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Most and members
Most members of Asteraceae are herbaceous, but a significant number are also shrubs, vines and trees.
Most commonly crushing leaves emits a marked smell, aromatic to foetid, but absent in some members.
Most Amber characters are members of the two ruling classes in the Amber multiverse, and are much more advanced in matters of strength, endurance, psyche, warfare and sorcery than ordinary beings.
Most members have a complex life-cycle, involving both asexual and sexual reproduction.
Most members share a suite of glucosinolate compounds that have a typical pungent odour usually associated with cole crops.
Most SDP members voted in favour of the merger, but SDP leader David Owen objected and continued to lead a " rump " SDP, with the merger of the two parties being completed in March 1988 to form the Social and Liberal Democrats, becoming the Liberal Democrats in October 1989.
Most of the original societies were fully terminating, where they would be dissolved when all members had a house: the last of them, First Salisbury, was wound up in March 1980.
Most of the members have one or more storage bodies called Pyrenoids located in the chloroplast.
Most notably, the Commonwealth of Nations, an association primarily of former members of the British Empire, is often referred to as simply " the Commonwealth ".
Most American members of the Christian Right consider homosexual acts as sinful and think it should not be accepted by society.
Most members of these two groups are easily recognizable as cacti.
Most Protestant communities, including Reformed, Evangelical, Methodist, the Church of Sweden, and Anglicans practice open communion in the sense of not limiting it to members of their own Church alone, but some of them require that the communicant be a baptized person or a member of a partner church.
Most members of Enterobacteriaceae have peritrichous, type I fimbriae involved in the adhesion of the bacterial cells to their hosts.
Most extinct cat-like animals, once regarded as members of the Felidae, later turned out to be members of related, but distinct, families: the " false sabretooths " Nimravidae and Barbourofelidae.
Most of the group's members also had professional ambitions within science fiction and related fields, and collectively were very effective at achieving this goal, as the roster of members below suggests.
Most Presidents have been members of the CDU as this party is usually the strongest in the Bundestag and also often in the states.
Most G < sub > i </ sub > protein family members can be inhibited by the pertussis toxin of Bordetella pertussis.
Most of its members came from the middle class and tended to represent the Parisian population.
Most UN members and the Holy See are Member States of the IAEA.
Most members abandoned the movement in 1886-87, leaving at most 100, 000 in 1890.
Most of those who remain trade union members in Poland work for former state-owned companies.
Most of the royalist members of Parliament joined him there, where they formed the Oxford Parliament.

Most and Senate
Most Emperors upheld the public facade of democracy, and in return the Senate implicitly acknowledged the Emperor's status as a de facto monarch.
Most important was the populist argument ; that there was a need to " Awaken, in the senators ... a more acute sense of responsibility to the people ," which it was felt they lacked ; election through state legislatures was seen as an anachronism that was out of step with the wishes of the American people, and one that had led to the Senate becoming " a sort of aristocratic body-too far removed from the people, beyond their reach, and with no special interest in their welfare ".
" Most Democrats and Republicans in the Senate voted for an $ 11. 5 billion tax cut for American citizens and American business ," he cried, " but not Senator Goldwater.
Most Democrats and Republicans in the Senate — in fact four-fifths of the members of his own party — voted for the Civil Rights Act, but not Senator Goldwater.
Most of Galveston is within District 17 of the Texas Senate ; Joan Huffman represents the district.
In March 2006, the U. S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Majority Staff issued a 25 page white paper " Yucca Mountain: The Most Studied Real Estate on the Planet.
Most of Stafford is within District 13 of the Texas Senate ; as of 2012, Rodney Ellis represents that district.
Most of the direct management of the NPS is delegated by the Secretary to the National Park Service Director, who must also be confirmed by the Senate.
Most of his remaining political involvement was in local Milwaukee politics, but in 1932 he ran for a seat in the United States Senate in Wisconsin, winning 6 % of the vote, the best showing for a Socialist candidate running for the United States Senate.
* Most appointees confirmed by the Senate, such as ambassadors of the United States, who are referred to as His / Her Excellency when travelling abroad.
Most important, as the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he protected and enlarged the flow of billions of dollars into the Virginia economy each year via the state's naval installations and shipbuilding firms.
California Journal rated him the Best Problem Solver in the State Senate, the Most Ethical State Senator, and the overall Best State Senator.
* California State Senate District 23, State Senator Fran Pavley ( Most of Winnetka is in the 20th District but a small portion of the southern and northwestern parts are in the 23rd District ).
Most of the bills died in the Senate, except as noted below.
Most of the General Assembly's committee and caucus meetings are held in the modern Legislative Office Building ( or LOB ), while the House and Senate sessions are held in the State Capitol.
Most importantly it was provided that the Senate could, if three-fifths of its members agreed, demand a binding referendum on any bill.
Most importantly, it is the closest station to the Capitol Building which holds the Senate and House of Representatives.
Governing Senate | Senate and Most Holy Synod | Synod Building on Senate Square ( Saint Petersburg ) | Senate Square, Saint Petersburg
Most of the furnishings in the building date to the 1859 reconstruction of the State House, including the 30 black walnut chairs in the Vermont Senate chamber, still used for the same purpose today.
* Gould, Lewis L. The Most Exclusive Club: A History Of The Modern United States Senate ( 2005 ) the latest full-scale history by a scholar

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