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Morgan and led
Morgan had 15 homers and stole 49 bases while Menke led the Astros with 90 RBIs.
On 28 February 2008, Sony made a similar announcement, of impending sale to a consortium led by American investment banking giant ( now bank holding company ) Morgan Stanley.
In the absence of her husband, Gwenllian led an army against the Norman lordship of Cydweli ( Kidwelly ), taking along her two youngest sons, Morgan and Maelgwn.
The link between skinheads and Jamaican music led to the development of the skinhead reggae genre, performed by artists such as: Desmond Dekker, Derrick Morgan, Laurel Aitken, Symarip and The Pioneers.
Glen Morgan and James Wong's early influence on The X-Files mythology led to their introduction of popular secondary characters who would continue for years in episodes written by others, such as the Scully family: Dana's father, William ( Don S. Davis ); her mother, Margaret ( Sheila Larken ); and her sister, Melissa ( Melinda McGraw ).
The firm was led by Perry Hall, the last founder to lead Morgan Stanley, from 1951 – 1961.
Corral ), the Earp brothers ( Wyatt, Morgan, Virgil and James ) are driving cattle to California when they cross the Clanton family led by the " Old Man ".
But over the following 55 days, widespread press coverage, as well as pressure from Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher, the community of Hershey, and Dauphin County Orphans ' Court Senior Judge Warren G. Morgan, led to the sale being abandoned.
Opponents in the legislature, led by freshman Cecil Morgan of Shreveport, moved to impeach Long on charges ranging from blasphemy to corruption, bribery, and misuse of state funds.
On July 9, 1863, Confederate cavalry led by Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan, aided by the citizens of Brandenburg, Kentucky, crossed the Ohio River into Indiana to begin what is known as " Morgan's Raid ".
The Confederate Army led by Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan camped in Palmyra on the night of July 9, 1863 after the Battle of Corydon.
The Morgan State University Choir was led for more than three decades by the late Dr. Nathan Carter, celebrated conductor, composer, and arranger, is one of the nation ’ s most prestigious university choral ensembles.
A meeting in March 1933 of six actors ( Berton Churchill, Charles Miller, Grant Mitchell, Ralph Morgan, Alden Gay, and Kenneth Thomson ) led to the guild's foundation.
In 1863, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan led his Morgan's Raiders past Union lines through Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.
Oak Hill was also a stop on Morgan's Raid, led by Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan during the American Civil War.
Ebensburg originated in November 1796, when Congregational Minister Rhees Lloyd led a small party of 20 Welsh from Philadelphia to the lands Morgan John Rhees had chosen for his Welsh colony.
As four-seaters were more profitable, two-seaters increasingly turned over to specialist manufacturers, led by Alvis, Aston-Martin, and Frazer-Nash, with shoestring budgets, fanatic followers, and limited sales ( today exemplified by Aston and Morgan ): between 1921 and 1939, 350 Astons were built ; 323 Frazer-Nashes in the period 1924 – 39.
When Morgan Freeman won that prize for his work in Million Dollar Baby, he led the audience in a sing-along of the original Maverick theme song, written by David Buttolph and Paul Francis Webster.
Vowing to never let it happen again, and realizing that in a future crisis there was not likely to be another Morgan, banking and political leaders, led by Senator Nelson Aldrich devised a plan that became the Federal Reserve System in 1913.
In March 2004 Canary Wharf Group plc was forced to be taken over by a consortium of investors backed by its largest shareholder Glick Family Investments and led by Morgan Stanley using a vehicle named Songbird Estates plc.
Earth turned inward and suffered from xenophobic tendencies in the late 2250s under the despotic regime of President Morgan Clark, until a military coup led by John Sheridan overthrew the Clark regime and helped establish Earth as one of the major players in the Interstellar Alliance.
While Gates and his supporters took credit for the victory, military actions had actually been directed by a cohort of field commanders led by Benedict Arnold, Enoch Poor, Benjamin Lincoln, and Daniel Morgan.
Morgan used this advantage to initiate guerrilla tactics by which he first killed the Indian guides the British used to find their way through the rugged terrain and also to kill the British officers that led the troops.
Serving under General " Light-Horse Harry " Lee, Morgan led one wing of the militia army into Western Pennsylvania.

