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Moreover and intellectual
Moreover, the Bricket Wood coven today is well known for its many members from academic or intellectual backgrounds, who contribute to the preservation of Wiccan knowledge.
Moreover, they further argued that scientific peer review does not necessarily detect intellectual fraud, viz.
Moreover he warned of a Jewish intellectual plot, claiming that Jews had " usurped " a good half of all literature.
Moreover, Prussia was the intellectual powerhouse of Germany and so dominated academia, not only in central Europe, but also in the United States until about 1900, because the American economics profession was led by holders of German Ph. Ds.
Moreover, the critic Paul de Man argued that the intellectual range of Benjamin ’ s writings flows dynamically among those three intellectual traditions, deriving a critique via juxtaposition ; the exemplar synthesis is " On the Concept of History " ( Theses on the Philosophy of History ).
Moreover, the idea of a political discussion in establishments that served quality beer became a symbol of freedom of association and expression, intellectual tolerance, and a higher standard of living.
Hence, and elsewhere, on publication day, in the May 1996 edition of the Lingua Franca journal, in the article “ A Physicist Experiments With Cultural Studies ”, Prof. Sokal announced that his transformative hermeneutics article was a parody, submitted “ to test the prevailing intellectual standards ”, concluding that, as an academic publication, Social Text ignored the requisite intellectual rigor of verification and “ felt comfortable publishing an article on quantum physics without bothering to consult anyone knowledgeable in the subject .” Moreover, as a public intellectual, Prof. Sokal said his hoax was an action protesting against the contemporary tendency towards obscurantism abstruse, esoteric, and vague writing in the social sciences:
Moreover he was an intellectual loner who was emotionally estranged from Mary.
Moreover, such an arbitrary decision pursuant to these select intellectual circles would bode ill for the State of Illinois ' university system.
Moreover, this problem is often ignored and instead of actively searching for a solution, some scientists simply accept that even educated people can't understand them and live in intellectual isolation.
Moreover, restrictive intellectual property laws often take the rights for a publication whether a book or article away from the author who has written it and the institutions that have subsidized their research.

Moreover and was
Moreover, as long as the weapon was carried openly, the sheriff's office had made no previous issue of it.
Moreover, because of the particular blot on your family escutcheon through what may only have been one unbridled moment on your grandmother's part, and because you had the lean-to kitchen and trundle bed of your childhood to outgrow, what you obviously most desired with both your conscious and unconscious person, what you bent your whole will, sensibility, and intelligence upon, was to be a lady.
Moreover, Col. Faget's information on Cuba was too outdated to be useful in `` screening '' Castro agents ; ;
Moreover, it is too readily forgotten that in the Republic what gave the initial impetus to Plato's excursus into the construction of an imaginary commonwealth with its ruling-class communism of goods, wives, and children, was his quest for a canon for the proper ordering of the individual human psyche ; ;
Moreover, an eventual meeting was desirable if for no other reason than to satisfy world opinion that the U. S. was not inflexible and was sparing no effort to ease international tensions.
Moreover, for those few there was almost no ecclesiastical representation in the city to care for their religious needs.
Moreover, the territory of Germania Superior was not originally included among the Alemanni's possessions.
Moreover, Justin II was moving away from the foreign policy of Justinian, and believed in dealing more strictly with bordering states and peoples.
Moreover, the special fund (€ 80, 189, 123 ) was removed from the asset and co-currently for the equity as scheduled, made Roma group had a negative equity of € 8. 795 million on 30 June 2007.
Moreover, although Reverend Peters claimed that the term blue law was originally used by Puritan colonists, his work has since been found to be unreliable.
Moreover just 10 percent of the Army was motorised in 1940.
Moreover, the Persian king Darius was a usurper, and had spent considerable time extinguishing revolts against his rule.
Moreover, he was the first Emperor who resorted to bribery as a means to secure army loyalty.
Moreover, a personal quarrel erupted between Buckingham and the Spanish nation between whom was mutual misunderstanding and ill temper.
Moreover, according to this thesis, a major motivational factor for Gorbachev was his realization that the Soviet Union could not compete economically with the USA However, if economic premises are taken into account, it is not clear why the Soviet leaders did not adopt the Chinese option economic liberalization with preservation of political system.
Moreover, the ongoing war in Afghanistan, and the mishandling of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, which Gorbachev tried to cover up, further damaged the credibility of the Soviet government at a time when dissatisfaction was increasing.
Moreover, during the mid-1970s the magazine was run by a Maoist editorial collective.
Moreover, a three-year Diploma program in Urban and Rural Planning was introduced.
Moreover, these unconventional troops created a psychological impact over the enemy, which was not used to dealing with horse troops, having no training or strategy to face them.
Moreover, it was traditionally considered in the hardware manufacturer's interest to guarantee that their clients can use their hardware in an optimum way.
Moreover, the distinction between the subjective mental act, namely the content of a concept, and the ( external ) object, was developed independently by Brentano and his school, and may have surfaced as early as Brentano's 1870's lectures on logic.
Moreover, a nest can survive over successive generations, so that progeny inherit both genetic material and a legacy niche that was constructed before their time.
Moreover, the study found that the more the school departed from the traditional college preparatory program, the better was the record of the graduates.

