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Most and accurate
Most recreational mail today is made of butted links which are galvanized or stainless steel, this is historically inaccurate but is much less expensive to procure and maintain than historically accurate reproductions.
Most accurate relative gravimeters are superconducting gravimeters, and these are sensitive to one thousandth of one billionth of the Earth surface gravity.
Most of the commercial maps of the second half of the 19th century were lithographed and unattractive, though accurate enough.
Most well-known is article 1, which sets out the four criteria for statehood that have sometimes been recognized as an accurate statement of customary international law:
Most Roman accounts of triumphs were written to provide their readers with a moral lesson, rather than to provide an accurate description of the triumphal process, procession, rites and their meaning.
" Most of his work focuses on the Australian bush, such as the desolate " Past Carin '", and is considered by some to be among the first accurate descriptions of Australian life as it was at the time.
Most of the time, people conform for one of two reasons: informational social influence, following the opinions or behavior of other people because we believe that they have accurate knowledge and that what they are doing is right, and normative social influences, conforming to obtain the reward that comes from being accepted by other people while at the same time avoiding their rejection.
Most elements of the sex-positive movement advocate comprehensive and accurate sex education as part of its campaign.
* Most cameras have ± 2 % accuracy or worse in measurement of temperature and are not as accurate as contact methods
Most reforms for calendars have been to make them more accurate.
Most of this knowledge was translated in 904 CE from Syriac sources into the book called " The Nabatean Agriculture " by Ibn Wahshiyya ; Maimonides considered it an accurate record of the beliefs of the Sabians, whose role as a pre-Judaic monotheistic movement he commented on at length.
Most early advocacy groups described themselves as Single Taxers, and George endorsed this as being an accurate description of the philosophy's main political goal – the replacement of all taxes with a land value tax.
Most telescopic lenses employed in military or police roles have special reticles to aid with judgment of distance, which is an important factor in accurate shot placement due to the bullet's trajectory.
Most cam timers use a miniature mains synchronous motor to rotate the mechanism at an accurate constant speed.
Most other states did not have updated polling numbers to give an accurate placing for the Kerry campaign before Iowa.
Most versions were received poorly, but the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC conversions received very high review scores and are generally recognised as the most accurate and most playable of the Ocean releases.
* Most software programs come with their own uninstallers ( which are generally better and more accurate ),
* Most uninstallers are not entirely accurate ( most of them are known to leave leftovers, which should be deleted by uninstallers ),
:* Most accurate method
Most practitioners of QFT ignore Haag's theorem entirely, and it is currently unknown why QFT, and quantum electrodynamics in particular, produces accurate numbers given the lack of any axiomatic basis.
Most ads comply ( because they are as per the initial script ) but this viewing serves as a point of spotting otherwise unforeseen problems such as music which is not permitted or a style of cutting which does not show the product in an accurate light.
Most accounts indicate that the " Sure Shot " nickname arose from Dunlap's powerful and accurate throws to first base.
Most pistol fights happen at ranges less than seven metres, meaning that for self-defense, pistols do not necessarily have to be accurate beyond this range.
Most participants in the Jesus Seminar believe Jesus practiced exorcisms, as Josephus, Philostratus, and others wrote about other contemporary exorcists, but do not believe the gospel accounts were accurate reports of specific events or that demons exist.

Most and results
Most types of karmas, with good or bad results, will keep one in the wheel of samsāra ; others will liberate one to nirvāna.
Most of IBM's early binary " scientific " computers, beginning with the vacuum tube IBM 701 in 1952, used a single 36-bit accumulator, along with a separate multiplier / quotient register to handle operations with longer results.
The winners are listed ( 1 ) below in the section on " ALCS results ( 1969-present )", in the " Series MVP " column, ( 2 ) at League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award, and ( 3 ) on the MLB website.
Most advanced software combines two or more of the techniques to obtain good-enough results at reasonable cost.
Most production crankshafts use induction hardened bearing surfaces, since that method gives good results with low costs.
Most writers were content to follow the rules slavishly, some flouted some or all of the conventions, and some exploited the conventions to produce new and startling results.
Most surfboards intended for larger waves are longer ( to increase hull speed for paddling, wave-catching, and surfing ), and as most shapers orient the rail fins toward the nose of the board, a longer board inherently results in reduced toe-in of rail fins, therefore less negative angle of attack, less oscillation, greater stability, and higher speeds.
Most citrine is made by heating amethyst, and partial heating with a strong gradient results in ametrine — a stone partly amethyst and partly citrine.
Most types of karmas, with good or bad results, will keep one within the wheel of samsāra, while others will liberate one to nirvāna.
Most operators ( what other languages term functions ) take their arguments from the stack, and place their results onto the stack.
Most slippage results in a change of just one repeat unit, and slippage rates vary for different repeat unit sizes, and within different species ( Kruglyak 1998 ).
She placed fourth behind Mia Farrow, Judy Geeson and Katharine Houghton for a " Golden Laurel " award as the year's " Most Promising Newcomer " with the results published in the Motion Picture Exhibitor magazine.
Most of the shield effect in coax results from opposing currents in the center conductor and shield creating opposite magnetic fields that cancel, and thus do not radiate.
Most languages also have a graphical interface and at least simple statistical gathering capability for the analysis of the results.
Most epigenetic changes only occur within the course of one individual organism's lifetime, but, if a mutation in the DNA has been caused in sperm or egg cell that results in fertilization, then some epigenetic changes are inherited from one generation to the next.
Most of the time, these results hold for all preregular spaces ; they were listed for regular and Hausdorff spaces separately because the idea of preregular spaces came later.
Most newer systems come with software that allows the user to download meter results to a computer.
Most serious of the elm pests is the elm leaf beetle Xanthogaleruca luteola, which can decimate foliage, although rarely with fatal results.
Most of the studies of the digestive tract were done on animals and the results were compared to human structures.
Most vendors in this type of system recommend at least 99 % data integrity for the system to give useful results.
Most modern New Testaments are based on what is called " reasoned eclecticism " ( such as that of the Nestle-Aland 27, the basis of virtually all modern translations ) in formulating a Greek text ; this invariably results in a text that is strongly Alexandrian in character.
Most of its results came from military and commercial intelligence collected through networks in neutral countries, occupied territories, and Russia.
Most weather forecasting is done on the basis of interpreting the output of numerical model results.
Most impacts will strike at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal or greater, and the impact craters will always be close to circular, since the shock wave that results from the impact propagates symmetrically.

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