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Moreover and line
Moreover, from the definitive transformation of intercepts on the generators of Af, it is clear that the only points of Q at which a line can meet its image are the points of Aj.
Moreover, if Af and Af are two planes intersecting in a line l, tangent to Q at a point P, the two free intersections of the image curves Af and Af must coincide at P', the image of P, and at this point Af and Af must have a common tangent l'.
Moreover, C' obviously meets any line Af in a single point.
Moreover, this disposition concave in relation to the Allied army gave Marlborough the opportunity to form a more compact line, drawn up in a shorter front between the ‘ horns ’ of the French crescent ; when the Allied blow came it would be more concentrated and carry more weight.
Moreover the front line units in the West were complaining about the poor numbers and performance of aircraft.
Moreover, Ircon is also likely to construct a new rail line in Venezuela at an estimated cost of $ 350 million.
The use of a comparable metaphor in the Gilgamesh epic suggests that the reference to " dragonflies the river " is simply an evocative image of death rather than a literal description of the flood Moreover, the very preceding line in Atrahasis mentions " the sea ".
Moreover, some actors and singers have their own perfume line ( such as Celine Dion ).
Moreover the last line could be imitating an image from Homer's Odyssey ( 5. 482 ), where Odysseus covers himself with leaves though some scholars think the key word might be corrupted.
Moreover, a new line of redesigned cars in the full and mid-sized markets was launched in the fall of 1966.
Moreover, the need to fly in a straight line toward the target made it easy for anti-aircraft artillery to aim at the bomber, which demanded that the aircraft fly higher to avoid fire, and thereby magnified any errors in setup.
Moreover, the anticenter is the midpoint of the line segment joining the midpoints of the diagonals.
Moreover, wayside signals may also be equipped with identification plates that directly or indirectly indicate who controls that signal and that stretch of the line.
Moreover, why does our text start at a distance of a third of a line from the margin?
Moreover, the Porte accepted Ismail's alteration of the royal line of succession to go from father to son, rather than brother to brother, as was the tradition in the Ottoman Empire, and Arab dynasties.
Moreover the apsidal line oscillates near the line of conjunction with different amplitude and a period of 2. 5 to 3. 0 centuries.
Moreover, it can be argued that the concept of the line was counter-intuitive to the strengths of Israeli battle tactics, which, at their core, relied on agile mobile forces moving rapidly through the battlefield rather than utilizing a heavy reliance on fixed defenses.
Moreover, almost his entire fighting strength was in the front line.
Moreover, the ribbon is a ruled surface whose reguli are the line segments spanned by N. Thus each of the frame vectors T, N, and B can be visualized entirely in terms of the Frenet ribbon.
Moreover, if an XML document is transferred from computer to computer, the line terminator may be changed from CR to LF to CR LF, etc.
Moreover, the Greek line seems to have slanted north-eastwards across the plain in between, so that it did not face the direction of Macedonian advance full-square.
Moreover, the lack of theory along this line may negate the repertoire of an experienced opponent.
Moreover, a wet field generally slows the footspeed of the defense, so fielders will be able to reach fewer flies and line drives in the air before they go through to the fences.

Moreover and So
Moreover, the album spawned four US number-one singles ; " I Wanna Dance with Somebody ( Who Loves Me )", " Didn't We Almost Have It All ", " So Emotional ", and " Where Do Broken Hearts Go ", which established an unprecedented seven consecutive number one hits by a performer.

