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Most and Indians
Most American Indians are comfortable with Indian, American Indian, and Native American, and the terms are often used interchangeably.
Most archeologists believe that the Taos Indians along with other Pueblo Indians settled along the Rio Grande migrated from the Four Corners region.
Most of the Indians moved north into Nebraska on their way to the Black Hills and the Powder River.
Most of the labor was provided by the local Indians, and many believe they provided most or all of the artisans as well.
) Most of the boat's passengers were killed by the Indians.
Most of the land within the county boundary is under Federal Trust for the exclusive use by enrolled Menominee Indians.
Most of the population is made up of Yupik Eskimos, Aleuts, and Athabascan Indians.
Most tribal land still owned by ethnic Indians was recollectivized in 1934.
Most observers, whether they were in favor of the Indian removal policy or not, realized that the passage of the act meant the inevitable removal of most Indians from the states.
He helped the Indians win a franchise-record 111 wins and AL pennant in and finished second in the AL Most Valuable Player ( MVP ) award voting as he was the season's RBI leader and home run champion for the second time in three seasons.
* Most Indians have the Trap – bath split of Received Pronunciation.
Most likely Paleo Indians were at the Gap around 10500 BC.
Most Indians in Gibraltar are in business, many of the shops on the Rock's Main Street being Indian-owned.
Most traditional Indians follow the 40-day confinement and recuperation period also known as the ' Jaappa ' ( in Hindi ).
Most of his time was spent as part of a frontier regiment guarding against raids by Indians.
Most of these men panicked and fled ; some of the attacking Indians pursued them, resulting in a string of dead and wounded that extended for several miles.
In 1948, he won the American League Most Valuable Player Award and managed the Cleveland Indians to the World Series title.
Most parts were played by white actors but, since 1970, Indians have also been hired to play major roles.
Most of the Rogue River Indians were removed in 1856 to reservations further north.
Most importantly, the treaty specified what Red Cloud sought: " no white person or persons shall be permitted to settle upon or occupy any portion " of the Powder River country " or without the consent of the Indians first had and obtained, to pass through " the Powder River country.
Most are West Indians but there is also a large Black African population.
Most of the Brazilian Hindus are ethnic East Indians.
Most of the Pueblo offered little resistance to the Spanish occupation, although Oñate put down a revolt at Acoma Pueblo by killing and enslaving hundreds of the Indians and sentencing 24 men to have one of their feet amputated.

Most and are
Most of them are Democrats and nearly all consider themselves, and are viewed as, liberals.
Most assuredly ideas are invaluable.
Most students of literature, whether they call themselves scholars or critics, are ready to argue that it is possible to understand literary works as well as to enjoy them.
Most women, in this age of freezers, shop for the entire week on week-ends, when prices are lower.
Most Juniors who were entered in the Finals are seasoned campaigners and not only show and win in Junior Classes but score in the Breed Classes as well.
Most beakers are graduated in cubic centimeters ( cc. ), making it necessary to convert the result to cubic inches.
Most seams are sewn with backstitch, especially on curved, slanted or loose edges.
Most floor battens are glued and screwed to the flooring.
Most of the data used are from Groth's Chemische Krystallographie.
Most manufacturers also seem to be concentrating on formulating fire-resistant or self-extinguishing grades of urethane foam that are aimed specifically at the burgeoning building markets.
Most other desserts are fruit in some form, fresh fruits once daily at least, sometimes at snack time.
The general board declared: `` Most of the Protestant churches hold contraception and periodic continence to be morally right when the motives are right.
1 ) Most of the legends that are created to fan the fires of patriotism are essentially propagandistic and are not folk legends at all.
Most Jewish mothers are determined to exercise vigilance over the social and sexual lives of their daughters by keeping them home.
Most members of the U.S. Senate, because they are human, like to eat as high on the hog as they can.
Most library budgets are hopelessly inadequate.
Most of these former churches are now used as warehouses, but `` neither Anglicans nor Nonconformists object to selling churches to Roman Catholics '', and have done so.
Most of the female faces are new, or at least not too familiar.
Most references to " amoebas " or " amoebae " are to amoeboids in general rather than to the specific genus Amoeba.
Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, though they support many additional characters.
Most have four limbs and live in fresh water or on land but the caecilians, though included in the group, live in burrows in damp soil and are limbless.
Most salamanders are under long.

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