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Most and notably
Most notably are the characters of Dr. Eric Leidner in Murder in Mesopotamia, Signor Richetti in Death on the Nile, and many minor characters in They Came to Baghdad were archaeologists.
Most notably, Ajax is not wounded in any of the battles described in the Iliad, and he is the only principal character on either side who does not receive personal assistance from any of the gods who take part in the battles.
Most notably, Carnegie believed that the future leaders of society would rise from the ranks the poor.
Most notably, certainly from a G. I.
Most notably was the 1981 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules for Call of Cthulhu.
Most notably, Ogden allowed only 18 verbs, which he called " operators ".
( Most notably, in the case Li v. Yellow Cab Co., 13 Cal. 3d 804 ( 1975 ), the California Supreme Court adopted the principle of comparative negligence in the face of a California Civil Code provision codifying the traditional common-law doctrine of contributory negligence.
Most notably, Mohammed Bacar was elected for a 5-year term as president of Anjouan.
* Trinidad and Tobago: Most notably curried chicken, goat, beef ( eaten by Muslims and Christians ) shrimp, and curry aloo
Most notably, they traded with the Pittsburgh Pirates for outfielder Kenny Lofton and third baseman Aramis Ramirez, and rode dominant pitching, led by Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, as the Cubs led the division down the stretch.
Most notably, the Commonwealth of Nations, an association primarily of former members of the British Empire, is often referred to as simply " the Commonwealth ".
Most notably, the theory has legitimized the entry of private business owners and quasi -" bourgeois " elements into the party.
Most notably was the September 2008 launch of Optimum Wi-Fi by Cablevision.
Most Compaq products have been re-branded with the HP nameplate, such as the company's market leading ProLiant server line, while the Compaq brand remains on only some consumer-oriented and budget products, notably Compaq Presario PCs.
Most notably a small group of sperm whales live in this area year round.
Most notably the Dayton Celtic Festival and the City Folk Festival.
Most notably, the 1978 comedy film National Lampoon's Animal House was co-written by Chris Miller ' 63, and is based loosely on a series of stories he wrote about his fraternity days at Dartmouth.
Most notably, from 1995 to 1998, ownership of EVM criteria ( reduced to 32 ) was transferred to industry by adoption of ANSI EIA 748-A standard.
Most notably, he wrote Poème Électronique for the Phillips pavilion at the Brussels World Fair in 1958.
Most notably, in Round 15 against, the Bombers jumped the Saints early by kicking the first 16 points of the match and led for the majority of the match, only to lose the lead by halfway through the final quarter, and ultimately the match by just three points.
Most notably were the Second Edition adventure module GW5 " Rapture of the Deep " and the conclusion to the metaplot storyline put forth in Kim Eastland's Third Edition module series ( GW6-10 ).
Most notably, gerrymandering is particularly effective in non-proportional systems that tend towards fewer parties, such as first past the post.
Most presidents in such countries are selected by democratic means ( popular direct or indirect election ); however, like all other systems, the presidential model also encompasses people who become head of state by other means, notably through military dictatorship or coup d ' état, as often seen in Latin American, Middle Eastern and other presidential regimes.
Most notably in " The Colour Out of Space ", the inability of science to comprehend a contaminated meteorite leads to horror.
Most common interest in hair is focused on hair growth, hair types and hair care, but hair is also an important biomaterial primarily composed of protein, notably keratin.

Most and Cheers
* AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Cheers ( 100 Most Inspiring Movies )-# 98