Morgan and regiment
Near the start of the Civil War, Parker tried to raise a regiment of Iroquois volunteers to fight for the Union, but was turned down by New York Governor Edwin D. Morgan.
Among the more prominent were Gen. Beroth B. Eggleston, a native of New York ; Col. A. T. Morgan, of the Second Wisconsin Volunteers ; Gen. W. S. Barry, former commander of a Colored regiment raised in Kentucky ; an Illinois general and lawyer who graduated from Knox College ; Maj. W. H. Gibbs, of the Fifteenth Illinois infantry ; Judge W. B. Cunningham, of Pennsylvania ; and Cap.
Benedict Arnold rode up to General Morgan, pointed at Fraser and told Morgan the man was worth a regiment.
Morgan resigned in 1862 and returned to Alabama, where in August he recruited a new regiment, the 51st Alabama Partisan Rangers, becoming its colonel.
Crossing the Cumberland River at Burkesville, Kentucky, Morgan ’ s column advanced to the Green River, where it was deflected by a Union regiment at Tebbs Bend on July 4.
Colonel Alfred Wood advised the Honorable Governor Morgan that the regiment was prepared to march and had accepted a three year federal enlistment.
When Governor Morgan learned that the regiment was preparing to march, he telegraphed Colonel Wood and inquired " by what authority " did he move his regiment, Colonel Wood coolly replied, " By the authority of the President of the United States.

Morgan and with
Morgan filled the fire box with wood again, then started supper and set the table.
He said: `` If it's all right with you, Mr. Morgan, I'll sleep out here on the couch.
Apparently still sensitive about the idea with which General Gates had approached him at Saratoga, namely, that George Washington be replaced, Morgan was vehement in his support of the commander-in-chief during the campaign around Philadelphia.
Morgan hotly denied this and informed the Board of War that the men in camp linked the name of Peters with the plot against Washington.
Morgan and his corps were placed on the west side of the Schuylkill River, with instructions to intercept all supplies found going to the city and to keep a close eye on the movements of the enemy.
The headquarters of Morgan was on a farm, said to have been particularly well located so as to prevent the farmers nearby from trading with the British, a practice all too common to those who preferred to sell their produce for British gold rather than the virtually worthless Continental currency.
In his dealings with offenders, however, Morgan was typically firm but just.
Interestingly enough, the order transmitted to Morgan through Alexander Hamilton also informed him that `` A party of Indians will join the party to be sent from your command at Whitemarsh, and act with them ''.
Obviously the commander-in-chief had confidence that Morgan would furnish him good intelligence too, for on the 23rd of May, he told Morgan that the British were prepared to move, perhaps in the night, and asked Morgan to have two of his best horses ready to dispatch to General Smallwood with the intelligence obtained.
Morgan took the suggested steps, but when Mrs. Sanderson appeared, there was nobody with her but her husband, whom he promptly sent to headquarters to be questioned.
A letter of a few days later from Washington's aide to Morgan stated, `` His Excellency is highly pleased with your conduct upon this occasion ''.
Louis Sherry once stayed a fortnight at the Palace, and he was so pleased with omelet Arbogast that he introduced it at his restaurant in New York J. Pierpont Morgan had come in his private train to San Francisco, to attend an Episcopal convention, and brought the restaurateur with him.
As things happened, Morgan was installed in the Nob Hill residence of a magnate friend, whose kitchen swarmed with cooks of approved talent.
In Inside Africa, John Gunther describes one of these, the Societe Generale, as `` the kind of colossus that might be envisaged if, let us say, the House of Morgan, Anaconda Copper, the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and various companies producing agricultural products were lumped together, with the United States government as a heavy partner ''.
" is attributed to his son William De Morgan, but a family friend John Thomas Graves was prolific, and a manuscript with over 2, 800 has been preserved.
In 1997, ACM Press published Wizards and Their Wonders: Portraits in Computing ( ISBN 0897919602 ), written by Christopher Morgan, with new photographs by Louis Fabian Bachrach.
Costas has teamed with Isiah Thomas and Doug Collins for NBA telecasts ( from 1997 – 2000 ) and Sal Bando ( 1982 ), Tony Kubek ( from 1983 – 1989 ), Joe Morgan and Bob Uecker ( from 1994 – 2000 ) for baseball telecasts.
Mather's first published sermon, which appeared in 1686, concerned the crime and punishment of James Morgan, a reprobate who in a drunken rage impaled a man with an iron spit.
Chris Morgan and Brian Holland, both with drug offense histories, had abruptly departed for Oceanside, California, four days after the bodies were discovered.
Morgan was presumed to be at least casually familiar with all three murdered boys, having previously driven an ice cream truck route in their neighborhood.
During subsequent questioning, Morgan claimed a long history of drug and alcohol use, along with blackouts and memory lapses.
The first major challenge to conventional eugenics based upon genetic inheritance was made in 1915 by Thomas Hunt Morgan, who demonstrated the event of genetic mutation occurring outside of inheritance involving the discovery of the hatching of a fruit fly with white eyes from a family and ancestry of the red-eyed Drosophila melanogaster species of fruit fly.

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