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Most and Armenia's
Most of Armenia's so-called " oligarchs " ( government-connected entrepreneurs who enjoy de facto monopoly on lucrative forms of economic activity ) are now affiliated with the RPA.

Most and ethnic
Most proxies for " grievance "-the theory that civil wars begin because of issues of identity, rather than economics-were statistically insignificant, including economic equality, political rights, ethnic polarization and religious fractionalization.
Most prominent amongst them are the Naga fight for Greater Nagaland, the Chin struggle for a unified Chinland and other self-determinist movements by the ethnic indigenous peoples of the erstwhile Assam both under the British and post-British Assam under India.
Most of this trade is in barter conducted by ethnic Kyrgyz or Kazakhs who are Chinese citizens.
Most KPRP leaders and rank-and-file seem to have been either Khmer Krom, or ethnic Vietnamese living in Cambodia.
The independence of Pakistan in 1947 saw the settlement of the what is now the largest ethnic community in the city, the Muhajirs who migrated from India in search of a Muslim homeland and settled in Pakistan, that's why the culture of Karachi is very similar to any Indian Muslim dominant city and the city's first language is Urdu because of these Muhajir unlike other parts of the country Most properties vacated by Hindus were granted to Urdu-speaking Muslim migrants who had migrated from India, Known as Muhajirs, their descendants now form the majority of Karachi's residents, these Mohajirs of Urdu, Gujrati, Marathi, Konkani Muslims from India and Bengali origin are around 13 million.
Most ethnic Fijians are Methodists today ( the others are largely Roman Catholic ), and the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma is in important social force.
Most of the ethnic diversity was situated in the provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina, where smaller numbers of other minority groups may have be found.
Most inhabitants were black indigenous Africans with a diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, ranging from Shangaan and Makonde to Yao or Shona peoples.
Most art historians assume that it has the ethnic meaning of " Greek-speaking slave " or " Greek-speaking free laborer ," in fact!
Most of Salt Lake City's ethnic Pacific Islanders are members of the LDS Church though various Samoan and Tongan-speaking congregations are situated throughout the Salt Lake area including Samoan Congregational, Tongan Wesleyan Methodist, and Roman Catholic.
Most of China's imperial rulers have commonly been considered members of the Han ethnicity, although recent scholarship tends to be wary of applying current ethnic categories to historical situations.
Most of the 25, 000 200, 000 ethnic Ainu in Japan speak only Japanese.
Most of these Baltic Germans who stayed past 1944 were children of mixed ethnic marriages or themselves married to ethnic Estonians, Latvians or Russians.
Most of the population are ethnic Russians.
Most Varnians ( варненци, varnentsi ) are ethnic Bulgarians ( 92. 5 % in Varna municipality ).
Most identify as Lumbee, and Native Americans make up 38. 02 %, comprising the largest racial / ethnic group in the county.
Most of the Arab-Americans in Dearborn and the Detroit area are ethnic Lebanese, who immigrated in the early twentieth century to work in the auto industry, like many immigrants to the area.
Most of the employees were relatives of relatives and the small town grew, with wards separating the town into ethnic sections.
Most of the numerous Catholic churches were established to serve one of the many ethnic communities that made up Pittston.
Most people in certain regions of Africa who have “ markings ” can be identified as belonging to a specific tribe or ethnic group.
Most Manchu people now live in Mainland China with a population of 10, 410, 585 Which is 9. 28 % of ethnic minorities and 0. 77 % of China's total population.
Most of them were in uniforms bearing the insignia of the ethnic Albanian terrorist organization calling itself the Kosovo Liberation Army ( KLA ).
Most tribal land still owned by ethnic Indians was recollectivized in 1934.

Most and Azeri
* Azeri: Most people living in the north and eastern of province and west of Hamadan city ( 562 villages of province )

Most and population
Most of the population lives in the western and northwestern parts of the country, where the two major cities, Yerevan and Gyumri ( which was called Aleksandropol ' during the tsarist period ), are located.
Most of the population () speaks German ( 84. 5 %), with Italian being second most common ( 3. 3 %) and Serbo-Croatian being third ( 2. 9 %).
Most of the population () speaks German ( 477, 093 or 87. 1 %) as their first language, Italian is the second most common ( 17, 847 or 3. 3 %) and Serbo-Croatian is the third ( 10, 645 or 1. 9 %).
Most of the population lives in coastal cities, although the hinterland is occupied at most in small towns and villages along the rivers.
Most of the population make their living through fishing.
Most of the population () speaks German ( 129, 592 or 77. 8 %), with Italian being second most common ( 9, 049 or 5. 4 %) and French being third ( 4, 280 or 2. 6 %).
Most of its ethnically and linguistically diverse population lives in the south, with densities ranging from 54 persons per square kilometers in the Logone River basin to 0. 1 persons in the northern B. E. T.
Most of the rest of the population belong to other Afro-Asiatic-speaking communities of the Cushitic branch.
Most of Guatemala's population is rural, though urbanization is accelerating.
Most of the population () speak French ( 128, 622 or 72. 3 %), with English being second most common ( 7, 853 or 4. 4 %) and Spanish third ( 7, 462 or 4. 2 %).
Most of the government's new policies clashed directly with the traditional Afghan understanding of Islam, making religion one of the only forces capable of unifying the tribally and ethnically divided population against the unpopular new government, and ushering in the advent of Islamist participation in Afghan politics.
Most of its members came from the middle class and tended to represent the Parisian population.
Most notably, average income and population began to exhibit unprecedented sustained growth.
Most of the population is of European origin, mainly Spanish, British, German and other European nationalities.
Most of its German population fled to the " mainland " of Germany during the war.
Most people had been evacuated but the majority of the population became homeless.
Most of the population () speaks French ( 98, 424 or 78. 8 %), with German being second most common ( 5, 365 or 4. 3 %) and Italian being third ( 4, 976 or 4. 0 %).
Most of the Jewish population has left to Israel and Venezuela.
Most of the population fled to Germany or was killed during or after the war, while the rest was subject to a " nationality verification ", organized by the communist government of Poland.
Most of the islands ' native population ( 90 %- 95 %) died from Spanish diseases or married non-Chamorro settlers under Spanish rule.
Most of the population remained rather isolated on the island, allowing the dialects time to develop independently of those on the North American continent.
Most of the population is concentrated on the northern and eastern coast of this island where Calapan and Puerto Galera are located.
Most brown bears have about 2 percent genetic material from polar bears, but one population residing in the Alexander Archipelago has between 5 percent and 10 percent polar bear genes, indicating more frequent and recent mating.
Most of this urban increase was attributable to migration rather than to natural growth of the urban population.

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