Most and plus
Most broadly, all numbers that can be defined explicitly or implicitly in terms of polynomials, exponentials, and logarithms are called " elementary numbers ", and these include the algebraic numbers, plus some transcendental numbers.
Most consist of a regular guitar, plus additional " harp " strings strung above the six normal strings.
Most of these stations broadcast various types of music format, and political discussions, news and phone-in programmes remain mostly the domain of the national broadcaster ( NBC ) which broadcasts nine radio services nationally ( in various Namibian languages, including German-the only full-time German service outside of Europe ), plus the new! Ha service, broadcasting to the San community in Tsumkwe.
Most such devices include a tiny postage stamp sized LCD screen for viewing simplified ladder logic ( only a very small portion of the program being visible at a given time ) and status of I / O points, and typically these screens are accompanied by a 4-way rocker push-button plus four more separate push-buttons, similar to the key buttons on a VCR remote control, and used to navigate and edit the logic.
Most doctors do a sugar load in a drink form of 50 grams of glucose in cola, lime or orange and draw blood an hour later ( plus or minus 5 minutes ) ; the standard modified criteria have been lowered to 135 since the late 1980s
Most are funded by the Washington University Student Union, which has a $ 2 million plus annual budget that is completely student controlled and is one of the largest student government budgets in the country.
Most books explain this name as a British root ceto ( like Welsh coed ) plus Old English ham, thus meaning a forest settlement.
* Les Cent plus beaux cris de femmes (" The Hundred Most Beautiful Cries of Women ", Cherche-Midi Éditeur, 1980 )
Most of the houses in the area sell for million dollars plus reaching as high as 8 million, as the location of the oceanfront and bayfront properties are highly sought after.
Most students attend North Canton City Schools, which consists of Clearmount, Greentown, Northwood and Orchard Hill elementary schools, plus North Canton Middle School and North Canton Hoover High School.
Most jigsaw puzzles are square, rectangular, or round, with edge pieces that have one side that is either straight or smoothly curved to create this shape, plus four corner pieces if the puzzle is square or rectangular.
Most screwpile lighthouses were made with iron piles, though a few were made with wooden piles covered with metal screw sleeves ( these sleeves were probably adopted because they were less expensive and easier to insert into the bottom, plus the sleeve protected the wood from marine-boring invertebrates ).
Most notable are the second verse of " It Makes No Difference Now " from The Supremes Sing Country, Western and Pop, " Ain't That Good News " from We Remember Sam Cooke plus a few later released Christmas songs, " Silent Night " and " O ' Holy Night.
Most personnel leave by the middle of February, leaving a few dozen ( 47 in 2010 ) " winter-overs ", mostly support staff plus a few scientists, who keep the station functional through the months of Antarctic night.
Most of the sides are of locally based jazz and blues performers, plus some gospel music and sermons.
Most JET Programme ALTs are required to work through the school holidays, receiving the 23 national holidays plus annual leave as holiday time.
Most of the fleet was captured and taken to Lisbon < nowiki > a huge amount of Gold plus all the garrison, arms and tripulation </ nowiki >.
Most common trees include blue oak, valley oak, interior live oak, pacific madrone, California scrub oak, plus very occasional coast redwoods and tanoak.
) Most of the syllables with the vowel " i " have a shape like the " a " series, except that the angle between the short tick and the long line is approximately 45 ° rather than 90 °; there are a few " i " forms that do not fit the pattern ( such as " is " and " it ") because they are especially common, and some of the forms that might be expected to represent " i " plus a consonant have been turned to other purposes, such as the prefix " circum -.
Experiments dealing with “ Memory Span ” have been conducted by George Miller in 1956 that indicated that the “ Most common number of items that can be stored in the working memory is five plus or minus two .” However, if this information is not retained and stored (“ consolidated ”) in one ’ s long-term memory, it will fade quickly.
* Most cards have 3 rides given to the student every Monday to Friday from 5: 30 A. M. to 8: 30 P. M. ( plus a 30 minute delay ) each day, except for holidays and vacations, where use of a student card is illegal and can result in a fine and / or court summons.
* Sherlock Holmes Public Library ( Most of the programs plus lots of other Sherlockiana )
Most players use Texas Instruments TMS320DA25x ARM plus digital signal processor as their CPU and support some version of Creative's environmental audio extensions ( EAX ).
Most liver transplant recipients receive corticosteroids plus a calcineurin inhibitor such as tacrolimus or ciclosporin plus a purine antagonist such as mycophenolate mofetil.

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