Moreover and important
Moreover, he entered into correspondence with Luther, discussing with him the most important problems of faith, and in 1524 he met him personally during the negotiations concerning his brother Albert's secularization of the Teutonic Order's state of Prussia into the secular Duchy of Prussia.
Moreover, the essay is an early analysis of speculative fiction by one of the most important authors in the genre.
Moreover, further debate about colonialism, which is linked to immigration, continued in France ; historian Benjamin Stora noted that colonialism is an important " memory " stake influencing how communities, and the nation, itself, represent themselves, because official state history has accepted French historic crimes and errors with great difficulty ; the historian Olivier LeCour Grandmaison also criticized the 23 February 2005 law.
Moreover, his dramas were repeatedly staged in the most important theatres in the whole world by the prominent directors such as Jorge Lavelli, Alf Sjöberg, Ingmar Bergman along with Jerzy Jarocki and Jerzy Grzegorzewski in Poland.
Moreover, the legitimacy and the accountability of NGOs on the point of their true nature are also emerging as important issues.
Moreover, Pennsylvania Avenue is an important commuter route and is part of the National Highway System.
Moreover, as the energy scale increases, the strength of the electromagnetic interaction approaches that of the other two fundamental interactions, a fact important for grand unification theories.
Moreover, anarchism occasionally describes all important state leaders and functionaries as part of the state bourgeoisie who control the private and public means of production in a state.
Moreover, his sons played an important role in fighting against Irish Catholic rebellion in the 1640s and ' 50s, assisting in the victory of the British and Protestant interest in Ireland.
Moreover Manfred founded Saint Matthew's Fair, which was the most important in the south of Italy.
Moreover, it did nothing to reduce political corruption and inefficiency, one of the most important and oldest problems in the Argentine government ( Argentina's Corruption Perceptions Index for 1999 was 3 out of 10, ranking 71st in a survey of 99 countries ).
Moreover the area became an important destination for pilgrims to a number of cult centres.
Moreover, variations in surface texture provide important visual cues to the orientation and slopes of surfaces, and the use of almost self-similar fractal patterns can help create natural looking visual effects.
Moreover, other important festivals include International Chamber Music Festival, the Oslo Chamber Music Festival, the Risor Chamber Music Festival and the Kristiansund Opera Festival.
Moreover, according to Socrates, this state of the soul, moral virtue, is the most important good.
Moreover, D & C algorithms can be designed for important algorithms ( e. g., sorting, FFTs, and matrix multiplication ) to be optimal cache-oblivious algorithms – they use the cache in a provably optimal way, in an asymptotic sense, regardless of the cache size.
Moreover, the ice particles that are believed to participate in the electrification processes which result in a lightning discharge have an important role in the radiative feedback effects that influence the atmosphere temperature.
Moreover, even though State Councils were still kept functioning in the former Federated Malay States, it lost the limited autonomy that they enjoyed as they administered some local and less important aspects of government and the Federal government in Kuala Lumpur controlling vital aspects.
Moreover, when we turn to those documents, which are authoritative, we find the Syllabus cannot even be called an echo of the Apostolic Voice ; for, in matters in which wording is so important, it is not an exact transcript of the words of the Pope, in its account of the errors condemned, just as would be natural in what is an index for reference.
Moreover, two important legally binding agreements were opened for signature:
Moreover, Itami is one of the important sake-brewing cities in Japan.
Moreover agriculture, mainly pasture farming, plays an important role.
Moreover, modern farmers markets help maintain important social ties, linking rural and urban populations and even close neighbors in mutually rewarding exchange.
Moreover, S. pneumoniae has become a relatively less important cause.

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