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Most and eggs
Most amphibians lay their eggs in water and have aquatic larvae that undergo metamorphosis to become terrestrial adults.
Most species lay their eggs underground and when the larvae hatch, they make their way to adjacent bodies of water.
Most terrestrial caecilians that lay eggs do so in burrows or moist places on land near bodies of water.
Most species show cyclical parthenogenesis, where asexual reproduction is occasionally supplemented by sexual reproduction, which produces resting eggs that allow the species to survive harsh conditions and disperse to distant habitats.
Most of the Poeciliidae are ovoviviparous, that is, while the eggs are retained inside the body of the female for protection, the eggs are essentially independent of the mother and she does not provide them with any nutrients.
Most extant marine reptiles, except for some sea snakes, are oviparous and need to return to land to lay their eggs.
Most penguins lay two eggs in a clutch, although the two largest species, the Emperor and the King Penguins, lay only one.
Most reptiles are oviparous ( egg-laying ), although certain species of squamates retain the eggs until hatching and a few are viviparous ( give birth to live young ).
Most species fertilize the eggs internally, with the male depositing a sac of sperm in the female's cloaca.
Most animals that lay eggs, such as birds and reptiles, including most ovoviviparous species, have an oviduct instead of a uterus.
Most collectibles are man-made commercial items, but some private collectors collect natural objects such as birds ' eggs, butterflies, rocks, and seashells.
Most sharks are ovoviviparous, meaning that the eggs hatch in the oviduct within the mother's body and that the egg's yolk and fluids secreted by glands in the walls of the oviduct nourishes the embryos.
Most decapods carry the eggs attached to the pleopods, while peracarids, notostracans, anostracans, and many isopods form a brood pouch from the carapace and thoracic limbs.
Most leptostracans and krill carry the eggs between their thoracic limbs ; some copepods carry their eggs in special thin-walled sacs, while others have them attached together in long, tangled strings.
Most passerines lay coloured eggs, in contrast with non-passerines, most of whose eggs are white except in some ground-nesting groups such as Charadriiformes and nightjars, where camouflage is necessary, and some parasitic cuckoos, which match the passerine host's egg.
Most predatory caterpillars feed on eggs of other insects, aphids, scale insects, or ant larvae.
Most lay eggs that hatch as what look like miniature adults, but all scorpions and a few species of mites keep the eggs inside their bodies until the young emerge.
Most diagnoses are made by identifying the appearance of the worm or eggs in feces.
Most grasshoppers lay their eggs in the ground or on vegetation.
Most famously, it would be able to drive across a ploughed field without breaking the eggs it was carrying.

Most and contain
* Most alcopops contain 1. 4 – 1. 5 units per bottle.
Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed with fruit or milk.
Most conjugative plasmids have systems ensuring that the recipient cell does not already contain a similar element.
Most simulations contain only non-baryonic cold dark matter, which should suffice to understand the universe on the largest scales, as there is much more dark matter in the universe than visible, baryonic matter.
Most societies contain elements of both individualism and collectivism.
Most are glycosylated, contain hydroxyproline ( Hyp ) and become cross-linked in the cell wall.
Most releases that contain the label " director's cut " or " extended edition " include minor changes and / or scene additions not seen in a film's theatrical release, but that do not tend to greatly affect or change the plot, story or overall product.
Most parts of the plants contain toxic hallucinogens, and datura has a long history of use for causing delirious states and death.
Most breads contain both wheat and rye flour ( hence Mischbrot, mixed bread ), and often wholemeal and whole seeds ( such as linseed, sunflower seed, or pumpkin seed ), as well.
Most of Melville's novels were published first in the United Kingdom and then in the U. S. Sometimes the editions contain substantial differences with Melville acceding to his different publishers ' requirements for different audiences.
Most soil less media for container plants also contain organic materials such as peat or composted bark, which provide some nitrogen to the plant.
Most editions of the Worms video game series contain a weapon called Holy Hand Grenade.
Most of our knowledge of ancient Hebrew medicine during the 1st millennium BC comes from the Torah, i. e. the Five Books of Moses, which contain various health related laws and rituals, such as isolating infected people ( Leviticus 13: 45-46 ), washing after handling a dead body ( Numbers 19: 11-19 ) and burying excrement away from camp ( Deuteronomy 23: 12-13 ).
Most of these sites contain Internet forums and news briefs that emphasize a particular viewpoint.
Most of the encodings contain only spacing characters although the Thai, Hebrew, and Arabic ones do also contain combining characters.
Most practical lasers contain additional elements that affect properties of the emitted light such as the polarization, the wavelength, and the shape of the beam.
Most liqueurs have a lower alcohol content ( 15 %- 30 % ABV ) than spirits, but some contain as much as 55 % ABV.
Most of our knowledge of ancient Hebrew medicine during the 1st millennium BC comes from the Torah, i. e. the Five Books of Moses, which contain various health related laws and rituals.
Most vowelized editions of the Mishnah today reflect standard Ashkenazic vowelization, and often contain mistakes.
Most glasses contain a metal oxide fused with silica.
Most milds contain, in addition, a quantity of crystal malt ; dark milds, meanwhile, make use of chocolate malt, black malt or dark brewing sugars.
Most foods contain a mix of some or all of the nutrient classes, together with other substances, such as toxins of various sorts.
Most meat s such as Chicken ( food ) | chicken contain all the essential amino acid s needed for humans.

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