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Most and historians
Most historians, including Edward Gibbon, date the defeat at Manzikert as the beginning of the end of the Eastern Roman Empire.
Most historians favour a site in the West Midlands, somewhere along the Roman road now known as Watling Street.
Most historians claim that the book was written by Geldre Claes Heinen.
Most historians believe that the word " Dagome " is a melding of two names: the Christian " Dago ," for " Dagobert " ( Mieszko's hypothetical baptismal name ), and the Slavic " Me ," for " Mieszko.
Most historians agree that the emperors called the councils to force the Christian bishops to resolve divisive issues and reach consensus.
Most modern historians dismiss this entire period as being beyond what history can know.
Most contemporary historians still agree that it is unlikely that any of the recorded emperors existed until about five hundred years after Suijin's reign and about a millennium after Jimmu's recorded reign.
Most Holocaust historians identify six German Nazi extermination camps, all in occupied Poland ; two of them, Chełmno and the Auschwitz II, in the western Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany ( October 1939 ), four in the General Government area.
Most historians believe that the older name for Ghent, ' Ganda ', is derived from the Celtic word ' ganda ' which means confluence.
Most biblical scholars and historians of ancient Israel today view the patriarchical narratives, including the life of Jacob, as late ( 6th and 5th centuries BCE ) literary compositions that have ideological and theological purposes but are unreliable for historical reconstruction of the presettlement period of Israel ’ s past.
Most historians today, including John's recent biographers Ralph Turner and Lewis Warren, argue that John was an unsuccessful monarch, but note that his failings were exaggerated by 12th-and 13th-century chroniclers.
Most football historians agree that a few schools, notably Saint Louis University ( under coach Eddie Cochems ), Michigan, Carlisle and Minnesota, had passing attacks in place before Rockne arrived at Notre Dame.
Most of the European economists who wrote between 1500 and 1750 are today generally considered mercantilists ; this term was initially used solely by critics, such as Mirabeau and Smith, but was quickly adopted by historians.
Most historians believe that it was only a matter of recognition of Otto's royal authority.
Most historians believe this Midas is the same person as the Mita, called king of the Mushki in Assyrian texts, who warred with Assyria and its Anatolian provinces during the same period.
Most historians now reject Murray's theory, as she based it partially upon the similarities of the accounts given by those accused of witchcraft ; such similarity is now thought to actually derive from there having been a standard set of questions laid out in the witch-hunting manuals used by interrogators.
Most professional historians ( defined as paying members of organizations devoted to the propagation of history in higher education, like the American Historical Association ) now refer to the historical periods commonly known as the Renaissance and the Reformation as " the Early Modern Period ".
Most historians believe that the purges significantly impaired the combat capabilities of the Red Army.
Most Muslim historians claim that Saladin's uncle mediated a peace agreement between him and Sinan.
Most historians credit Shaka with initial development of the famous " bull horn " formation.
Most contemporary historians of science now reject the conflict thesis in its original form, arguing instead that it has been superseded by subsequent historical research indicating a more nuanced understanding:
Most historians say that the League was discredited by its failure to make these judgements effective.
Most historians treat it as a singular event with few long-term consequences, but Pugh says it accelerated the movement of working-class voters to the Labour Party, which led to future gains.
Most modern historians accept the claim of the Muslim sources that after the revolt, the Jewish tribes became clients of the Aus and the Khazraj.

Most and sharply
Most buildings are in the Romanesque style, although some dormitories, engineering buildings, and physical sciences labs are of various Modernist styles ( especially two large Brutalist dormitories at the campus ' northern edge ) that sharply contrast with the predominantly red-brick campus.
Most of these shops are located on the ground floor of a block owned by a housing association, which decided in 2001 to raise the rents sharply to bring them closer to the market level.
Most of the population became full subsistence farmers, and exports and state revenue declined sharply, making survival difficult for the new state.
Most of the proxy wars and subsidies for local conflicts ended along with the Cold War ; interstate wars, ethnic wars, revolutionary wars, as well as refugee and displaced persons crises have declined sharply in the post – Cold War years.
Most of the bright stars in this cluster are hot, blue B type stars but the brightest member is a K type orange giant star, BM Scorpii, which contrasts sharply with its blue neighbours in photographs.
Most of the town, densely inhabited and of decidedly medieval aspect, lies on sharply sloping terrain, only the very center being more or less flat.
Most of the Central Philippine languages in fact form a dialect continuum and cannot be sharply distinguished as separate languages.
Catastrophes are distinct from disasters in that: Most or all of the community built structure is heavily impacted ; Local officials are unable to undertake their usual work roles ; Most, if not all, of the everyday community functions are sharply and simultaneously interrupted, and ; Help from nearby communities cannot be provided.
Most of what is in this chapter is found in no other gospel and differs sharply from the infancy narrative in Luke 2.

