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Most and notable
Most notable for this use is the extinct giant fennel, silphium.
Most notable is the Diels – Alder reaction with 1, 3-dienes to give 1, 4-cyclohexadienes.
Most denominations ( a notable exception being the Seventh Day Adventists ) would affirm the statement from the Catechism of the Catholic Church ( above ), with the exception of the parenthetical phrase, " through a purification or immediately.
Most notable among these were the Maya, who had built numerous cities throughout the region, and the Aztecs, who created a vast empire.
" Despite having the quote presented to a notable organisation, it has also appeared in books such as " The Most Stupid Words Ever Spoken " as it is deemed by some Westerners as a prime example of a lack of understanding of foreign culinary traditions in the Western world.
The most notable difference is the number of its heads: Most sources describe or depict three heads ; others show it with two or even just one ; a smaller number of sources show a variable number, sometimes as many as 50 or even 100.
Most Khoisan languages, on the other hand ( with the notable exceptions of Naro and Sandawe ), use a more iconic system based on the pipe ⟨|⟩.
Most home computer DOS ' es were stored on a floppy disk always to be booted at start-up, with the notable exception of Commodore, whose DOS resided on ROM chips in the disk drives themselves ( the computer itself had no DOS, just a form of a BIOS for communicating with peripherals ).
Most of the dances we have from the 17th and 18th centuries are anonymous, notable exceptions being Nathaniel Kynaston and Thomas Bray.
Most notable is the focusing effect identified in the decade-long research with Pavel Stepanek.
* Asian Film Festival: Most notable amongst the Asian Film Festivals are the Osian's-Cinefan Film Festival, which was recently expanded to include Arab Cinema as well, and the Hong Kong International Film Festival ( HKIFF ) and Busan International Film Festival ( BIFF ).
Most notable for their republican cinema were the Russian SFSR, Armenian SSR, Georgian SSR, Ukrainian SSR, and, to a lesser degree, Lithuanian SSR, Byelorussian SSR and Moldavian SSR.
Most notable are Query Routing Protocol ( QRP ) and Dynamic Querying ( DQ ).
Most modern firearms ( with the notable exception of smoothbore firearms ) have rifled barrels to impart spin to the projectile for improved flight stability.
Most notable is the technical culture of the pioneers of the Arpanet, starting in 1969.
Most notable among these is the scanning system, which repeatedly calls functions on a string:
Most notable and vocal among them was Johnny Unitas, who recognized himself solely as a player for the Baltimore Colts until the day he died, with his estate defending that stand to this day.
Most notable, however, is the statement from his introduction to the Books of Samuel:
Most notable was his crushing victory over the Alamanni in 357 at the Battle of Argentoratum-despite being outnumbered.
Most notable in the ancient sport was a man called Chionis, who in the 656BC Olympics staged a jump of 7. 05 metres ( 23 feet and 1. 7 inches ).
Most notable is the inclusion of two songs from Thomas Middleton's play The Witch ( 1615 ); Middleton is conjectured to have inserted an extra scene involving the witches and Hecate, for these scenes had proven highly popular with audiences.
Most positions that can be taken with regards to any of the following questions are endorsed by one or another notable philosopher.
Most forms of ethical subjectivism are relativist, but there are notable forms that are universalist:
Most forms of moral nihilism are non-cognitivist and vice versa, though there are notable exceptions such as universal prescriptivism ( which is semantically non-cognitive but substantially universal ).

Most and international
Most of the Antarctic region is situated south of 60 ° S latitude parallel, and is governed in accordance with the international legal regime of the Antarctic Treaty System.
Most often however the European numbering system for the international E-road network is used.
Most international versions of the show remain quite similar to each other in that their main format remains true to the original fly on the wall, observational style, with the emphasis being on human relationships.
Most international flights are subject to intermittent delay and sometimes cancellation.
Most of the Anglican Communion does not approve of homosexual activity, with the exception of the Episcopal Church, which is facing a possible exclusion from international Anglican bodies over the issue.
* Most of the southern half of the boundary with Somalia is a Provisional Administrative Line, not an international boundary, which is ignored by rival clans within Ethiopia's Ogaden and southern Somalia's Oromo region
Most international human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, condemn laws that make homosexual relations between consenting adults a crime.
Most international flights arrive in and through Tripoli International Airport.
Most international clinical documents use the term mental " disorder ", while " illness " is also common.
Most well-known is article 1, which sets out the four criteria for statehood that have sometimes been recognized as an accurate statement of customary international law:
Most juniors who enter the international circuit do so by progressing through ITF, Satellite, Future, and Challenger tournaments before entering the main circuit.
Most foreign embassies in the Netherlands and 150 international organisations are located in the city, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, which makes The Hague one of the major cities hosting the United Nations, along with New York, Vienna and Geneva.
Most show jumpers are tall horses, over, usually of Warmblood or Thoroughbred breeding, though horses as small as have been on the Olympic teams of various nations and carried riders to Olympic and other international medals.
Most international versions offer a top prize of one million units of the local currency ; the actual value of the prize of course varies widely, depending on the value of the currency.
Most international observers believed that these negotiations would lead to Kosovo's independence, subject to a period of international supervision.
Most of them were taken over by the local firms of the other major international accounting firms.
Most merchants move to Antwerp, greatly contributing to its growth as an international trading center.
Most governments in the region have established AIDS education programs in partnership with the World Health Organization and international NGOs.
Most such cables follow the great circle route from London, England to New York City, USA because of the high-speed requirements of international financial transactions.
Most fair trade import organizations are members of, or certified by one of several national or international federations.
Most of its international border is with Mongolia, which, in Chinese, is sometimes called " Outer Mongolia " ( 外蒙古 ), while a small portion is with Russia.
Most European fountain pen brands ( for example Caran d ' Ache, Faber-Castell, Michel Perchin, DuPont, Montegrappa, Stipula, Pelikan, Montblanc, Monteverde, Sigma, Delta, Italix and Rotring ) and some pen brands of other continents ( for example Bexley, Retro51, Tombow and Acura ) use so called " international cartridges " ( AKA " European cartridges " or " standard cartridges " or " universal cartridges "), in short ( 38 mm in length, about 0. 75 ml of capacity ) or long ( 72 mm, 1. 45 ml ) sizes, or both.

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