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Mosheh and ben
His full Hebrew name is Rabbi Mosheh ben Maimon (), whose acronym forms " Rambam " ( רמב " ם ).
* Tiklal Ha-Mefoar ( MAHARITS ) Nusahh Baladi, Meyusad Al Pi Ha-Tiklal Im Etz Hayim Ha-Shalem Arukh Ke-Minhag Yahaduth Teiman: Bene Berak: Or Neriyah ben Mosheh Ozeri, or 2002
Taking as his framework the metaphysical and psychological system of Moses Maimonides ( Mosheh ben Maimon, 1135 / 8 1204 ), Abulafia strove for spiritual experience, which he viewed as a prophetic state similar to or even identical with that of the ancient Jewish prophets.
** Geiger, Mosheh ben Maimon, p. 70 ;
Aharon ben Mosheh ben Asher was a Jewish scholar from Tiberias, famous as the most authoritative of the Tiberias masoretes, and a member of a family who had been involved in creating and maintaining the Masorah ( authoritative text of the Hebrew scripture ), for at least five generations.
Recent research indicates, however, that it is probable that the subject of Saadia's attack was Aharon ben Mosheh ben Asher.
** Aharon ben Mosheh ben Asher refiner of the Tiberian writing system, regarded as having produced the most accurate version of the Masoretic Text

Mosheh and called
These principles of Biblical law are sometimes called connections or commandments ( mitzvot ) and referred to collectively as the " Law of Moses " ( Torat Mosheh, ), " Mosaic Law ," " Sinaitic Law ," or simply " the Law ".

Mosheh and Moses
One of them, ( Judges 18: 30 ), is due to an alteration of the original out of reverence for Moses ; rather than say that Moses ' grandson became an idolatrous priest, a suspended letter nun ( נ ) was inserted to turn Mosheh into Menasheh ( Manasseh ).
Several funeral orations delivered on that occasion have been preserved ( Moses Albelda, Darash Mosheh ; Samuel Katzenellenbogen, Derashot ), as well as some elegies from Karo's passing.
In 1570 he wrote a commentary on the Pentateuch titled " Yede Mosheh " ( The Hands of Moses ); also an exposition of the Talmudical treatise " Abot " ( Ethics of the Fathers ), published in Salonica in 1563 ; and a collection of sermons delivered upon various occasions, particularly funeral orations, entitled " Meammeẓ Koaḥ " ( Re-enforcing Strength ).
* Shoḥaṭe ha-Yeladim ( printed with Moses Ventura's Yemin Mosheh, Amsterdam, 1718 ), Hebrew verse on the laws of slaughtering and porging, composed at the request of his son Moses
* Sefer ha-Hosafah a supplement to the Darhkei Mosheh of Moses Isserles, printed with the Choshen Mishpat, Dyhernfurth, 1796 ;
* Ebel Mosheh ( 1885 ), sermon delivered on the death of Sir Moses Montefiore
#"' Ene Mosheh " ( Eyes of Moses ), on Ruth.
#" Massat Mosheh " ( Moses ' Gift ), on the book of Esther, presented by the author to his brethren as a Purim gift, Venice, 1601.

Mosheh and Maimonides
A popular medieval saying that also served as his epitaph states, From Mosheh ( of the Torah ) to Mosheh ( Maimonides ) there was none like Mosheh.

Mosheh and also
He also announced that Mosheh Lichtenstein, the son of his co-Rosh Yeshiva Aharon Lichtenstein, would assume the position as the fourth Rosh Yeshiva on that same day.

Mosheh and for
Mosheh Marzouq, one of the Egyptian Jews executed in 1954 for planting bombs at Cairo in the service of Israeli Military Intelligence ( the Lavon Affair ) was a Karaite.

Mosheh and Rabbi
Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein, a Modern Orthodox rabbi who serves as a Rosh Yeshiva in Har Etzion
On October 28, 2008, Rav Lichtenstein's eldest son, Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein, was officially invested as co-Rosh Yeshiva, simultaneous with Rav Amital's official retirement, this time with an eye toward Rav Aharon Lichtenstein's eventual plan to retire.

