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Page "adventure" ¶ 393
from Brown Corpus
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Moreover and long
Moreover, tolerance by us of such practices results in serious waste and diversion of aid resources and in the long run generates anti-American sentiment of a kind peculiarly damaging to our political interest.
Moreover, a hunter defends his profession in a long discourse.
Moreover, although a lawsuit commenced within the time allowed by a limitations period is valid no matter how long it takes for the action to proceed to trial, laches can sometimes be applied even in a situation where a lawsuit has been commenced and any delays would otherwise be reasonable.
Moreover, foodservice establishments of this class would always have long term contracts with famous performers ( such as national treasure class performers ) to perform onsite, though not on a daily basis.
Moreover, as long as the force has the same form in both frames, Newton's second law is unchanged.
Moreover, days are calculated in terms of a “ standard hour ” no matter how long they are, so that Barrayar has a day 26. 7 hours long.
Moreover, Spartan slaves, known as helots, needed to be kept under control, and could not be left unsupervised for long periods of time.
Moreover, these ill effects would persist long after spring training had come to an end.
Moreover, Raeder failed to take into account the possibility that in the long run Norway's occupation might represent a burden to Germany out of all proportion to its strategic advantages " Norway was vital to Germany as a transport route for iron ore from Sweden, a supply that Britain was determined to stop.
" Moreover, the attraction to films critical of German militarism had a long history with the Warners that predated their production in 1918 of My Four Years in Germany.
Moreover, it proved the best apparatus for receiving messages through a long cable.
Moreover, the author's collector car, a 1969 Ambassador station wagon, made friends as strangers came to greet and host him as if " long lost kin ".
" Moreover, S. Boyd Eaton and colleagues have indicated that " comparative genetic data provide compelling evidence against the contention that long exposure to agricultural and industrial circumstances has distanced us, genetically, from our Stone Age ancestors " however they mention exceptions such as increased lactose and gluten tolerance, which improve ability to digest dairy and grains, while other studies indicate that human adaptive evolution has accelerated since the Paleolithic.
Moreover, it is usually a cunning form of appeal to consequences, since the audience is subject to be flattered as long as they comply with the flatterer.
Moreover, these seeds cannot resist the effects of drying or temperatures less than 10 ° C ; thus, they cannot be stored for long periods like orthodox seeds because they can lose their viability.
Moreover, as long as the polynomial factors at each stage are relatively prime ( which for polynomials means that they have no common roots ), one can construct a dual algorithm by reversing the process with the Chinese Remainder Theorem.
Moreover, in Old Norse, there are different meanings for the word " vin " depending on whether a short i or long í is used.
Moreover, he had long loose lips like camels ', hanging down upon his breast and ears like two Jarms falling over his shoulder-blades and the nails of his hands were like the claws of a lion.
Moreover, the author paused in this long list to give Jabez a place of honour in the long list of Kings and lineage.
Moreover, the entrance examinations are rarely long lists of multiple-answer questions, but smaller amount of longer and more complicated questions that are supposed to test more than memorization and quick mechanical problem solving.
Moreover, as the protein folding process is stochastic, a limited number of long simulations are not sufficient for comprehensive views of protein folding.
" Moreover there are neither any court documents ( such as from the long and drawn out divorce and child custody proceedings between him and his wife ), personal letters from Adams nor directly attributable statements by any alleged male lovers to support the assertions ..

