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Most and amateur
Most of the current amateur clubs and leagues in existence have developed since the 1980s, when leagues began to be established in North America, Europe and Asia.
Most recently, a group of 15 amateur radio operators from the Palmyra DX Group visited the reef in October 2000.
Most karaoke machines have technology that electronically changes the pitch of the music so that amateur singers can choose a key that is appropriate for their vocal range, while maintaining the original tempo of the song.
Most of the terminal unit equipment used for receiving RTTY signals was homebuilt, using designs published in amateur radio publications.
Most professional leagues usually do not have amateur divisions, as the amateur divisions are mostly run in separate leagues.
Most dōjinshi are created by amateurs who often work in " circles "; for example, the group CLAMP began as an amateur dōjinshi circle, drawing Saint Seiya yaoi.
Most of the American and UK anime distribution companies were formed during the early 1990s, and had little competition from such amateur groups.
Most amateur and professional leagues have adopted the designated hitter ( DH ) rule introduced by the American League of Major League Baseball.
Most amateur reflector telescopes need to be re-collimated every few years to maintain optimum performance.
Most amateur radio repeater controller manufacturers offer an audio delay option-this delays the repeated speech audio for a selectable number of milliseconds before it is retransmitted.
Most countries, at the very least, will allow the sale of walkie-talkies for business, marine communications, and some personal uses such as CB radio, as well as amateur radio designs.
Most sports played professionally also have amateur players far outnumbering the professionals.
Most amateur satellites do not receive their sequential OSCAR designation until after they are successfully in orbit, and then only at the request of the launching organization.
Most were well-to-do amateur sleuths who solved crimes for their own amusement, carried no weapons, and often had quirky or eccentric personality traits.
Most of the events tested the contenders ' physical abilities against the superior size and strength of the Gladiators, who were mostly pro or amateur bodybuilders and former football players.
He signed with the Cardinals organization as an amateur free agent in 1942, and was named the Triple-A International League's Most Valuable Player in 1943 before enlisting in the Army later that year.
Most players are amateur, but often cricket clubs employ the services of professionals as coaches and players.
Most notably, this technique has been employed, on an amateur, not-for-profit basis, by some enthusiasts of the British science fiction series Doctor Who, which has over one hundred missing episodes.
* Most types of amateur wrestling also discourage or prohibit the use of one's own or the opponent's clothing for grasping or performing any type of hold.
Most telescopes within the field of amateur astronomy are considered to be small, ranging in general from 2 " ( 50 mm ) achromatic refracting types, to reflecting type telescopes featuring primary mirrors up to ( and sometime exceeding ) 36 " ( 90 cm ) in diameter.
Most Western educational systems required the textual study of two or more of Shakespeare's plays, and both amateur and professional stagings of Shakespeare were commonplace.
Most of his amateur works were documentaries, mostly about the life of workers or poor people in urban Hungary.
Most clubs that participate in the league are amateur clubs ( hence the league name ), but a small amount of clubs are semi-professional.

Most and satellites
Most modern navigation relies primarily on positions determined electronically by receivers collecting information from satellites.
Most satellites have simple reliable chemical thrusters ( often monopropellant rockets ) or resistojet rockets for orbital station-keeping and some use momentum wheels for attitude control.
Most commercial communications satellites, broadcast satellites and SBAS satellites operate in geostationary orbits.
Most satellites used for direct-to-home television in Europe have the same high power output as DBS-class satellites in North America, but use the same linear polarization as FSS-class satellites.
Most such satellites operate as spaceborne repeaters, and are generally accessed by amateurs equipped with UHF or VHF radio equipment and highly directional antennas such as Yagis or dish antennas.
Most Earth observation satellites carry instruments that should be operated at a relatively low altitude.
Most satellites have simple reliable chemical thrusters ( often monopropellant rockets ) or resistojet rockets for orbital station-keeping and some use momentum wheels for attitude control.
Most of these satellites were launched in the late 1990s before the company went through bankruptcy.
Most real satellites would lie somewhere between these two extremes, with tensile strength rendering the satellite neither perfectly rigid nor perfectly fluid.
Most of the satellites used by Dish Network are owned and operated by Echostar Corporation.
Most far-infrared astronomy is performed by satellites such as the Herschel Space Observatory, Spitzer, IRAS, and ISO.
Most of these refinements are important for high-precision orbital calculations for satellites but have little practical effect on typical topographical uses.
Most Soviet and subsequently Russian military satellites were given Kosmos designations.
: Most of the orbital data is not updated, with the epoch of 11 out of 12 satellites set between 1968 and 1984.
Most often, this is used on broadcast satellites to indicate that radio stations are not multiplexed as subcarriers onto a single video carrier, but instead independently share a transponder.
Most of these signals are carried by US satellites.
Most of the world's communications systems rely heavily on the presence of satellites in orbit around Earth.
Most Spacebus satellites use bipropellant, liquid-fuelled chemical engines to achieve their orbits, and subsequently perform station-keeping.

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