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Most and natural
Most aliphatic compounds are flammable, allowing the use of hydrocarbons as fuel, such as methane in Bunsen burners and as liquified natural gas ( LNG ), and acetylene in welding.
Most commonly, the adiabatic combustion temperatures for coals are around ( for inlet air and fuel at ambient temperatures and for ), around for oil and for natural gas.
Most frequently, classical elements refer to ancient beliefs inspired by natural observation of the phases of matter.
Most cement kilns today use coal and petroleum coke as primary fuels, and to a lesser extent natural gas and fuel oil.
Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of in the Earth's mantle.
Most often and familiarly, defendants are persons: either natural persons ( actual human beings ) or legal persons ( persona ficta ) under the legal fiction of treating organizations as persons.
Most Wurst is still made by German sausage butchers () with natural casings derived from pork, sheep or lamb intestine.
Most terrestrial helium present today is created by the natural radioactive decay of heavy radioactive elements ( thorium and uranium ), as the alpha particles emitted by such decays consist of helium-4 nuclei.
Most significantly, Honduras lacks abundant natural resources ; only land appears to be plentiful and readily exploitable.
The encyclical closes with an appeal to observe the natural laws of the Most High God.
Most of the Earth's islands are natural and have been formed by tectonic forces or volcanic eruptions.
Most Agorists consider that property rights are natural rights deriving from the primary right of self-ownership.
Most intelligent design advocates accept that evolution occurs through mutation and natural selection at the " micro level ", such as changing the relative frequency of various beak lengths in finches, but assert that it cannot account for irreducible complexity, because none of the parts of an irreducible system would be functional or advantageous until the entire system is in place.
Most Latvians opposed the flooding of historical sites and a particularly scenic gorge with rare plants and natural features, such as the Staburags, a cliff comparable in cultural significance to the Lorelei in Germany.
Most naturally occurring fatty acids are of the cis configuration, although the trans form does exist in some natural and partially hydrogenated fats and oils.
Most of the natural amino acids, hydroxyacids, purines, pyrimidines, and sugars have been made in variants of the Miller experiment.
Most experts, however, consider Interlingua to be naturalistic rather than natural.
Most natural gas was created over time by two mechanisms: biogenic and thermogenic.
Most BWR and PWR commercial reactors use uranium enriched to about 4 % U-235, and some commercial reactors with a high neutron economy do not require the fuel to be enriched at all ( that is, they can use natural uranium ).
Most natural languages developed as oral languages, and writing systems have usually been crafted or adapted as ways of representing the spoken language.
Most programming languages are purely textual ; they use sequences of text including words, numbers, and punctuation, much like written natural languages.
Most great speakers have a natural ability to display the skills and effectiveness that can help to engage and move an audience for whatever purpose.
Most of this urban increase was attributable to migration rather than to natural growth of the urban population.
Most successful modern players use a version of the natural trumpet dubbed the baroque trumpet fitted with one or more vent holes to aid in correcting out-of-tune notes in the harmonic series.

Most and dyes
Most minerals and inorganic pigments as well as many synthetic organic dyes are salts.
Most Pterocarpus woods contain either water-or alcohol-soluble substances and can be used as dyes.
Most of the dyes commonly used in microscopy are available as certified stains.
Most cases of sensitivity are due to other ingredients in the skin product preparation, such as preservatives, plant extracts, dyes or fragrances.
Most other classes of synthetic dye, other than vat and surface dyes, are also applied in this way.
Most colored textile and leather articles are treated with azo dyes and pigments.
Most " washable " dyes are sulfonic acids ( or have the functional sulfonyl group in them ) for this reason.
Most acid dyes are related in basic structure to the following:

Most and are
Most of them are Democrats and nearly all consider themselves, and are viewed as, liberals.
Most assuredly ideas are invaluable.
Most students of literature, whether they call themselves scholars or critics, are ready to argue that it is possible to understand literary works as well as to enjoy them.
Most women, in this age of freezers, shop for the entire week on week-ends, when prices are lower.
Most Juniors who were entered in the Finals are seasoned campaigners and not only show and win in Junior Classes but score in the Breed Classes as well.
Most beakers are graduated in cubic centimeters ( cc. ), making it necessary to convert the result to cubic inches.
Most seams are sewn with backstitch, especially on curved, slanted or loose edges.
Most floor battens are glued and screwed to the flooring.
Most of the data used are from Groth's Chemische Krystallographie.
Most manufacturers also seem to be concentrating on formulating fire-resistant or self-extinguishing grades of urethane foam that are aimed specifically at the burgeoning building markets.
Most other desserts are fruit in some form, fresh fruits once daily at least, sometimes at snack time.
The general board declared: `` Most of the Protestant churches hold contraception and periodic continence to be morally right when the motives are right.
1 ) Most of the legends that are created to fan the fires of patriotism are essentially propagandistic and are not folk legends at all.
Most Jewish mothers are determined to exercise vigilance over the social and sexual lives of their daughters by keeping them home.
Most members of the U.S. Senate, because they are human, like to eat as high on the hog as they can.
Most library budgets are hopelessly inadequate.
Most of these former churches are now used as warehouses, but `` neither Anglicans nor Nonconformists object to selling churches to Roman Catholics '', and have done so.
Most of the female faces are new, or at least not too familiar.
Most references to " amoebas " or " amoebae " are to amoeboids in general rather than to the specific genus Amoeba.
Most modern character-encoding schemes are based on ASCII, though they support many additional characters.
Most have four limbs and live in fresh water or on land but the caecilians, though included in the group, live in burrows in damp soil and are limbless.
Most salamanders are under long.

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