Moreover and weapon
Moreover, the Polish cavalry brigade order of battle of 1939 included, apart from the mounted soldiers themselves, light and heavy machine guns ( wheeled ), Anti-tank rifle, model 35, anti-aircraft weapon, artillery like Bofors 37 mm anti tank gun or light and scout tanks, etc.
Moreover, since the poles have a hard, smooth surface unlike human arms in chi-sau ( arm clinging exercises ), the task of " sticking " to the weapon is quite challenging.
Moreover, although China had exploded its first nuclear weapon ( the 596 Test ), in October 1964, at Lop Nur basin, the People's Liberation Army was militarily inferior to the Soviet Army.
) Moreover, the Soviet device relied on solid lithium-6 deuteride rather than liquid hydrogen to boost the yield, making the Soviet device the first truly deliverable thermonuclear weapon and exposing the Americans as the country trailing technologically.
Moreover, a lighter weapon is much quicker to bring to bear in combat and manipulate for repeated strikes against an adversary.
Moreover, the armor and weapons are customizable, which allows players to fuse a weapon with statistical bonuses, elemental attack, and increased weapon attack speed.
Moreover, the player can carry up to nine rounds of any secondary weapon he finds instead of just three.
Moreover, the Pentagon Papers were historical, whereas the hydrogen bomb was a current military weapon.

Moreover and was
Moreover, because of the particular blot on your family escutcheon through what may only have been one unbridled moment on your grandmother's part, and because you had the lean-to kitchen and trundle bed of your childhood to outgrow, what you obviously most desired with both your conscious and unconscious person, what you bent your whole will, sensibility, and intelligence upon, was to be a lady.
Moreover, Col. Faget's information on Cuba was too outdated to be useful in `` screening '' Castro agents ; ;
Moreover, it is too readily forgotten that in the Republic what gave the initial impetus to Plato's excursus into the construction of an imaginary commonwealth with its ruling-class communism of goods, wives, and children, was his quest for a canon for the proper ordering of the individual human psyche ; ;
Moreover, an eventual meeting was desirable if for no other reason than to satisfy world opinion that the U. S. was not inflexible and was sparing no effort to ease international tensions.
Moreover, for those few there was almost no ecclesiastical representation in the city to care for their religious needs.
Moreover, the territory of Germania Superior was not originally included among the Alemanni's possessions.
Moreover, Justin II was moving away from the foreign policy of Justinian, and believed in dealing more strictly with bordering states and peoples.
Moreover, the special fund (€ 80, 189, 123 ) was removed from the asset and co-currently for the equity as scheduled, made Roma group had a negative equity of € 8. 795 million on 30 June 2007.
Moreover, although Reverend Peters claimed that the term blue law was originally used by Puritan colonists, his work has since been found to be unreliable.
Moreover just 10 percent of the Army was motorised in 1940.
Moreover, the Persian king Darius was a usurper, and had spent considerable time extinguishing revolts against his rule.
Moreover, he was the first Emperor who resorted to bribery as a means to secure army loyalty.
Moreover, a personal quarrel erupted between Buckingham and the Spanish nation between whom was mutual misunderstanding and ill temper.
Moreover, according to this thesis, a major motivational factor for Gorbachev was his realization that the Soviet Union could not compete economically with the USA However, if economic premises are taken into account, it is not clear why the Soviet leaders did not adopt the Chinese option — economic liberalization with preservation of political system.
Moreover, the ongoing war in Afghanistan, and the mishandling of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, which Gorbachev tried to cover up, further damaged the credibility of the Soviet government at a time when dissatisfaction was increasing.
Moreover, during the mid-1970s the magazine was run by a Maoist editorial collective.
Moreover, a three-year Diploma program in Urban and Rural Planning was introduced.
Moreover, these unconventional troops created a psychological impact over the enemy, which was not used to dealing with horse troops, having no training or strategy to face them.
Moreover, it was traditionally considered in the hardware manufacturer's interest to guarantee that their clients can use their hardware in an optimum way.
Moreover, the distinction between the subjective mental act, namely the content of a concept, and the ( external ) object, was developed independently by Brentano and his school, and may have surfaced as early as Brentano's 1870's lectures on logic.
Moreover, a nest can survive over successive generations, so that progeny inherit both genetic material and a legacy niche that was constructed before their time.
Moreover, the study found that the more the school departed from the traditional college preparatory program, the better was the record of the graduates.

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