Mosheh and was
Harvey maintained throughout his life that his birth name was Laruschka Mischa Skikne, but it was actually Zvi Mosheh Skikne.
After the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, Spanish theurgical Qabbalah, which had developed without any significant impact from ecstatic Qabbalah, was integrated with the latter ; this combination became, through the book Pardes Rimmonim by Mosheh Cordovero, part of mainstream Qabbalah.

Mosheh and Jewish
Intending to refute Eldad's assertion of the existence of independent Jewish states — an assertion contrary to the teaching of the Roman-Catholic Church — the Christian writer told of a priest who ruled over the great kingdom of Ethiopia, to which were subject some Jewish tribes, including the Bene Mosheh who dwelt beyond the River Sambation.

Mosheh and .
* Veha-seneh enenu ukal: zikhronot mi-tekufot ha-ma ' avak le-hatsalat Yehude Romanyah me-et David Mosheh Rozen.
The four other tribes communicate with the Bene Mosheh from the borders of the river.
The Bene Mosheh dwell in beautiful houses, and no unclean animal is found in their land.
Sefer Igrot Mosheh.
#" Torat Mosheh " ( Commentary on the Pentateuch ), first ed.
# Extracts from this commentary are included in " Minhah Qe ' tannah ," a commentary on the earlier prophets ; published in the Biblia Rabbinica ( Qohelet Mosheh ), Amsterdam, 1724.
#" Yarim Mosheh " is the title of a commentary on Abot, gathered from the works of Alshich by Joseph B. M. Schlenker, Fürth, 1764.

ben and Maimon
In his commentary on the Talmud, Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ) wrote:
The Medieval rabbinic figure Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ), also known as the Rambam, wrote a commentary to tractate Sanhedrin stressing a relatively naturalistic interpretation of the Messiah and de-emphasizing miraculous elements.
* Abraham ben Moses Maimon
lad: Moshe ben Maimon ( Rambam )
Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, better known as Maimonides or " The Rambam " ( 1135-1204 CE ), lived at a time when both Christianity and Islam were developing active theologies.
* Hilchot Deot by Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon )
* The Eight Chapters by Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon )
; 1135 1204: Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, aka Maimonides or the Rambam is the leading rabbi of Sephardic Jewry.
On the other end of the philosophical spectrum is the view of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, better known as Maimonides.
Shmuel Ha-Nagid, Hasdai Ibn Shaprut, and Rabbi Moshe ben Hanoch founded the Lucena Yeshiva that produced such brilliant scholars as Rabbi Yitzhak ibn Ghiath and Rabbi Maimon ben Yosef ( father of Maimonides ).
He was a student of his father, Rabbi Maimon ben Yosef ( a student of Joseph ibn Migash ) in Cordoba, Spain.
While such scholars as Rabbi Saadia Gaon, Rabbi Bahya ibn Paquda, and Rabbi Yehuda Halevi elaborated on proper monotheism and the issues of idolatry, without a doubt Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ( Maimonides ) was the most thorough in his elucidation of monotheism and the problems of idolatry.
The Mishneh Torah (, " Repetition of the Torah ") subtitled Sefer Yad HaHazaka ( ספר יד החזקה " Book of the Strong Hand ,") is a code of Jewish religious law ( Halakha ) authored by Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, also known as RaMBaM or " Rambam "), one of history's foremost rabbis.
* Moses ben Maimon
Maimonides ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ) lamented the pains that Jews felt as a result of new faiths that attempted to supplant Judaism, specifically Christianity and Islam.
Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon ( Maimonides ) stated in the Mishneh Torah Sefer Shofetím, Hilekhót Mumarím 3: 3
* Moshe ben Maimon ( Maimonides ) ( 1135-1204 )
Moreh Nevukhim ; Arabic:, dalālatul ḥā ’ irīn, ) is one of the major works of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, better known as Maimonides or " the Rambam ".
Among these are Ibn Rushayd al-Sabti ( d. 1321 ), Mohammed Ibn al-Hajj al-Abdari al-Fasi ( d. 1336 ), Abu Imran al-Fasi ( d. 1015 ), a leading theorist of the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence, Leo Africanus, a renowned traveler and writer, and Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon.

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