.
" More significantly, the Solicitor General is permitted to " lodge " in the appellate record new evidence that would ordinarily not be considered by the justices.
More recently, scientists seeking evidence of a biological basis of personality have further examined the relationship between temperament and character ( defined in this context as the learnt aspects of personality ).
More evidence of the

More and Abraham
More recently a two volume set edited by Abraham Tal appeared featuring the first critical edition based upon all extant manuscripts containing the Targumic text.
More recently it has been suggested that these traces are in fact the first angelic appearance ( v. 11 – 12 ), in which the Angel of YHWH stops Abraham before he kills Isaac.
It included editions of the works of Nicholas Breton, Francis Quarles, Dr Joseph Beaumont, Abraham Cowley, Henry More and John Davies of Hereford.
More recent scholarship, however, places Fraunce's death in 1592 or 1593 and attributes the Cutler-Egerton epithalamium to Abraham Darcie.
More widely, the term Patriarchs can be used to refer to the twenty ancestor-figures between Abraham and Adam.
More recently, the English musicologists Gerald Abraham and Brian Newbould have also offered completions of the whole symphony, using Schubert's scherzo and the entr ' acte from his incidental music for the play Rosamunde.

More and thought
More complex forms of monist dualism also exist, for instance in Hermeticism, where Nous " thought "-that is described to have created man-brings forth both good and evil, dependent on interpretation, whether it receives prompting from the God or from the Demon.
His time in England was fruitful in the making of lifelong friendships with the leaders of English thought in the days of King Henry VIII: John Colet, Thomas More, John Fisher, Thomas Linacre and William Grocyn.
More generally, lossy compression can be thought of as an application of transform coding – in the case of multimedia data, perceptual coding: it transforms the raw data to a domain that more accurately reflects the information content.
More than 1, 100 open clusters have been discovered within the Milky Way Galaxy, and many more are thought to exist.
More intuitively, the transistor Q6 can be considered as a duplicate of Q3 and the combination of Q4 and Q6 can be thought as of a varying voltage divider composed of two voltage-controlled resistors.
According to legend, his last words as he was being crushed were " More weight ", and he was thought to be dead as the weight was applied.
Morton enthusiastically supported the " New Learning " of the Renaissance, and thought highly of the young More.
More generally, if a given manifold is thought of as an embedded submanifold of Euclidean space one can picture the tangent space in this literal fashion.
More recently, Heidegger's thought has considerably influenced the work of the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler.
More precisely, Clifford algebras may be thought of as quantizations ( cf.
More recent observations suggest that they may not be as arboreal and nocturnal as previously thought.
More recently, scholars of ethnic conflict and civil wars have introduced theories that draw insights from all three traditional schools of thought.
More than the Peace of Westphalia, the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 is thought to reflect an emerging norm that sovereigns had no internal equals within a defined territory and no external superiors as the ultimate authority within the territory's sovereign borders.
More careful approaches are needed in terms of thinking about philosophers ( and theologians ) in Islam in terms of phenomenological methods of investigation in ontology ( or onto-theology ), or by way of comparisons that are made with Heidegger's thought and his critique of the history of metaphysics.
More careful approaches are needed in terms of thinking about philosophers ( and theologians ) in Islam in terms of phenomenological methods of investigation in ontology ( or onto-theology ), or by way of comparisons that are made with Heidegger's thought and his critique of the history of metaphysics.
More thought and attention was put into demarcating the definite borders of modern nations than ever before, which entailed great difficulties in frontier regions such as the Hazarajat.
More recently, Lawrence Warner has shown that what was thought of as B in fact incorporates matter produced as part of the C-revision: if B circulated before C, it looked nothing like what had been assumed.
More recent analysis has shown that the danger of grey goo is far less likely than originally thought.
More formal plans as used for business and military purposes, while initially created with and as an abstract thought, are likely to be written down, drawn up or otherwise stored in a form that is accessible to multiple people across time and space.
New Humanism or neohumanism were terms applied to a theory of literary criticism, together with its consequences for culture and political thought, developed around 1900 by the American scholar Irving Babbitt, and the scholar and journalist Paul Elmer More.
More recently, the tabernacle has been relocated to the right side of the nave of San Lorenzo and reconstructed in accordance with what is believed to have been the sculptor's original intent, although it is thought that a number of elements have disappeared.
According to legend, his last words as he was being crushed were " More weight ", and he was thought to be dead as the weight was applied.
It is thought Gilbert's reading material was the Utopia of Sir Thomas More, which contains the following passage: " He that hathe no grave is covered with the skye: and, the way to heaven out of all places is of like length and distance.
More recently, a combination of radiochemical methods and nuclear physics has been used to try to make new ' superheavy ' elements ; it is thought that islands of relative stability exist where the nuclides have half-lives of years, thus enabling weighable amounts of the new elements to be isolated.

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