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More and recently
More recently, the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, `` admitted '' to a news conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, that the US might fall behind Russia ( he apparently meant in weapons development ) if the Soviets continue to test in the atmosphere while we abstain.
More recently, polyethers -- again in varied compositions, molecular weights, and branching -- have come into use at first for the flexible foams, just lately for the rigids.
More recently, Alasdair MacIntyre has attempted to reform what he calls the Aristotelian tradition in a way that is anti-elitist and capable of disputing the claims of both liberals and Nietzscheans.
More recently, it has extended those efforts to controls on conflict diamonds, the primary source of revenue for UNITA.
More recently, disagreements over homosexuality have strained the unity of the Communion as well as its relationships with other Christian denominations, leading to another round of withdrawals from the Anglican Communion.
More recently Twitter, a popular social network service, began driving abbreviation use with 140 character message limits.
More recently, Peter Phillips, son of Anne, Princess Royal, and eleventh in line to the thrones, married Autumn Kelly ; Kelly had been brought up as a Roman Catholic, but she converted to Anglicanism prior to the wedding.
More recently, James Page has suggested that aesthetic ethics might be taken to form a philosophical rationale for peace education.
More recently, " Twilight Zone " by 2 Unlimited was sung a cappella to the instrumentation on the comedy television series Tompkins Square.
More recently, for example, it was claimed by A. A. Kovalyov as the residence of Lu Fang ( 盧芳 ), a Han throne pretender from the Guangwu era.
More recently, high-quality crystals have been obtained from Pike's Peak, Colorado, where it is found associated with smoky quartz, orthoclase, and albite in a coarse granite or pegmatite.
More recently, an abettor is generally known as an accomplice.
* More recently, the amphisbaena appears in the DS game Scribblenauts.
More recently, the horn section of Antibalas have been guest musicians on TV On The Radio's highly acclaimed 2008 album Dear Science, as well as on British band Foals ' 2008 album, Antidotes.
More recently, Andrew Z.
More recently, bicycle technology has in turn contributed ideas in both old and new areas.
More recently, hot fusions pathways to bohrium have been re-investigated in order to allow for the synthesis of more long-lived, neutron rich isotopes to allow a first chemical study of bohrium.
More recently, software with similar capabilities has been developed to allow manipulation of digital audio files stored on computers using turntables with special vinyl records ( e. g. Final Scratch, M-Audio Torq, Serato Scratch Live ) or computer interface ( e. g. Traktor DJ Studio, Mixxx, Virtual DJ ).
More recently, a discovery of Roman artefacts in Kings Norton close to Metchley Camp has suggested another possibility, and a thorough examination of a stretch of Watling Street between St. Albans, Boudica's last known location, and the Fosse Way junction has suggested the Cuttle Mill area of Paulerspury in Northamptonshire, which has topography very closely matching that described by Tacitus of the scene of the battle.
More recently, British artist James Mylne has been creating photo-realistic artwork using mostly black ballpoints, sometimes with minimal mixed-media color.
More recently, the book, Tolbert's Texas, claimed that he was killed while being robbed of a large royalty payment by a guide escorting him to Union Station to catch a train home to Texas.
More recently scholars have pointed to the interchange of oral and written forms of the ballad.
More recently, a Roman-based orthography named Brolikva which is short form of Brahui Roman Likvar has been developed by the Brahui Language Board of the University of Balochistan in Quetta.
More recently, William D. Rubinstein, Professor of Modern History at Aberystwyth University, Wales, wrote that Conservative politician and pro-Zionist Leo Amery, as Assistant Secretary to the British war cabinet in 1917, was the main author of the Balfour Declaration.
More recently, however, material is becoming available for boards of private and closely held businesses including family businesses.

More and wider
More extensive microcoding has also been used to allow small and simple microarchitectures to emulate more powerful architectures with wider word length, more execution units and so on ; a relatively simple way to achieve software compatibility between different products in a processor family.
More broadly, since the 1950s Richard's sexuality has become an issue of wider interest and controversy.
More recently, some lambic brewers have added sugar to the final product of their fruit beers, in order to make them less intense and more approachable to a wider audience.
More ambitious and on a wider canvas are the historical or semi-historical novels, Dichterleben ( 1826 ), Der Aufruhr in den Cevennen ( 1826, unfinished ), Der Tod des Dichters ( 1834 ); Der junge Tischlermeister ( 1836 ; but begun in 1811 ) is an excellent story written under the influence of Goethe's Wilhelm Meister ; Vittoria Accorombona ( 1840 ), the story of Vittoria Accoramboni written in the style of the French Romanticists, shows a falling-off.
More complex braids can be constructed from an arbitrary ( but usually odd ) number of strands to create a wider range of structures: wider ribbon-like bands, hollow or solid cylindrical cords, or broad mats which resemble a rudimentary perpendicular weave.
More newer additions to toaster technology include wider toasting slots for bagels and thick breads, the ability to toast frozen breads, and a single-side heating mode.
Politician and author Wilton G. S. Sankawulo published many collections of poems and stories which later became praised anthologies on Liberian folklore and wider African literary tradition entitled, More Modern African stories.
In 2002, Junoon opened a new chapter by releasing the antiterrorism song " No More " in English, yet another attempt by the group to spread their message to a wider audience.
More recently, with the availability of a much wider variety of other molecular graphics tools, presentation use of kinemages has been overtaken by a wide variety of research uses, concomitant with new display features and with the development of software that produces kinemage-format output from other types of molecular calculations.
More generally, the field has come to be concerned with a wider class of problems that arise naturally from the study of integers.
In the early 1990s, two of the albums McCorkle made for Concord Records, No More Blues and Sábia, were enormously successful and made her name known to the wider world.
When he began to have a wider audience in the United States, his studies in crime were printed and reprinted in a series of overlapping anthologies, generally titled on variants of the word " murder ": Mainly Murder, The Enjoyment of Murder, Murder and More Murder, The Murderer's Companion, The Art of Murder and Nothing But Murder.
More recently, the term has come into much wider usage with the development and adoption of GPS.
More advanced systems provide a monitored stepper motor Z-axis drive for greater control during milling and drilling as well as more advanced RF spindle motor control circuits that provide better control over a wider range of speeds.
More recently, it has come to be concerned with wider classes of problems that have arisen naturally from the study of integers.
More practically, it is approximately the geometric mean ( the precise geometric mean is ), and in this sense is mathematically a compromise between these two aspect ratios: two equal area pictures ( at 16: 9 and 4: 3 ) will intersect in a box with aspect ratio the geometric mean, as demonstrated in the image at top ( 14: 9 is just slightly wider than the intersection ).
More recently similar products have been introduced in a wider variety of flavours including apple, mango, blackcurrant, and watermelon, among others.
More recently, the Corporation has addressed the problems of interethnic and regional conflict and supported projects seeking to diminish the risks of a wider war stemming from civil strife.
More lands were cleared and much wider areas were cultivated until it became a prosperous settlement.
1971 brought a major restyling for the full-size Mercurys: More rounded and flowing styling, wider C-Pillars, rear fender skirts, the elimination of vent-windows for all models, frameless windows and wraparound taillamps on all sedans.

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