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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1381
from Brown Corpus
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More and important
The medieval was the most important to Chambers because he sought to place Thomas More, the author of Utopia, in some intelligible relation with St. Thomas More, the martyr.
More than 30, 000 British drawings and watercolours include important examples of work by Hogarth, Sandby, Turner, Girtin, Constable, Cotman, Cox, Gillray, Rowlandson and Cruikshank, as well as all the great Victorians.
More recently, although Russia and Eastern Europe remain the most important investment destinations, there have been increasing investment flows from the West through Cyprus into Asia ( particularly China and India ), South America and the Middle East.
More elaborate reactions are represented by reaction schemes, which in addition to starting materials and products show important intermediates or transition states.
More important to Carême's career was his contribution to the refinement of French cuisine.
More important routes have lower numbers.
More important than Hurst's numbers was his sense of timing: not only did he score the first ( in the home opener against Portland ) and the last ( in the playoffs against Vancouver ) goals of the season, 5 of his 8 goals were game-winners.
More recent scholarship has shown that other kingdoms were also politically important across this period: Hwicce, Magonsaete, Lindsey and Middle Anglia.
More than a thousand headwords about critical rationalism, the most important arguments of K. R.
More important is the musical effect in which a smooth, rather swift forward movement is emphasized by the relation of grammatical structure to line and rhyme, yet is impeded and thrown back upon itself even from the beginning ".
More important to them than their own fates was that of Opel, for its collapse would mean the loss of the most important employer for the people of Rüsselsheim, who were finding their way home from the chaos of war.
More important, United States policy toward Latin America at this time made Paraguay eligible for major economic assistance.
More important enhancements were the doubling of the instruction and data cache sizes and a few microarchitectural changes for better performance.
More important, the government ceased all financing from the central bank.
More important was Cook's regime of shipboard cleanliness, enforced by strict discipline, as well as frequent replenishment of fresh food.
More important, the pope forbade ecclesiastical officials under pain of excommunication to support Henry as they had so freely done in the past.
More important is the influence Mozart had on composers of later generations.
More exact aspects are considered more important.
More important than this polemical activity was Beza's statement of his own confession.
More recently, Dutilleux's L ' Arbre des Songes has proved an important addition to the repertoire and a fine example of the composer's atonal yet melodic style.
More important, however, was the prologue, which comprised sung dialogue between allegorical characters which introduced the overarching themes of the stories depicted.
More important still, Bingham employed these guarantees specifically and in a context which suggested that free Negroes and mulattoes unquestionably were the persons to which he then referred.

More and is
More profound and more disturbing, however, is the moral isolation of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe.
More than that, Sam Rayburn is the very living symbol of an iron-clad integrity so powerful in his nature and so constantly demonstrated that he can count some of his best friends in the opposition.
More than 50% of all lumber is unitized ; ;
More unitized lumber is being shipped on flat cars, and NLRDA studies show that flat cars loaded with the new Type 6-B floating-load method can be unloaded for as little as $.054/mbf.
More than anything, it is the therapist's intuitive sensing of these latent meanings in the stereotype which helps these meanings to become revealed, something like a spread-out deck of cards, on sporadic occasions over the passage of the patient's and his months of work together.
But to return to the main line of our inquiry, it is doubtful that Utopia is still widely read because More was medieval or even because he was a martyr -- indeed, it is likely that these days many who read Utopia with interest do not even know that its author was a martyr.
Utopia is still widely read because in a sense More stood on the margin of modernity.
we are concerned with Utopian communism -- that is, simply communism as it appears in the imaginary commonwealth of Utopia, as More conceived it.
More rarely, the hymen is so sturdy that it does not yield to penetration.
More typical is the case of a suburban Long Island housewife described by a marriage counselor.
More often, though, he is so accustomed to submitting to authority on the job without argument that he lives by the same rule at home.
More than 10 companies maintain facilities in Dallas and one large manufacturer is located to the north at Sherman.
More than 700 employees make gin machinery that's sold anywhere cotton is grown.
More than 200 are expected at the autumn event which is matched in the spring.
More than 300 teenagers last Sunday proved there is and as many more are expected to prove it again for Jim Kern and his wife Lynn from 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday at First Presbyterian Church.
More than a beautiful visualization of the illustrious adventures and escapades of the tragi-comic knight-errant and his squire, Sancho Panza, in seventeenth-century Spain, this inevitably abbreviated rendering of the classic satire on chivalry is an affectingly warm and human exposition of character.
More recently, Alasdair MacIntyre has attempted to reform what he calls the Aristotelian tradition in a way that is anti-elitist and capable of disputing the claims of both liberals and Nietzscheans.
More rarely, a script may have separate letters for tones, as is the case for Hmong and Zhuang.
More precisely, an algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating a function.
More explicitly, it is stating that for every indexed family of nonempty sets there exists an indexed family of elements such that for every.

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