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Most and Civil
( Most notably, in the case Li v. Yellow Cab Co., 13 Cal. 3d 804 ( 1975 ), the California Supreme Court adopted the principle of comparative negligence in the face of a California Civil Code provision codifying the traditional common-law doctrine of contributory negligence.
Most recently Chuck D became involved in Let Freedom Sing: The Music of the Civil Rights, a 3-CD box set from Time Life.
Most countries have authorities that oversee all civil aviation, including general aviation, adhering to the standardized codes of the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ).
Most of the engineers and supervisors were Army veterans who had learned their trade keeping the trains running during the American Civil War.
Most Democrats and Republicans in the Senate — in fact four-fifths of the members of his own party — voted for the Civil Rights Act, but not Senator Goldwater.
Most of the laws in Latin American countries are also heavily based in the Napoleonic Code, such as the Chilean Civil Code and the Puerto Rican Civil Code.
Most saltpeter mining in Middle Tennessee occurred during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.
Most states model their general jurisdiction trial court rules closely upon the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure with modifications to address types of cases that come up predominantly in state practice, and model their professional ethics rules closely upon models drafted by the American Bar Association with minor modifications.
Most of Berkeley County's residents were loyal to the South during the American Civil War.
Most saltpeter mining occurred during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.
Most saltpeter mining in Middle Tennessee occurred during the War of 1812 and the Civil War, but the exact date of this operation is unclear.
Most of the inhabitants would not be allowed to return to their homes until after the Civil War ended in May 1865.
Most, but not all, of the Osages fled Kansas during the Civil War.
Most of the original settlers were driven out in 1862 due to the Dakota War, but settlers began returning after the Civil War.
Most of Mullica Hill's historic buildings were built following the Civil War.
Most of Brasenose favoured the Royalist side during the English Civil War, although it produced notable generals and clergy on both sides.
Most of these buildings were destroyed during the Civil War, which divided the Cherokees into two bitterly opposing sides.
Most of eastern China was ravaged by the Second Sino-Japanese War the Chinese Civil War, by contrast, Qinghai was relatively untouched.
Most of the action in the story is set in a parallel world where the English Civil War has been indefinitely prolonged by the actions of the Disruptors, who are also responsible for unleashing " Firefrost ", a legendary artifact which is destabilising the multiverse.
Most of these occurred as villages were overrun and captured during the Second phase of the Civil War, Operation Dani, Operation Hiram and Operation Yoav.
Most nation-building efforts were stopped during the full-scale War of Resistance against Japan from 1937 to 1945, and later the widening gap between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party made a coalition government impossible, causing the resumption of the Chinese Civil War.
Most had some education outside China, and their formative experiences included the Long March, the Chinese Civil War, and the Second Sino-Japanese War.
Most country towns and rural areas were patrolled by pairs of Guardia Civil, a military police for civilians, which functioned as his chief means of social control.
Most southern blacks had been denied opportunities for education literacy by laws before the Civil War.

Most and Guard
Most of these two founding groups of professors remained at Stanford until their retirement and were referred to as the " Old Guard ".
Most members of the Guard of the Rock are full-time soldiers, but there is also a single Company of volunteers called the " Fortress Guard, Artillery Company " which exists for the now purely ceremonial duty of firing the cannon of the Palazzo Pubblico on ceremonial occasions.
Most of these, including the Yeomen of the Guard, had the duty of protecting the sovereign and other dignitaries as a bodyguard, and carrying out various duties for the sovereign as assigned to his office.
Most prominent is its air refueling mission, with two wings, one active, the 92d Air Refueling Wing, and one Air National Guard, the 141st Air Refueling Wing, both flying the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker.
Most of the ties the team had with the National Guard had been severed.
Most Guard air units were stripped of many key personnel, and the units were federalized into the regular Army Air Corps and were re-equipped with more modem aircraft.
Most of the Arkansas Guard was quickly demobilized, but the ad hoc TF153Inf assumed control at Thanksgiving when the 327th withdrew, and patrolled inside and outside the school for the remainder of the school year.
Most of the Michigan National Guard were white, while many of the Army troops were black.
Most recently, the Air National Guard used it as a training range.
Most of the Peshmerga's efforts were to keep a region under the specific party's control and to fight off any incursions by the Iraqi Republican Guard.
Most of these members migrated back to scout platoons since higher commands was to slow or negligent at routing specialized material needed for such a high activity unit since Navel Home Guard had problems just filling MOTBON Indsats ( Motorized infantry in reaction force in Navel Home Guard ) with required gear.
Most of the game's music uses a call and response pattern in order to allow for alternating Attack and Guard phases, with Gitaroo Man and his rival dominant in each respectively.
Most government residences are guarded by members of the division's Special Guard Unit.
Most non-Republican Guard armored units had older tank designs, mainly the T-55 or its Chinese equivalents, the Type 59 and Type 69.
Most Government agencies rely on larger ships for rescues further from shore such as Royal Navy ships in the United Kingdom and Coast Guard Cutters used in the USA ( Although the UK Coastguard does use larger vessels to tow ships in distress ).
Most recently in disguise as a member of the Phoenix Guard under the codename Friday.
Most Aids to Navigation Boats of the United States Coast Guard are stationed with Aids to Navigation Teams ( ANT ).
Most Minnesota Guard soldiers train at Camp Ripley during two-week annual training periods.
Most units drill on military installations, military reserve centers or National Guard armories and most receive a great deal of cooperation and support from their host units.
A number of his stories were made into films, including Nai-vyarnata ctrazha ( The Most Loyal Guard, film in 1929 ); Shibil ( 1968 ); Nona ( 1973, from the novel Chiflikut krai granitsata ); and 24 Chasa duzhd ( 1982, based on the novel Chastinyat uchitel ).
Most of the units who rotated through Camp Polk during 1952-54 were trained for combat by the 37th Infantry Division of the Ohio Army National Guard.
Most members of the Young Guard, about 80 people, were tortured and then executed by the Germans.

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