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Page "humor" ¶ 55
from Brown Corpus
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More and than
More potent a charm to bring back that time of life than this record of a few pictures and a few remembered facts would be a catalogue of the minutiae which are of the very stuff of the mind, intrinsic, because they were known in the beginning not by the eye alone but by the hand that held them.
More temperately than in the study of Grey and despite his Liberal bias, Trevelyan vividly sketches the England of pre-French Revolution days, portrays the stresses and strains of the revolutionary period in rich colors, and brings developments leading to the Reform Bill into sharp and clear focus.
More than twenty-four hundred years old, bruised, battered, worn and partially destroyed, combining to an astounding degree solidity and grace, it still stands, incomparable testimony to man's aspiration.
More important is the simple human point that all men suffer, and that it is a kind of anthropological-religious pride on the part of the Jew to believe that his suffering is more poignant than mine or anyone else's.
More industrial acreage lies vacant in St. Clair county than in any other jurisdiction in the St. Louis area.
More often than not, as the Old Grad wanders along the old paths, his memory of happy days when he strolled one of the paths with a coed beside him becomes an ache and a pain.
More importantly, several of the more advanced of the less developed countries have found through experience that they must plan their own complex investment programs for at least 5 years forward and tentatively for considerably more than that if they are to be sure that the various interdependent activities involved are all to take place in the proper sequence.
More than that, Sam Rayburn is the very living symbol of an iron-clad integrity so powerful in his nature and so constantly demonstrated that he can count some of his best friends in the opposition.
More than 25 carefully selected cities were visited, including New York, Brooklyn, Long Island City, Newark, Elizabeth, Stamford, Waterbury, New Haven, Bridgeport, Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, and Waltham.
More than 2000 copies have been sent out to prospective clients.
More than 36 other big Navy ships are no less than a day's sailing time away.
More than one president has found that a long-range plan helps him to attract major gifts.
More often than not I have found easy excuse to leave my own work and stand at a respectable distance where I could watch this man transform raw nature into a composed, not imitative, painting.
More campers than campsites
More than 50% of all lumber is unitized ; ;
More than anything, it is the therapist's intuitive sensing of these latent meanings in the stereotype which helps these meanings to become revealed, something like a spread-out deck of cards, on sporadic occasions over the passage of the patient's and his months of work together.
More time was spent in trying to marry these incompatibles than over any subject discussed at Yalta.
More than that, Allied air had complete superiority in the Eighth Army's sector.
More often than not he would bow to the inevitable.
More than half of the sorghum and barley seeds we produce and most of the byproducts of the milling of cereals and the crushing of oilseeds are fed to livestock.
More than 200 million tons of seeds and seed products are fed to livestock annually in the United States.
More than 11 thousand business establishments in the United States were based on cereals and oilseeds in 1954.
More than creatures of metropolitan forces, the churches have taken the lead in counteracting the interdependence of metropolitan life, crystallizing and perpetuating the stratification of peoples, giving form to the struggle for social homogeneity in a world of heterogeneous peoples.

More and once
In the 1516 novel Utopia by Thomas More, the island called Utopia once had the name " Abraxa ", which scholars have suggested is a related use.
More than once Luthor addresses Conner as his son.
More than once, the magazine has enlisted popular comic book artists such as Frank Miller or Jim Lee to design and illustrate a series of " Rejected Superheroes.
More so than most, Paramount's slate of films included many remakes and television spinoffs ; while sometimes commercially successful, there have been few compelling films of the kind that once made Paramount the industry leader.
More than 99 percent of all current varieties of potatoes currently grown are direct descendants of a subspecies that once grew in the lowlands of south-central Chile.
* 2007 – 2008: " More Happy "/" Taste the once that's forever young " ( Michael Alexander )
According to his friend, the theologian Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, More once seriously contemplated abandoning his legal career to become a monk.
More difficulties struck in 1083, when his eldest son Robert rebelled once more with support from the French king.
More than 50 % of students study abroad at least once en route to their degree.
The Lord Mayor's Collar of Esses may have once been used as the symbol of the office of Lord Chancellor by Sir Thomas More.
More than once Hogg is targeted by former associates who are either seeking revenge or have turned against him after a scheme has unravelled in one way or another.
More than once, depressed and discouraged, Fort destroyed his work, but always began anew.
; One Day More: Valjean gets the first few lines in the song, singing about his hopes to live in peace at last, once he is in England.
More recently, he has been described as " the archetypal floating voter ", and Jon Snow once said that Paxman's greatest strength was being " not very political ".
Zinnemann's fortunes changed once again with A Man for All Seasons ( 1966 ), scripted by Robert Bolt from his own play and starring Paul Scofield as Sir Thomas More, portraying him as a man driven by conscience to his ultimate fate.
More superheroes soon joined Marvel in carrying on the legacy of Shazam, including Marvel Family members Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. Shazam tells that once, 5000 years before, he gave powers to Black Adam, but banished him to the furthest star in the universe for trying to use them to take over the world.
Temple-based More Than a Mouse offers a once a week Imagine Tomorrow computer classes for kids ages 2 – 8 through the recreation department.
More important, the government has taken positive steps to clean up the area so that many former residents have begin to return, adding or refurbishing business such as a motel, service station and eating places which were once closed or barely surviving.
More successful is the multi-strike brand, done piece by piece rather than all at once.
More recently, a winery has opened in a historic building that once served as a school for refinery workers.
More recent interpretations assume it refers to the dialects of south and central Scotland and Doric, a term once used to refer to Scots dialects in general, is now generally seen to refer to the Mid Northern Scots dialects spoken in the north-east of Scotland.
More than once in his later years, De Quincey was forced to seek protection from arrest in the debtors ' sanctuary of Holyrood in Edinburgh.
Reverting once again to the moniker The Specials, the band's second album, More Specials was not as commercially successful and was recorded at a time when, according to Terry Hall, conflicts had developed in the band.
More than once, Price and the elder Rogers rode on horseback to Wales.

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