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Most and non-metropolitan
Most of the geographical area of England is within a two-tier non-metropolitan arrangement.
Most ceremonial counties correspond to a metropolitan or non-metropolitan county of the same name, but often with reduced boundaries.
Most non-metropolitan counties have a county council, and also have several districts, each with a district council.
Most ceremonial counties correspond to a metropolitan or non-metropolitan county of the same name, but often with reduced boundaries.

Most and counties
Most counties also have maps available from the county engineer showing roads and other features and from the assessor's office showing ownerships of land.
Most districts cover multiple counties ; District 12 ( Orange County ) is the only district with one county.
Most U. S. states, counties, and municipalities have some part of their election cycle coincident with this date.
Most counties have companies that do ticketing, marketing and financing of local passenger rail, but the actual operation are done by the above mentioned companies.
Most of the Peninsula is occupied by San Mateo County, between San Francisco and Santa Clara counties, and including the cities and towns of Atherton, Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, Colma, Daly City, East Palo Alto, El Granada, Foster City, Hillsborough, La Honda, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Montara, Pacifica, Pescadero, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Gregorio, San Mateo, South San Francisco, and Woodside.
Most counties have a county seat, usually a city, where its administrative functions are centered.
Most counties have only one county seat.
Most Canadian counties never had sufficient population to justify administrative subdivisions.
Most of present-day Brevard north of Melbourne was part of either Volusia or Orange counties.
Most freedmen chose to leave the island, and the Army arranged for their transportation to towns and counties on the mainland, where they looked for work.
Most development has been along State Road 4 which runs through the northern sections of Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties.
Most of the employees for the factory come from the surrounding counties, towns, and boroughs, such as Lebanon County, Hummelstown, South Hanover, and Harrisburg.
Most of the county's land lies within the famed King Ranch, which also extends into neighboring counties.
Most of Bailey County is served by the Muleshoe Independent School District, which extends into neighboring counties.
Most of the 66 South Dakota counties are named for early South Dakota officials or legislators, or for physical features ( Fall River and Lake ), or are derived from Indian words ( Minnehaha and Yankton ), or from counties in other states ( Jones and Walworth ), with one ( Aurora ) named for a Roman goddess, one for an animal ( Buffalo ), and one ( Union ) for a concept.
Most of the coal is within the Main Bituminous Field, which stretched north and west to adjacent counties and southward into Maryland and West Virginia.
Most of Grandfather Mountain ( whose highest point is Calloway Peak 5, 964 feet ( 1, 818 m ) shared with Watauga and Caldwell counties ) is within Avery county.
Most county residents had roots in northern U. S. states " back east " like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, and didn't have the strong slave-holding tradition of other northern Missouri counties like Macon, Audrain, and Monroe ( commonly referred to as Little Dixie ) whose population largely emigrated from Southern states.
Most work outside the county but like many metro counties, Dakota continues to absorb industry and jobs from the core cities.
Most of the water that flows out of the county via the Tittabawasee river comes from Gladwin County, only a very small portion flows in from Clare or Roscommon counties.
Most of Montana lies within Western Region, except for Daniels and Sheridan counties, as part of Central Region.
Most of Fort Campbell is in Tennessee, mostly in Montgomery and Stewart counties.
Most of the city is located in Guilford County, with portions spilling into neighboring Randolph, Davidson, and Forsyth counties.

Most and England
In formal documents, the Archbishop of Canterbury is referred to as " The Most Reverend Father in God, Forenames, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England and Metropolitan ".
Most settlers in the American Mid-Atlantic and New England were Calvinists, including the English Puritans, the French Huguenot and Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam ( New York ), and the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians of the Appalachian back country.
Most of the Anglican priests were Loyalists who fled to England, New York or Canada during the war.
Most Puritans of this period were non-separating and remained within the Church of England, and Separatists who left the Church of England altogether were numerically much fewer.
Most secondary schools in England and Wales are comprehensive schools.
Most modernists disdained the villanelle, which became associated with the overwrought formal aestheticism of the 1890s ; i. e. the decadent movement in England.
* Edward III of England creates the first English order of chivalry, the Most Noble Order of the Garter.
Most North American accents lack the so-called trap – bath split found in Southern England: Words like ask, answer, grass, bath, staff, dance are pronounced with the short-a of trap, not with the broad A of father heard in Southern England as well as in most of the Southern hemisphere.
* Reginald de Cobham, 1st Baron Cobham becomes a Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter of England.
* Mark Turnbull: Decision Most Deadly, a novel set in London during 1641, as England plunged into civil war.
Most of the salt mined in the Turks and Caicos Islands was sold through Bermudian merchant houses on the American seaboard, including in New England and Newfoundland where it was used for preserving cod.
Most such cables follow the great circle route from London, England to New York City, USA because of the high-speed requirements of international financial transactions.
Most of Cumberland and Westmorland are missing because they were not conquered until some time after the survey, and County Durham is lacking as the Bishop of Durham ( William de St-Calais ) had the exclusive right to tax Durham ; parts of the north east of England were covered by the 1183 Boldon Book, which listed those areas liable to tax by the Bishop of Durham.
It later appears prominently in the title of Joshua Barnes's The History of that Most Victorious Monarch, Edward IIId, King of England and France, and Lord of Ireland, and First Founder of the Most Noble Order of the Garter: Being a Full and Exact Account Of the Life and Death of the said King: Together with That of his Most Renowned Son, Edward, Prince of Wales and of Aquitain, Sirnamed the Black-Prince ( 1688 ).
* Mark Turnbull, author of Decision Most Deadly, a novel set in London during 1641, as England plunged into civil war.
Most of the Irish-American officers who landed at Cork, in the expectation of commanding an army against England, were imprisoned ; sporadic disturbances around the country were easily suppressed by the police, army and local militias.
Most larger supermarkets in England will stock at least a dozen types of English sausage: not only Cumberland and Lincolnshire but often varieties such as pork and apple, pork and herb ; beef and stilton ; pork and mozzarella, and others.
Most of the major English leaders were killed in a few months and the Black Prince fled to England, where he died in 1376.
Most of these uses are now covered by the Criminal Justice Act 2003 in England and Wales, with separate legislation applying in Scotland.
* Most own fumble recoveries for touchdowns, season: 2 ; Chicago Bears, 1953 ; New England Patriots, 1973 ; Buffalo Bills, 1974 ; Denver Broncos, 1975 ; Oakland Raiders, 1978 ; Green Bay Packers, 1982 and 1989 ; New Orleans Saints, 1983 ; Cleveland Browns, 1986 ; Miami Dolphins, 1996 ; Buffalo Bills, 2000.

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