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Most and Berber
Most Moroccans are Sunni Muslims, mainly of Arab-Berber, Arabized Berber or Berber stock.
Most of the Arabic accounts agree that Ṭāriq was the Berber freedman of Mūsā.
Most notable were the moriscos and muladies, that is, the indigenous Spaniards who had earlier converted to the Muslim faith and were fleeing, together with ethnic Arab and Berber Muslims, from the Spanish Catholic Reconquista.
Most sources agree in regarding Ghadames as lying outside of Northern Berber, but the Ethnologue does not.
Most Tunisians view Tunisian Arabic as a derivative form of Classical Arabic with loanwords from Berber, French, Italian, Turkish and Spanish though awareness of Tunisian as a distinct language is growing, especially among the younger generation.
Most of the contingent was then sent to work on a railway line that was being laid across the desert towards Berber, on the Nile.
Most also speak Arabic, though they use the Zenati dialect of the Berber language in everyday life.
Most of the Idrisids settled among the Berber tribes of the Rif Mountains where they were protected by the reluctance of tribal elders to have the local descendants of the Prophet Muhammad's family be whiped out.

Most and /
Most commercial uses of urethane foams require densities between 2 and 30 lb. / cu. ft. for rigid foams, between 1 and 3 lb. / cu. ft. for flexible foams.
Most modern helicopters now have budget splits of 60 / 40 in favour of avionics.
Most modern English grammarians no longer use the Latin accusative / dative model, though they tend to use the terms objective for oblique, subjective for nominative, and possessive for genitive ( see Declension in English ).
Most air shows feature warbirds, aerobatics, and demonstrations of modern military aircraft, and many air shows offer a variety of other aeronautical attractions as well, such as wing-walking, radio-controlled aircraft, water / slurry drops from firefighting aircraft, simulated helicopter rescues and sky diving.
Most people admired the work of producer / DJ Cliff ' the Jazz ' Nille after releasing Spookrijders debut album De Echte Shit.
Most of IBM's early binary " scientific " computers, beginning with the vacuum tube IBM 701 in 1952, used a single 36-bit accumulator, along with a separate multiplier / quotient register to handle operations with longer results.
Most of Burkina's people are concentrated in the south and center of the country, sometimes exceeding 48 per square kilometer ( 125 / sq.
Most commonly, bandwidth refers to the 3-dB bandwidth, that is, the frequency range within which the spectral density ( in W / Hz or V < sup > 2 </ sup >/ Hz ) is above half its maximum value ( or the spectral amplitude, in V or V / Hz, is more than 70. 7 % of its maximum ); that is, above − 3 dB relative to the peak.
Most Eastern Orthodox churches allow varying amounts of formalised laity and / or lower clergy influence on the choice of bishops.
Most modern interpreters, however, see Joel speaking of a literal locust plague given a prophetic / apocalyptic interpretation.
Most versions of DOS have a file called " IO. SYS ", " IBMBIO. COM ", " IBMBIO. SYS ", or " DRBIOS. SYS "; this file is known as the " DOS BIOS ", which is analogous to the " CP / M BIOS ".
Most games begin with a specific layout of cards, called a tableau, and the object is then either to construct a more elaborate final layout, or to clear the tableau and / or the draw pile or stock by moving all cards to one or more " discard " or " foundation " piles.
Most black comedies involve crime or other intense moments like average school / workplace bullying.
* Most caniforms, such as domestic dogs, wolves, foxes, bears, weasels / ferrets, seals and walruses
Most include the familiar GNU and / or Unix development tools, including make, yacc, lex and a cc command which acts a wrapper around a supported C compiler.
Most of the city's residential streets also tend to have a wide patch of grass and / or trees between the street and the sidewalk itself.
Most crochet uses far less than 1 / 3 more yarn than knitting for comparable pieces, and a crocheter can get similar feel and drape to knitting by using a larger hook or thinner yarn.
Most releases that contain the label " director's cut " or " extended edition " include minor changes and / or scene additions not seen in a film's theatrical release, but that do not tend to greatly affect or change the plot, story or overall product.
Most bluegrass bassists use the 3 / 4 size bass, but the full-size and 5 / 8 size basses are also used.
Most modern day electronics now use printed circuit boards made of materials such as FR4, or the cheaper ( and less hard-wearing ) Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper ( SRBP, also known as Paxoline / Paxolin ( trade marks ) and FR2 )-characterised by its light yellow-to-brown colour.
Most commercial mining explosives have detonation velocities ranging from 1800 m / s to 8000 m / s.

Most and Arab
Most of the Christian quarters are named after the Arab Ghassanid clans that settled there.
Most of them were Dutch, French, British ( English ), Arab and Jewish ( from Lebanon and Morocco ), Chinese ( especially from Macau ), American, and Brazilian ( including people of Portuguese and African descent ).
Most Arab countries were skeptical about the " Eisenhower doctrine " because they considered " Zionist imperialism " the real danger.
Most important are the reservation by most Arab nations concerning the immunity of diplomatic bags and non-recognition of Israel.
Most Arab nations still give credence to Egypt playing that role, though its effects are often limited.
Most fish and seafood is imported from neighboring Pakistan, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.
* Asian Film Festival: Most notable amongst the Asian Film Festivals are the Osian's-Cinefan Film Festival, which was recently expanded to include Arab Cinema as well, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival ( HKIFF ) and Busan International Film Festival ( BIFF ).
Most Arab states were also among the first countries to recognise Qatar, and the state promptly gained admittance to the United Nations and the Arab League.
Most Saudis are ethnically Arab of whom they immigrated as pilgrims and reside in the Hijaz region along the Red Sea coast such as Jeddah, Makkah and Madina.
Most of this foreign aid ( in excess of $ 15 billion ) has been to Arab and Muslim countries.
* 677: Most of the Arab fleet is destroyed by Greek fire ; the Persian crown prince flees to the T ' ang court.
Most of the local schools show openness to Arab culture, even providing Arabic language classes for both Italians and Arabs, and encouraging integration with the autochthonous students.
Most Arab casualties resulted from clashes with British forces attempting to restore order.
Most Jewish and Arab Palestinian militant groups attain the policy of cease fire with each other and the British.
Most of them were used as sexual slaves by the Arab men and some were even taken as wives.
Most Jews lived in the Muslim Arab realm ( Andalusia, North Africa, Palestine, Iraq and Yemen ).
Most Arab countries today, however, do not use ' ibn ' and ' bint ' in their naming system.
Most notably, the perception of Egypt within the Arab world changed.
Most of them are Javanese, Chinese, Arab, Indian, Minangkabau, or Sundanese.
Most recently, the Iraq War has displaced the regional Assyrian community, as its people have faced ethnic and religious persecution at the hands of Islamic extremists and Arab and Kurdish nationalists.
Most of al-Birwa's inhabitants fled to the nearby Arab towns and villages including Tamra, Kabul and other localities.
Most belly dancers performing for tourists in Egypt today are foreigners, both from Europe and from elsewhere in the Arab world ( particularly Lebanon ).
Most of the AIP's activities were centered in the Palestinian political field, but the party also worked towards achieving Arab unity and solidarity as a means to strengthen Arab resistance against the British Mandate in Palestine and increased Jewish settlement occurring there.

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