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Most and hydrogen
Most acid soils are saturated with aluminium rather than hydrogen ions.
Most protons remained uncombined as hydrogen nuclei.
Most of the hydrogen and helium in the universe was produced primordially in the first few minutes of the Big Bang.
Most scholars have agreed with the assessment made by Hans Bethe in 1952, which concluded that by the time Fuchs left the thermonuclear program — the summer of 1946 — there was too little known about the mechanism of the hydrogen bomb for his information to be of any necessary use to the Soviet Union ( the successful Teller-Ulam design was not discovered until 1951 ).
Most gases are heavy enough to be well pumped but it is difficult to pump hydrogen and helium efficiently.
Most liquid-phase engines have focused on rotating the fuel / fluid mixture at very high speeds, forcing the fuel to the outside due to centripetal force ( uranium is heavier than hydrogen ).
Most peptide bonds overwhelmingly adopt the trans isomer ( typically 99. 9 % under unstrained conditions ), chiefly because the amide hydrogen ( trans isomer ) offers less steric repulsion to the preceding atom than does the following atom ( cis isomer ).
Most oscillators, from a guitar string to a bell ( or even the hydrogen atom or a periodic variable star ) will naturally vibrate at a series of distinct frequencies known as normal modes.
Most species produce hydrogen sulfide, which can readily be detected by growing them on media containing ferrous sulfate, such as TSI.
Most used a neon-based gas mixture and counted in base-10, but faster types were based on argon, hydrogen, or other gases, and for timekeeping and similar applications a few base-12 types were available.
Most ionic hydrides exist as " binary " materials involving only two elements including hydrogen.
Most rocket engines use light-weight fuels ( liquid hydrogen, oxygen, or kerosene ) accelerated to super-sonic speeds.
Most high explosives contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen atoms and thus comparing their relative abundances of isotopes can reveal the existence of a common origin.
Most emission nebulae are about 90 % hydrogen, with the remainder helium, oxygen, nitrogen, and other elements.
Most hypothetical constructions rely on the fact that hydrogen bombs can be made arbitrarily large assuming there are no concerns about delivering them to a target ( see Teller – Ulam design ) or that they can be " salted " with materials designed to create long-lasting and hazardous fallout ( e. g., a cobalt bomb ).
Most hydrogenations use gaseous hydrogen ( H < sub > 2 </ sub >), but some involve the alternative sources of hydrogen, not H < sub > 2 </ sub >: these processes are called transfer hydrogenations.
Most proposed designs for solar thermal rockets use hydrogen as their propellant due to its low molecular weight which gives excellent specific impulse of up to 1000 seconds ( 10 kN · s / kg ) using heat exchangers made of rhenium.
Most notable is the fact that this collision can help provide a view into what happened in the postulated beginning of the universe some 14 billion years ago, since shocked molecular hydrogen is likely to be present in the early universe.
Most of a star ’ s mass consists of light hydrogen and helium.
Most commonly, replenishers are used with hydrogen ; a filament made from a hydrogen-absorbing metal ( e. g. zirconium or titanium ) is present in the tube, and by controlling its temperature the ratio of absorbed and desorbed hydrogen is adjusted, resulting in controlling of the hydrogen pressure in the tube.
Most hydrogen atoms bound in water molecules have a single proton for a nucleus.

Most and is
Most of them sincerely believe that the Anglo-Saxon is the best race in the world and that it should remain pure.
Most of these, with horrible exceptions, were conceived as is a ship, not as an attempt to quell the ocean of mankind, nor to deny its force, but as a means to survive and enjoy it.
`` Most often '', she says, `` it's the monogamous relationship that is dishonest ''.
Most students of literature, whether they call themselves scholars or critics, are ready to argue that it is possible to understand literary works as well as to enjoy them.
Most of these would be in the Northern Hemisphere, where the fallout is concentrating.
Most immediately relevant to these episodes in Goa, Katanga and Ghana, as to the Suez-Hungary crisis before them, is the belief that the main theater of the world drama is the underdeveloped region of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Most of it is panelized and utilizes standard materials, and requires the use of only simple tools.
Most drill presses have a quill return spring that raises the spindle automatically when the feed lever is released and holds the quill in the raised position.
Most marketing people agree it is going to take redoubled efforts to satisfy future requirements.
Most of us would say that in this delight at the killing of others or the causing of suffering there is something very unfitting.
Most of the impact energy is spent in crushing and fragmentation.
Most striking indeed is this beyond-normal ability to put a finger on `` pre-conscious '' moods and to clarify them.
Most of them, the world over, operate on the same principle by which justice is administered in France and some other Latin countries: the customer is to be considered guilty of abysmal ignorance until proven otherwise, with the burden of proof on the customer himself.
Most of the grain is fed to swine and dairy cows and lesser amounts to beef cattle and poultry.
Most people do not realize that the congregation, as a gathered fellowship meeting regularly face to face, personally sharing in a common experience and expressing that experience in daily relationships with one another, is unique.
But one thing is for certain: There is no dissension between Mantle, the American League's Most Valuable Player in 1956 and 1957, and Maris, the MVP in 1960.
Most of what is said about his great men of history has already been said, and what has not is largely irrelevant to the contemporary scene.
Most of them have been assimilated, but sometimes a man in Miyagi or Akita prefectures is much more hairy than the average Japanese, and occasionally a girl will be strikingly lovely, her coloring warmed and improved by a little of the tawny honey-in-the-sun tint of the invaders from the South.
Most of Aristotle's work is probably not in its original form, since it was most likely edited by students and later lecturers.
Most alphabetic scripts of India and Eastern Asia are descended from the Brahmi script, which is often believed to be a descendant of Aramaic.
Most European domestic power supplies run at 230 V, so the current drawn by a particular European appliance ( in Europe ) will be less than for an equivalent American one ( in the United States ).< ref group =" Note "> The formula for power is given by

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