Moreover and now
Moreover, he had spent six months on the Galapagos islands, among the great turtles that Captain Cook had found there, and now and then he would disappear into some small island of the West Indies.
Moreover, whereas in Interstate Commerce Commission parlance `` variable cost '' means a cost deemed to vary in direct proportion to changes in rate of output, in the type of analysis now under review `` variable cost '' has been used more broadly, so as to cover costs which, while a function of some one variable ( such as output of energy, or number of customers ), are not necessarily a linear function.
Moreover, the technical infrastructure for expanding these resources is already in place, thus facilitating the participation of many more languages in the UNL system from now on.
Moreover, following the " voluntary " surrender of the remaining smaller monasteries during the previous year, the larger monasteries were now also " invited " to surrender throughout 1538, a process legitimized in the 1539 session of Parliament and completed in the following year.
Moreover, the magic apples are now a horror to her, which is why the tree repels her.
Eadred “ reduced all the land of Northumbria to his control ; and the Scots granted him oaths that they would do all that he wanted .” Moreover, in 947 he convened Archbishop Wulfstan and the Northumbrian witan at Tanshelf ( now in Pontefract, West Yorkshire ), on the boundary of the Humber ( near an old Roman road ), where they pledged their obedience to him.
Moreover, until now the costs of the last volume had been met by Praenumeration advances on the next volume.
Moreover, the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, now fully operational, was able to relay vasts amounts of data through its ground terminal to the POCC.
Moreover, we are now aware of the wealth of oral literary traditions already existing on the continent among the numerous different Native American groups.
Moreover, there are now programs that enable the large-scale use of deceptive practices ( like forged e-mail headers ).
Moreover, industrial society was the direct descendant of the ideal society developed in Social Statics, although Spencer now equivocated over whether the evolution of society would result in anarchism ( as he had first believed ) or whether it pointed to a continued role for the state, albeit one reduced to the minimal functions of the enforcement of contracts and external defense.
Moreover, there is a convergence in the markets and a resulting confusion of luxury with high price: where there may have been a clear difference in price between luxury and others, there is no longer an absolute separation between premium and luxury, with what may be premium brands now more expensive than the equivalent so-called luxury ones.
Moreover, the Catholic League now lacked the threat of a Calvinist king and gradually disintegrated.
Moreover in 1962 the Indonesian State railways DKA ordered a series of 0-4-4-2's, basically an updated version of the earlier Dutch design, for the old Atjeh ( now Aceh ) tramway.
Moreover, there are passages in his work, such as the famous sea-battle argument in De Interpretatione § 9, that are now seen as anticipations of modal logic and its connection with potentiality and time.
Moreover, given the nature of Warfield's views, Warfield disdained the millennial labels, preferring the term " eschatological universalism " for the brand of postmillennialism now associated with his thinking.
Moreover, the Ottomans relied upon the support of Ibn Rashid, the King of Ha ' il whose tribesmen who dominated what is now northern Saudi Arabia and tied down both the Hashemites and the Saud forces with the threat of their raiding attacks.
Moreover, it has now been demonstrated that the Brahui only migrated to Balochistan from central India after 1000 CE.
Moreover, he observed what is now termed the Wilson effect: the penumbra and umbra vary in the manner expected by perspective effects if the umbrae of the spots are in fact slight depressions in the surface of the photosphere.
Moreover, Hīnayāna refers to the now non extant schools with limited set of views, practices and results, prior to the development of the Mahāyāna traditions.
Moreover, Gaudium et Spes ( Joy and Hope ), commonly referred to as the Magna Carta of the Catholic Church ’ s teaching on human dignity, implores people in order “ to satisfy the demands of justice and equity, strenuous efforts must be made, without disregarding the rights of persons or the natural qualities of each country, to remove as quickly as possible the immense economic inequalities, which now exist and in many cases are growing and which are connected with individual and social discrimination ” ( pa. 66 ).
Moreover, after Dijkstra's death, the award was renamed and is now called the Dijkstra Award.
Moreover, the village close to Llys Nini, now known as Penllergaer, was originally called Gorseinon or Corsenion.
Moreover, by the mid-twentieth century, technology had rendered feasible a totalitarian society ; electronic apparatuses, such as the telescreen ( transceiving television ) allowed continuous governmental espionage of the populace: " The possibility of enforcing not only complete obedience to the will of the State, but complete uniformity of opinion on all subjects, now existed for the first time ".

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