Most and criticize
Most reviews criticize the film.
" Most reviews give credit to Will Ferrell's performance, but criticize the screenplay as unoriginal.

Most and Davis
Most authors agree that Davis invented unit operations if not substantially developed it.
Most of Davis ' associates at the time, some of them perhaps in imitation of Charlie Parker, had drug addictions of their own ( among them, sax players Sonny Rollins and Dexter Gordon, trumpeters Fats Navarro and Freddie Webster, and drummer Art Blakey ).
Davis had one of the greatest seasons of any running back in NFL history, rushing for 2, 008 yards, catching 25 passes for 217 yards, and scoring 23 touchdowns to earn him both the NFL Most Valuable Player Award and the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award.
Davis became just the second player to be on a Super Bowl winning team after being named the NFL Most Valuable Player and leading the league in rushing.
On August 18, 1970, four days after the initial warrant was issued, the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover made Angela Davis the third woman and the 309th person to appear on the FBI ’ s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List.
Most are Swift Enterprises employees, such as Harlan Ames, Phil Radnor, Hank Sterling, Arvid Hanson, Slim Davis, George Dilling, Art Wiltessa, and Miss Trent — the two Toms ' office secretary and the lone female among recurring Swift Enterprises characters.
Most recently Evan Davis and Justin Webb have joined the roster of regular presenters.
In 1985, he appeared in the television film Murder with Mirrors opposite Bette Davis, John Mills and Helen Hayes and in 1984, Roth played an apprentice hitman in Stephen Frears ' The Hit with Terence Stamp and John Hurt, earning an " Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Newcomer ".
Most pundits had written off the 4th as a Republican lock for 2006, but Lucas ' entry instantly turned the race from a cakewalk for Davis into one of the hottest in the campaign cycle, even though the 4th is considered the most Republican district in Kentucky.
* Most League goals in a season: 33 Tom Davis, Division 3 ( North ), 1936 – 1937
Under the IDJ deal, she wrote with many pop songwriters such as Matthew Gerrard, Billy Steinberg, Alexander Kronlund, Ted Bruner, Christopher Rojas, Fernando Garibay, Desmond Child, Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Jonnie " Most " Davis and Billy Mann, however, due to artistic differences she left the contract.
Most recently, the book was adapted into a bluegrass, roots-rock opera by Tim Raphael and composer Jeff Berkson, making its world premiere at Georgetown University's Davis Performing Arts Center on February 1, 2008.
* Tony Award for Most Innovative Production of a Revival-Luther Davis
Most of the students ditch and one, Jerome ( Duane Davis ), goes to the lavatory and doesn't return.
The acts were evaluated by a panel of experts, including Clifford Davis, Ingrid Pitt, Mickie Most, Alan A. Freeman, Clive James, Muriel Young, Ted Ray, Ed Stewart, Jack Parnell, Arthur Askey, Noel Edmonds and Tony Hatch.
Davis, Most and Hatch were especially notorious for being " hard " on contestants.
Most of the episodes were written and supervised by longtime Lucy writers Bob Carroll Jr. and Madelyn Davis, who had previously worked on I Love Lucy in the 1950s, The Lucy Show in the 1960s, and Here's Lucy in the 1970s.
He was named ASU " On Deck Circle " Most Valuable Player ; other winners include Dustin Pedroia, Willie Bloomquist, Ike Davis, and Barry Bonds.
Most recently he produced The Express, a real-life sports action drama, starring Dennis Quaid for Universal about college football hero Ernie Davis, the first African American Heisman Trophy winner and the 2010 remake, Gulliver's Travels.
* Jonnie " Most " Davis – mixing
Future NBA Clipper Ron Davis was a two-time CBA Scoring Leader and 1979 – 80 CBA Most Valuable Player for the Anchorage squad.
Since Bedrosian, only three other relievers, Mark Davis, Dennis Eckersley and Éric Gagné, have won Cy Young honors ( Davis won the National League award in 1989 while with the San Diego Padres ; Eckersley won the American League award and was the American League's Most Valuable Player in 1992 with the Oakland Athletics ; Gagné won the National League award in 2003 with the Los Angeles Dodgers ).
Seixas is rated fifth in the category of Most Davis Cup Singles matches ( 24 ), just behind Bill Tilden ( 25 ) and Arthur Ashe ( 27 ).

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