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More and sophisticated
More sophisticated theories are valence bond theory which includes orbital hybridization and resonance, and the linear combination of atomic orbitals molecular orbital method which includes ligand field theory.
More sophisticated space elevator designs reduce the energy cost per trip by using counterweights, and the most ambitious schemes aim to balance loads going up and down and thus make the energy cost close to zero.
More sophisticated techniques will show proportional differences in optical density.
More sophisticated models can be made using a combination of etched sheets of brass and low temperature castings.
More modern and sophisticated approaches seek to maintain the idea of the morpheme while accommodating non-concatenative, analogical, and other processes that have proven problematic for Item-and-Arrangement theories and similar approaches.
More problematic, and never properly addressed by Cumont or his successors, is how real-life Roman Mithraists subsequently maintained a quite complex and sophisticated Iranian theology behind an occidental facade.
More sophisticated versions may make specific desired changes to the deck's order, while still appearing to be an innocuous normal cut.
More recently, structural equation modeling and path analysis represent more sophisticated approaches to working with large covariance matrices.
More sophisticated methods of signal processing are also used in order to recover useful radar signals.
More sophisticated routers, such as enterprise routers, connect large business or ISP networks up to the powerful core routers that forward data at high speed along the optical fiber lines of the Internet backbone.
Other biographers, such as Peter Ackroyd, have offered a more sympathetic picture of More as both a sophisticated philosopher and man of letters, as well as a zealous Catholic who believed in the authority of the Holy See over Christendom.
More sophisticated transformations include set operations on closed shapes ( union, difference, intersection, etc.
More sophisticated tests use a torsion balance of a type invented by Eötvös.
More sophisticated attackers use DDoS tools for the purposes of extortioneven against their business rivals.
More sophisticated cryptographic systems, such as Anonymous Digital credentials, enable users to communicate pseudonymously ( i. e., by identifying themselves by means of pseudonyms ).
More sophisticated methods may be used to optimize resources across campaigns so that one may predict to which channel and to which offer an individual is most likely to respond ( across all potential offers ).
More sophisticated methods are used in practice for natural language generation.
More recent studies using more sophisticated methodologies have generally refuted these findings: density, land use and public transport accessibility can influence travel behaviour, although social and economic factors, particularly household income, usually exert a stronger influence.
More sophisticated devices which use a graphical screen with touch sensing or screen-edge buttons provide flexibility while minimizing space used: the meaning of the buttons can change with the screen, and selection involves the natural behavior of pointing at what's desired.
More experienced players understand the power of the bishop, but a more sophisticated understanding is required.
More sophisticated tools, worked on both sides of the stone and dating to 600, 000 BC, were found in the Cave of Escale at Saint Estėve-Janson, and tools from 400, 000 BC and some of the first fireplaces in Europe were found at Terra Amata in Nice.
More sophisticated forecasting can include other aspects of traveler decisions, including auto ownership, trip chaining ( the decision to link individual trips together in a tour ) and the choice of residential or business location ( known as land use forecasting ).
More sophisticated systems allow for more information such as lateral and longitudinal acceleration ( or G-force ), throttle position, steering wheel position and brake pressure.
More sophisticated methods were developed and later adopted elsewhere.
More sophisticated turbines ( such as those found in modern jet engines ) may have multiple shafts ( spools ), hundreds of turbine blades, movable stator blades, and a vast system of complex piping, combustors and heat exchangers.

More and versions
More detailed versions place Jerusalem in Christianity | Jerusalem at the center of the world. Christendom is a place that there are lots of christians that are inside the country
* Movie-Censorship. com More than 1000 comparisons of different versions of films.
More speculative versions of Gaia, including all versions in which it is held that the Earth is actually conscious, are currently held to be outside the bounds of science, and are not supported by either Lovelock or Margulis.
More recent versions have their own I / O systems.
( More modern versions of INTERCAL have by and large kept the same data structures, with appropriate modifications ; TriINTERCAL, which modifies the radix with which numbers are represented, can use a 10-trit type rather than a 16-bit type ), and CLC-INTERCAL implements many of its own data structures, such as ' classes and lectures ', by making the basic data types store more information rather than adding new types.
More generally, it described the notion that all forms of writing could only " offer particular versions of reality rather than actual descriptions of it ," and that a story need not offer a clear resolution at its end.
( More colorful versions have circulated in the folklore, suggesting, for example, that December 31, 1840 was the exact date of the first entry in the MGH records, but these seem to be urban legends.
More modern versions of the theory seek to avoid applying potentially misleading descriptions to universals.
* More easily readable versions of Meditations, Objections and Replies, Principles of Philosophy, Discourse on the Method, Correspondence with Princess Elisabeth, and Passions of the Soul.
More moderate versions of syndicalism were overshadowed by revolutionary anarcho-syndicalism in the early 20th century, which advocated the abolition of the state in addition to capitalism, feeling that syndicalist economics would replace the need for one.
More orthodox versions show the maiden scrambling away from the amorous arms of the god, as in the oil on copper painting of Fillipo Lauri and the oil on canvas by Salvator Rosa in the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen.
More recently, Idigicon has re-released the latest versions of all five Simon the Sorcerer individual titles in DVD style cases, followed by a combination pack containing four titles, without Simon the Sorcerer 3D, on one disc.
More nuanced versions of this general view are to be found in the works of other Western historians, such as Robert Service, who notes that " institutionally and ideologically, Lenin laid the foundations for a Stalin ... but the passage from Leninism to the worse terrors of Stalinism was not smooth and inevitable.
More modern versions use curses to break the terminal into multiple zones for each user, thus avoiding intermingling text.
More modern EFP warhead versions, through the use of advanced initiation modes, can also produce long-rods ( stretched slugs ), multi-slugs and finned rod / slug projectiles.
More recently, wider beam versions are available designed for direct use on supply voltages of 120 or.
More sophisticated versions of this can also control throttle levels and brakes simultaneously.
" More complete versions of the account of Durin's Folk make clear that the later Durins appeared scattered amongst many generations.
More intensive versions of this jump include bending down ( over ) and touching the floor in between each jump.
Source music in portions of the film includes instrumental versions of " Again " by Lionel Newman and Dorcas Cochran, " You Make Me Feel So Young " by Josef Myrow and Mack Gordon, and " The More I See You " by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon.
More recently, Peter Stokes has brought to light a variant copy of the charter and suggests that two different versions may have been produced around the same time, somewhere between 972 and 1066.
* More versions about Nord-Ost hostage crisis

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