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More and immediately
When Jane died in 1511, More remarried almost immediately, choosing as his second wife a rich widow named Alice Middleton.
More immediately, Jerusalem becomes a Patriarchate and Dioscorus of Alexandria is deposed as patriarch of Antioch.
More immediately, the promotion of gymnastics as a scientifically sound form of physical discipline coincided with the introduction of conscription, which gave the state a strong interest in educating children physically as well as mentally for the role of citizen soldiers.
More recently, writing in the Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment, S. P. MacKenzie states, " That German prisoners were treated very badly in the months immediately after the war ... is beyond dispute.
More likely, Levana was the goddess who oversaw the lifting of the child by the midwife immediately after birth.
The new label immediately issued re-releases of Don't Know How To Party and Ska-Core, The Devil, and More on colored vinyl.
More than 2 million tons of bombs were dropped on Laos, 30 percent of which failed to explode immediately.
More immediately, the promotion of gymnastics as a scientifically sound form of physical discipline coincided with the introduction of conscription, which gave the state a strong interest in educating children physically as well as mentally for the role of citizen soldiers.
More advanced fencers can, instead of immediately riposting after successfully taking a parry, initiate a prise de fer (" taking of the blade ") in which they move the opponent's blade to a different position and then hit them.
In The Cowardly Lion of Oz, circus clown Notta Bit More arrives in the Emerald City " disguised " as a traditional witch, and Dorothy immediately starts dumping bucket after bucket of water on him without provocation ( although she reacted this way on the assumption that the " witch " Notta appeared to be was an evil witch like her old enemy, the Wicked Witch of the West ).
More immediately it dates from 1624, when the little community acquired a permanent settlement in the Collège des Bons Enfants in Paris.
More recently, however, frozen dinners have been created that are designed to be used as a steamer, allowing rapid cooking of essentially raw ingredients ( typically fish and vegetables ) immediately before consumption.
More immediately, one of Few's brothers – James Few – was hanged for his part in the uprising, and the Few family farm just east of Hillsborough was ransacked by Tryon's militia troops.
More generally, the theorem follows immediately from the Crofton formula in integral geometry according to which the length of any curve equals the measure of the set of lines that cross the curve, multiplied by their numbers of crossings.
More immediately evident inspiration can be seen in the cathedral and necropolis episodes in Unthank, whose proximity to an urban tangle of roads is mirrored in Glasgow's real-life Townhead area.
More immediately a problem for Churchill, he was a forceful personality accustomed to directing the Admiralty himself, and being supported in his decisions by the political First Lord rather than taking orders from him.
More recently, NIAID-funded scientists found that testing at-risk infants for HIV and then giving ART immediately to those who test positive dramatically reduces rates of illness and death.
More immediately, Operation Liberation the successful, ongoing anti-insurgent operation by Sri Lankan forces in the Northern peninsula was ended.
More immediately, he was faced with a city population ready to be liberated.
Almost immediately after, More was voted the most popular clip on the site, a position it held for nearly a year.
More enemy fire came in and was immediately returned.
More than 1, 000 accused dissidents were arrested shortly afterward, and 35 of them were immediately sentenced to death and executed.
More than 35 years later, remnants of the damage the cars created on the narrow paths can still be seen immediately west of the Calgary Winter Club Parking lot.
More immediately, there has been a move to consider creation of an extended right of way streetcar system on the portion of Queensway west of the Humber Loop transit terminus, offering direct access to downtown.

More and though
More often, though, he is so accustomed to submitting to authority on the job without argument that he lives by the same rule at home.
* The short story " There Are More Things " by Jorge Luis Borges from The Book of Sand refers to an amphisbaena and concerns a similar, though mostly undescribed, monster.
A film tie-in featuring artwork from the film and a cover version by Ennio Morricone was released in Europe, though the other tracks on the album were soundtracks from A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More.
Among the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew, the message to his followers that one should " Turn the other cheek " and his example in the story Pericope Adulterae, in which Jesus intervenes in the stoning of an adulteress, are generally accepted as his condemnation of physical retaliation ( though most scholars agree that the latter passage was " certainly not part of the original text of St John's Gospel ") More militant Christians consider Romans 13: 3 – 4 to support the death penalty.
More than any single factor though, firearms have proliferated due to the advent of mass production-enabling arms manufacturers to produce large quantities of weaponry to a consistent standard.
More often, though, it specifically denotes a grand-piano-shaped instrument with a roughly triangular case accommodating long bass strings at the left and short treble strings at the right.
More comparable to the English Fyrd, it was a popular voluntary joining of the local полк polk, or a regiment, though it had no regular established strength or officers, these usually elected from prominent local citizens.
More importantly, it won four directly-elected seats, thus qualifying it for proportional representation even though it fell short of the five percent threshold.
More significantly though, the removal of the customs wall allowed its former route to be turned into yet another road running through Potsdamer Platz, thus increasing still further the amount of traffic passing through.
More precisely, changing the parameter a gives a different ( though related ) problem, whereas the variations of the variables x and y ( and their interrelation ) are part of the problem itself.
Thomas More, writing before the Age of Enlightenment, was too outspoken for the reigning king's taste, even though he coded his political preferences in a Utopian allegory.
More recently though, tourism has roared back at a record pace setting successive records in 2006 and again in 2007 for number of visitors.
The skull is believed to rest in the Roper Vault of St Dunstan's Church, Canterbury, though some researchers have claimed it might be within the tomb he erected for More in Chelsea Old Church ( see below ).
More stable than her predecessor, though still unable to stay at a set depth.
More than 1500 species have been recorded, occurring in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world, though concentrated to Central America and northern South America.
More than that, though, " Singin ' the Blues " has been noted for the way its improvisations feel less improvised than composed, with each phrase building on the last in a logical fashion.
More generally, reason in the strict sense requires the ability to create and manipulate a system of symbols, as well as indices and icons, according to Charles Sanders Peirce, the symbols having only a nominal, though habitual, connection to either smoke or fire.
More importantly she was instrumental in the recall of Jacques Necker as Finance Minister on 26 August, a popular move, even though she herself was worried that the recall would again go against her if Necker was unsuccessful in reforming the country's finances.
Collaborations with Bill Sharpe of Shakatak helped little, though two singles the duo recorded, " Change Your Mind ", did see chart action, reaching No. 17 and " No More Lies " reaching No. 35 in 1988 in Britain.
More salt is added yearly via rivers and streams, though the amount is much less than the relict salt from Bonneville.
More recently there has been greater tolerance by the Chinese government, though many internationally acclaimed artists are still restricted from media exposure at home or have exhibitions ordered closed.
More recently, Squeeze has been started as an archive manager designed to integrate better into the Xfce desktop, though no further updates have been released since 24 February 2008, the development git branch for both squeeze and xarchiver are more up to date and feature rich than the last stable release.
More seriously, it would potentially expose the fact he'd pledged a warrant to buy ImClone shares as collateral for a loan from Bank of America, even though he'd already executed the warrant in 2000.
More so than even he, though, the second century apologists tended to interpret and utilize most scripture as being primarily for the purpose of showing prophecy fulfillment.

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