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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 427
from Brown Corpus
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Moreover and its
Moreover, it should not be so fastidious in its growth requirements as to make production on a militarily significant scale improbable.
Moreover, the dominance in parasympathetic action ( with reciprocal inhibition of the sympathetic ) at the hypothalamic level induces, by its peripheral action, the autonomic symptoms of sleep and, by its action on the cortex, a lessening in the reactivity of the sensory and motor apparatus of the somatic nervous system.
Moreover, from the definitive transformation of intercepts on the generators of Af, it is clear that the only points of Q at which a line can meet its image are the points of Aj.
Moreover, the taunt concerning the `` sophisticated '' echelon and its alleged erudition is put to test during every campaign, and accrues only upon results ; ;
Moreover, it is too readily forgotten that in the Republic what gave the initial impetus to Plato's excursus into the construction of an imaginary commonwealth with its ruling-class communism of goods, wives, and children, was his quest for a canon for the proper ordering of the individual human psyche ; ;
Moreover, prudence alone would indicate that, unless the local customs are already ready to fall when pushed, the results of direct economic action everywhere upon national chain stores will likely be simply to give undue advantage to local and state stores which conform to these customs, leading to greater decentralization and local autonomy within the company, or even ( as the final self-defeat of an unjust application of economic pressure to correct injustice ) to its going out of business in certain sections of the country ( as, for that matter, the Quakers, who once had many meetings in the pre-Civil War South, largely went out of business in that part of the country over the slavery issue, never to recover a large number of southern adherents ).
Moreover, each has created its own currency through which its member barter companies can trade.
Moreover, the equations are necessary and sufficient conditions for complex differentiation once we assume that its real and imaginary parts are differentiable real functions of two variables.
Moreover, the EndingHunger project is a viral communication campaign, renewing and expanding its efforts to build the movement through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
Moreover, it cannot even set for itself its own limitations, in the sense of producing or creating these limits.
Moreover, the Bricket Wood coven today is well known for its many members from academic or intellectual backgrounds, who contribute to the preservation of Wiccan knowledge.
Moreover, as a naturally-occurring chemical, lithium salt could not be patented, meaning that its manufacturing and sales were not considered commercially viable.
Moreover, the Apocalypse tells us that its author was on the island of Patmos " for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus ", when he was honoured with the heavenly Revelation contained in the Apocalypse ( Revelation 1: 9 ).
Moreover, refugees belonging to minority sects have settled in its virtually inaccessible mountain valleys.
Moreover, Luftwaffe leadership from the start poached the training command, which undermined its ability to replace losses, while also planning for " short sharp campaigns ", which did not pertain.
Moreover, the League's advocacy of disarmament for Britain, France, and its other members, while at the same time advocating collective security, meant that the League was depriving itself of the only forceful means by which it could uphold its authority.
Moreover, a useful economic theory should be judged not by its descriptive realism but by its simplicity and fruitfulness as an engine of prediction.
Moreover, Nicaragua continues to lose international reserves due to its growing fiscal deficits.
Moreover, the hammer must return to its rest position without bouncing violently, and it must be possible to repeat a note rapidly.
Moreover, Michelet distinguished between what he called, " the bizarre and monstrous " quality of the Middle Ages and the democratic values that he, as a vocal Republican, chose to see in its character.

Moreover and posture
Moreover, some penitentials instructed the priest to ascertain the sinner's sincerity by observing posture and tone of voice.

Moreover and simple
Moreover, it sometimes happens that the configuration interaction expansion converges very slowly and that one cannot speak about simple one-determinant wave function at all.
Moreover, in the worst case log ( n ) will approach m. Also, the simple operations tries use during lookup, such as array indexing using a character, are fast on real machines.
Moreover, discourse is not the simple ideological and mirror reflexion of an economical infrastructure, but is a product and the battlefield of multiples forces — which may not be reduced to the simple dualist contradiction of two energies.
Moreover, if χ is principal, then the corresponding Dirichlet L-function has a simple pole at s
Moreover, each simple group ( prime ) or non-group irreducible semigroup ( subsemigroup of the flip-flop monoid ) that divides the transformation semigroup of A must divide the transition semigroup of some component of the cascade, and only the primes that must occur as divisors of the components are those that divide A's transition semigroup.
Moreover, Tragopogon porrifolius yielded caffeic acid derivatives, a simple coumarin glycoside, and various C-glycosyl flavonoids.
Moreover, balloon vaginoplasty also is a new technique for treating vaginal aplasia, which also is applied as a technically simple, physically safe, and medically effective alternative vaginoplasty for creating a neovagina, especially when conventional laparoscopic surgery is either infeasible or unsafe.
Moreover, as, elasticity of rods can be given a simple variational form.
Moreover, while contemporary churches featured imposing vestibules, the entry porches of the wooden synagogues was a low annex, usually with a simple lean-to roof.
Moreover, as in the case of compact simple Lie groups, the corresponding groups turned out to be almost simple as abstract groups ( Tits simplicity theorem ).
Moreover, there is no simple relationship of pH to nutrient availability because of the complex combination of soil types, soil moisture regimes and meteorological factors.
Moreover, there was no basis for supposing that the cost of land sold in fee simple ( as freehold titles ) would be less rather than more expensive -- leaseholds, being temporary, fetch lower prices than fee simple titles which convey the right of ownership in perpetuity.
Moreover, the simple formula will always err on the conservative side ( i. e., depth of focus will always be greater than calculated ).

Moreover and resistance
Moreover, many members of the Dáil, notably Arthur Griffith did not approve of IRA violence and would have preferred a campaign of passive resistance to British rule.
Moreover, the high resistance of TiN against biocorrosion qualifies the material for applications in biogenic environments and in biosensors.
Moreover, by the latter half of Thutmose III's reign, the more prominent high officials who had served Hatshepsut would have died, thereby eliminating the powerful religious and bureaucratic resistance to a change in direction in a highly stratified culture.
Moreover, he rejected the view that the impetus dissipated spontaneously ( this is the big difference between Buridan's theory of impetus and his predecessors ), asserting that a body would be arrested by the forces of air resistance and gravity which might be opposing its impetus.
Moreover, even after Venus is retaken by Terrans, several episodes deal with the remaining Venusian resistance and Neosapien forces who hid across Venus, refusing to surrender and awaiting reinforcements.
Moreover the elastic rail fastenings had little resistance to rail creep – the propensity of the rails to move gradually in the direction of traffic, and the workload of pulling back the rails to regulate the joints was surprisingly high.
Moreover, they argued any armed resistance would provoke the Germans to retaliate against the whole Jewish community.
Moreover, ketolides are effective against macrolide-resistant bacteria, due to their ability to bind at two sites at the bacterial ribosome as well as having a structural modification that makes them poor substrates for efflux-pump mediated resistance.
Moreover, the federal government's, and especially the Supreme Court's, hubris actually provoked the resistance of locals, since education in the United States is traditionally a matter for local control.
Moreover, Mussolini wanted to end the Abyssinian war, due to the poor performance of his general, Marshall Emilio De Bono, and unexpectedly hard Abyssinian resistance.
Moreover, control theory is met with some resistance for its compliance to a conservative view of the broader social order.

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